The Guide to Double Drawn Hair Extensions

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Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Ever wondered how celebrities always have voluminous, flowy, lust worthy hair?

Here’s their secret: hair extensions! A double drawn hair extension is a surefire way to add life and glam to plain, dull-looking hair.

But wait, what

What does double drawn mean exactly? Before you get lost in the jargon of the hair industry, we’re here to break down what it really means and why it truly matters.

What is Double Drawn Hair?

Skilled craftsmen in the hair industry draw hair (as in collecting and combining them by hand) in a specific way to create bundles of same-length hair before they are sewn into wefts. This is where the term “double drawn” comes from.

Double drawn hair is simply a bundle meticulously drawn to have the same length from roots to ends, so you can get thick and full hair, compared to single drawn, which has lots of shorter hair in the mix (more on this later…).

How Double Drawn Hair Collected and Processed?

Wigs and extensions makers run hair into a hackle to mix and blend, untangle and prepare hair bundles for either a single draw or a double draw. Hackling also removes shorter hairs in a bundle.

For single drawn hair, hair specialists only get rid of the shortest hairs in the bundle at the root area.

For double drawn, a hair bundle is hackled to remove shorter hair strands and then realigned at the top to make sure hair strands are of the same length.

Hair strands of the same length are then combined and arranged to create a smooth and polished look.

This process takes longer and uses more hair material. For example, for every one pound of double drawn hair, about 10 pounds of hair can be used.

Types of Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Choosing the best double drawn hair extension can be quite taxing with all the different types (by application) to choose from.

Before we break them down for you, let’s talk about two terminologies that you will always encounter when buying double drawn extensions: Virgin hair and Remy hair.

remy hair vs virgin hair

Virgin Double Drawn Hair

This simply means that the human hair material used was not processed in any way.

Non-processed hair means that the hair strands were not dyed, bleached or modified (chemically or mechanically). Because of its pristine condition, these extensions tend to last longer than other hair types.

Remy Double Drawn Hair

Remy human hair has the cuticles (hair’s outer layer) intact and aligned, running in the same direction as when it was first collected, but it may have been subjected to some type of steam processing。

In this process, steam from hot water is used to achieve the desired hair texture or curl without the use of chemicals. This preserves cuticle alignment, which is so important as it protects the hair from tangling.

The cuticle keeps the moisture in and helps keep the hair naturally shiny.

Applications of Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Clip-ins Extension

This type uses multiple wefts and clips. You get different-sized wefts of hair with two to four clips. You can then combine them to fit in with your natural hair seamlessly.

Clip in hair extensions

Micro Link Extension

Also known as micro bead or loop hair extensions, these are attached by looping the extensions through the hair and then securing it with a pair of pliers and a metal bead to finish.

micro link micro bead extensions

Weave Extension

This type takes more hair to hide. First, the natural hair is braided into a cornrow hair (which explains the name ‘weave’), and the extensions are then sewn with a needle and a cotton thread. Weave double drawn extensions are perfect for those with thick locks.

sewing in hair extensions

Tape-ins Extension

Tape hair extensions are the newest type in the batch. They are semi-permanent and are quick and easy to fit in. The extensions are taped and then sandwiched by the wearer’s natural hair. These types of hair extensions can stay attached for six to twelve weeks.

tape in extension

Fusion Extension

This is most probably one of the most popular types of hair extensions and the most discreet. They’re bonded to the natural hair using special adhesives like hair glue and keratin.

fusion hair extensions

Differences Between Double Drawn and Single Drawn Hair


A single drawn hair extension looks full at the top, but this tapers down through the middle and gets even thinner towards the ends. Double drawn hair, on the other hand, is consistently thick and full from roots to ends.


During the growing phase, our natural hair comes out of follicles at different times. These natural layers of different lengths are mimicked by the single drawn hair bundle.

Therefore, if you buy an 18-inch extension, 30% to 50% of the strands would be as short as 14 to 16 inches. Double drawn hair, however, has more hair of the same length, so if you buy an 18-inch section, you will get about 60% to 70% of that length in the bundle.

