18 Quick & Easy 360 Lace Wig Hairstyles for You

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360 lace wigs are popular for their circle of lace and the visually appealing natural hairline. Unlike the lace front wig, this wig has its lace going around the wig’s perimeter, granting greater versatility in styling.

So, when you get the 360 lace wig instead of the lace frontal, you are at an advantage of exploring more styles.  Well, you have a lot to gain from this article. 

We’ll unearth the wig styles befitting the 360 lace wigs to glam for whatever occasion you are invited to.  

Continue reading the quick and easy 360 lace wig hairstyles to try. 

1. Sleek Straight

This hairstyle will have you shook. Its cool and smooth tresses are a pure definition of bliss and glamour. If you are a newcomer to 360 lace wigs, start your experience with the sleek, straight style. 

It’s simple to achieve because it will need oiling and straightening the wig hair with the flat iron. Accomplishing the look sort of gives satiation and a tranquil ambiance. The style is famous with Bella Hadid, Rihanna, and Hailey Bieber, known to speak through their fashion.

Top 18 Stunning 360 Lace Wig Hairstyles: Your Best Look: 1-Sleek-Straight

2. Loose Waves

You can never go wrong with loose waves on your 360 lace wig. It’s way more attractive than straight hair since it adds a cute dimension to the locks. Plus, it works on any hair length; it doesn’t matter whether the wig is bob-styled, 16 inches, or 30 inches long.

The loose waves could be the beach waves kind to infuse a cool vibe for the summer days. Nowadays, you’ll catch most runaway models, celebrities, and influencers serving us their hottest looks in this style. 


3. Curly Bob

What better way can you showcase your cute physique other than wearing a curly bob? Cute pies are cuter and sassier in bobs that frame their long, oval, or sharp faces. And with curls popping all over, the view is inevitably irresistible to glance. 

Bobs always trend all over. It’s awesome when you want to go short for the hot-weather months. With the 360 lace wig, you avoid cutting your real hair and cover it in the bob wig instead. The curly bob can be blunt cut, chin-length, layered, or made more spectacular with swishy fringes. 


4. Ponytail

Ponytails are everyone’s love for the longest time ever. It’s among the common styles adored for its simplicity yet classy. The upside is the 360 lace wigs easily take up a high or low ponytail because of the all-around hairline. 

It’s hard for anyone to realize it’s a wig worn. Be more stylish by laying the undetectable edges beautifully down. Rather than the ponytail being straight, you can touch it with springy curls cascading each other. 

Additionally, make the style pop by attaching hair pearls, rhinestones, or hair gems like Ariana Grande.


5. Half-Up Half-Down

Since 360 lace wigs give the illusion of a real scalp, half-up, half-down styles are worth testing. The parting splitting the wig hair into halves should go over the lace, avoiding the cap area of the wig. This is especially true if the parting will be visible. 

For a high-density 360 lace wig, the half-up portion in a ponytail can spread over the parting, concealing it. The style perfectly suits all face shapes for a cute girlie demeanor. We’ve seen J-lo, Zendaya, Ciara, and Angelina Jolie enjoy the magnificence of the style.


6. Top Knot

Despite celebrities acing edgy and dramatic hairstyles in most events, sometimes they choose to be simple. Top knots have been witnessed on Hailee Steinfeld, Gigi Hadid, and Zendaya, who were absolutely stunning in them. 

By styling a top knot, you are embracing a celebrity style. It looks good on most people and works for pretty much any occasion. It’s also an ideal solution for taming your long wig hair and making all your facial features conspicuous.

You can rock the style to the office or workplace, particularly for white-collar jobs. 


7. Side Part

Side parts on 360 lace wigs are extremely elegant for mild transformation in your hair. They also stand out more than the middle parts as they accentuate the cheekbone and jawline contours. It’s great for drawing attention to your sharp face and flattering the hair more for a softer look. 

You may elevate the style with a side swoop pinned to the back or left to hang on the side. You will be surprised how fantastic you look, just like Meghan Thee Stallion, Megan Fox, or Lindsay Lohan. 


8. Blunt Cut

Keep it classic by wearing blunt cuts on your wavy or straight 360 lace wig. The style is more chic and dapper when you give it a pushed-back look on one side or if styled with a middle part. The ends of the hair may curve along the face to add dimension to a long face for a face-framing lob.

The blunt cut can also be highlighted with sleek straight mid-length, swept-back, wavy, or tousled textured styles. Preference lies in your hands. It’s a signature style for Margot Robie, Rihanna, Camilla Cabello, and Gabrielle Union. 


9. Layered Lob

Otherwise, layered lobs can do if you’re looking for a cute wedding, prom, or graduation hairstyle. This style makes you look fashionable and please people with your incredible fashion taste. The layered lob is a long bob with stacked layers of tresses. 