Single Drawn vs Double Drawn Hair Extension


Because the terms single drawn and double drawn refer only to the process of drawing hair into bundles, quality is a non-issue between the two.

What affects the quality and durability of a hairpiece is the type of hair material used (e.g., Remy or virgin) during production and whether it has been subjected to harsh chemical treatments, which makes hair more fragile.


Double drawn hair extensions are pricier than their single drawn counterparts. Companies like Clip Hair sell them for up to $140 apiece.


Single drawn hair extensions create a natural look and are ideal for people with thin natural hair to blend with.

Double drawn hair extensions are fuller and thicker in volume and are ideal for people who want to achieve a more made-up, glam hairstyle.

super double drawn hair 2020

What is Super Double Drawn Hair?

Super double drawn hair is thicker than the standard double drawn. It comes with the highest amount of hair at the same length. About 70 to 85% of hair will have a perfectly equal length with only a few strands of shorter hair.

Is a Double Drawn Hair Extension for You?

If you are looking into leveling up your hair game- volume is everything. A double drawn extension styled the right way will get you looking salon optimized for the day.

It is a bit on the pricey side though, but since you’ll be getting extensions that are buffed with same-length hair from roots to ends, you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

This extension creates a U-shape hairstyle and gives a fuller look. If you’re into having voluminous hairstyles, this extension is for you.

Tips to Style the Double Drawn Hair

Remember to trim

For a seamless blend, make sure to have your extensions trimmed by a professional, so it matches your current hairdo.

Color to camouflage

Even if you’ve bought an extension that closely resembles your tones, you could try adding in some highlights and lowlights to further blend and maximize the stealth of your faux hair.

The curl solution

One way to blend your short natural hair with your longer new extensions is by loosely curling the hair together. Problem solved!

Wash it first

New extensions can have an extra glossy finish, which can give the faux hair away if your own hair is not as shiny. The remedy? Just wash them before you wear them.

Do a backcomb

To prevent your clip-ins from slipping, tease or gently backcomb your real hair right at the roots so the clips can strongly grip into place.

How to Care for Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Protect the roots

Never comb or brush the roots of your extensions because you would ruin the bond it has to your hair. Instead, comb the roots using your fingers to minimize tangling. As you brush the ends, hold your hair to take the pressure off the bonds.

Use the right shampoo

Opt for a natural or extension-friendly product. Avoid shampoos with Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) as this can corrode the bonds.

Never condition the roots

This will soften and loosen the bonds. Instead, apply conditioner only at the ends.

Keep them dry

The bonds should always be fully dried using a hairdryer at the coldest setting to keep the bonds strong.

FAQs About Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Is double drawn the same thing as double weft?

No. Both will add volume to your hair, but a double drawn hair extension is a one-piece weft while double weft hair extensions consist of two wefts of hair. These two wefts were then sewn together, so you get twice the volume.

How do you tell if your extension is double drawn hair?

Run your finger through the hair bundle to straighten it. If you see a lot of short hair (about 30% to 50% of the bundle), then it is not double drawn but a single drawn hair extension.

Look at the ends; if they are mostly of equal length, you have a double drawn.

Where does hair material for double drawn hair extensions come from?

Double drawn hair can come from different sources. The most common is fine hair from India. The second most common hair comes from Cambodia.

This has a coarse and firm hair texture. The rising star in this market is Vietnamese hair, which offers different hair textures, from silky in the North to coarse in the South.

How much is the super double drawn hair extensions?

Prices can range from $70 to $300, depending on the length.

What lengths are they available in?

They are usually available in 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inches.

What’s the difference between a 20-inch double drawn hair and 20-inch single drawn hair extension?

The double drawn hair extension will have 60% to 70% of 20-inch hair in the bundle, while the single drawn will only have 30% to 50% of that length, and the rest will be shorter hair.


A double drawn hair extension can be an instant beauty booster if you’re aiming for luscious hair volume. Whether it’s single-drawn, double drawn or super double drawn, the best way to finding the best hair extension for your hair styling needs is to get the one that best matches your natural hair for a seamless look.

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