This one fits everyone. It’s not a picky hairstyle, so you don’t have to worry about your face shape. It’s a perfect look for everyday wear when dressed down to show off the breathtaking layers. 

The layers are marvelous when they wave or curl onto each other. When straight, they look slightly off. 


10. Body Wave

On days you don’t want to manipulate your wig in a new hairstyle, you may install a new body wave 360 lace wig. Wigs may come in body waves. However, you may take your old wig to a wig stylist for customization. 

It’s easy to maintain. All you need is vigilant care, oiling, and running through with a brush whenever necessary. It looks prettier on a thick wig when the hair is bouncy and shiny on your head. 

Want to see your future self? Take a look at the glamorous Chrissy Teigen photos. 


11. Water Wave

Water waves are finer, tighter, and more closely packed than body waves. They’re not only unique and saucy but also a subtle representation of super-gorgeous beauty. They are capable of accentuating various face shapes. 

They also work with other hairstyles like ponytails and the half-up, half-down long hairstyles. If you plan to wear the water wave wig often, moisturize adequately to keep the strands soft and lustrous. Dua Lipa once wore the style for the fashion campaign for the brand Puma. 


12. Ombre Styles

Splash color onto your 360 Lace wig into an ombre shade of choice. Plain colors begin to bore you with time. And to renew your love for your wig, switching to ombre styles is good.

A true ombre style comprises a smooth graduation from darker to lighter shades. It doesn’t have to be black or brown at the roots. You may have any dark pigment as your base color, the mid-shaft to the ends dipped in light brown, blonde, or even light blue. 

That refreshes and brightens your appearance. Ombre styles are loved by Taraji P. Henson, Chrissy Teigen, and Beyonce.


13. Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights scream allure and inspirational looks on any pretty woman. This style is universally adored for its sunkissed hue. It makes you look like a Queen when you augment it with bouncy barrel curls. 

The glow is soft and natural. If the balayage starts to fade, book an appointment with a certified hair colorist for a revamp. Nonetheless, it does not demand much attention for maintenance. 

Therefore, aim to be the next Jessica Alba and Lucy Hale with your 360 lace wig. 


14. Braided Updo

Be a little extra with a touch of braids in an updo style. This helps your 360 lace wig to be more breathable when the sun is scorching hot. 

The braids are three strands of hair intertwined. Then, you hold it up, coil it into a bun, or leave it in a ponytail. The style is mostly seen as African, but other races equally look lovely in it. 

Most black American superstars like Gabrielle Union, Kerri Hilson, and Solange Knowles enjoy wearing it. 


15. Space Buns

You can look more youthful by styling your 360 lace wig into space buns. After splitting the wig hair into two side-to-side halves, secure each half with a hair tie. Lastly, shape the ponies into high buns. 

It’s a chic and feminine way of keeping your hair out of your face. That’s when you need comfort while carrying out physically-involving activities. As the name suggests, there should be enough space between the buns for them to truthfully be space buns. 


16. Pixie Cut

If you crave extremely short hair loaded with volume and sassiness, opt for pixie 360 lace wigs. The pixie cut is everything you’ve ever desired for your hair. While the 360 lace wig is seamless for partings, you may want. 

Most pixie cuts appear cute with a side part and a side-swept swoop. The look is the right amount of feminine energy. Doll yourself up in this look for a romantic date night, girls’ night, or even a long-stay vacation. 

It’s a carefree style that you won’t need to style often. 


17. Cornrow Crown

Look at how a cornrow crown can completely revitalize the look of your 360 lace wig. In less than an hour, you can switch your wig from a standard lace wig to an extraordinary one with the halo. 

In your lazy days, adorn the style for little-to-no commitments to your wig. It may work for ladies who work in places with strict dress codes and busy schedules. 

At one point, Keira Knightley and Moretz in Hollywood loved wearing the style. You may also walk down the aisle in the style on your wedding day. For extra romance, decorate with a floral hair clip to look sharply dressed as the bride.  


18. Messy Low Bun

You can pair the water wave or body wave hairstyle with a messy low bun. The style is effective on long hair as it can twisted into the messy bun that nestles on your neck. You can spice up the messy bun with tendrils at the front hairline and others emanating from the messy bun. 

It’s a great option for formal events. That’s why some of your favorite celebrities wear it to red carpet events and awards. You could top up with a sleeveless satin dress in a bodycon style to complete the look.


To Try 360 Lace Wig Hairstyles

That said, learn to pamper and care for your 360 lace wig to enjoy dozens of hairstyles. If the wig serves you for a long duration, you’ll have enough space and freedom to get a thrill out of it. Our wide range of ideas will be your sea to wander over. 

Your style is not mentioned anywhere? Feel free to share it with us in the comments, together with a short description. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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