22 Best Bob Wig Styles for You to Try

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Bob wigs are popular among modern women of today. Whether young or old, these wigs make your formal look appear casual. It totally takes you out of the corporate world and provides freedom of dressing. 

Most wig companies have this wig type as one of their best-selling wigs. That’s partly due to the fact that they are cheaper and easily manageable. 

Today, we highlight the versatility of the bob wig. Its shortness doesn’t limit you from exploring different hairstyles on it, as we have many simple-to-do ideas for you. So, ride along for a very exclusive reveal.

1. Classic Bob

This is perfect for a start for novice bob wig wearers. It’s friendly in terms of styling, as it will require brushing only. The classic bob involves ends that curve inwards towards your chin to bring out its timeless stature. 

Straight is boring sometimes, so the slight touch-up spices up everything. And it perfectly frames oval and round shapes. No wonder it’s a Kim Kardashian bob wig style, being that it melts into her fabulous oval face.

Bob Wig Styles: 1-Classic-Bob

2. Long Bob (Lob)

Another of Kim Kardashian’s favorite wig styles. In fact, she’s mostly seen wearing this specific style compared to other bob wig styles. Despite her face being oval, it’s also a long face, and the long bob precisely complements her beauty. 

The style slightly extends beyond the face, landing on the upper back or shoulder. So, if length is of priority to you and you wish to adorn bobs, this style is good. You may take your 16 or 18” wig to a wig stylist for customization.


3. A-Line Bob

The A-line bob is the best option for round faces. It makes the facial features appear fuller and more elongated. It gets its name from the ideology that it looks like the letter A, due to the slanting fringes at its perimeter. 

The longest end of the perimeter is visible in the front view, which adds exquisite glamour to your entire physique. If the ends begin tangling and losing the A-line, involve a wig expert for cuts to retain the awesome shape.


4. Layered Bob

Plunge into the next summer with your bob wig styled in layered tresses. As the name sounds, the hair layers overlap and cascade onto each other beautifully. It’s an attractive outlook that requires serious wig specialists to achieve the look.

It’s more eye-catching when the mane is styled in loose waves and pigmented in blonde highlights. Iconic people like Beyonce and Bella Hadid have stormed events in this style, grabbing the attention of most onlookers. How nice it feels when paparazzi and celebrity news sites focus their all on them all because of the new wear.


5. Curly Bob

Curly bobs have been the trending fashion recently. They give the impression of voluminous hair and fine texture, especially when the curls are well-defined. Most people prefer curly hair to the straight one because it is spontaneously attractive and flatters most face shapes. 

Probably, you’ve spotted Tracee Ellis Ross, Jhene Aiko, and Kelly Rowland rocking the bob style. Streaks of balayage create dimension on the hair. If your lace wig is human hair, you may balayage it with the help of a certified colorist.


6. Asymmetrical Bob

Seeking a unique yet elegant style, opt for the asymmetrical bob for your lace bob wig. It reveals creativity and suaveness in your hairdo. By being asymmetrical, the style is longer on one side than the other; the bob’s length is uneven. 

Rihanna was known to step up in public with this bob wig style in her youthful years. Hers was straight with curved ends; you could adopt the same or make it wavy or curly. It best suits women with diamond, oval, or square faces.


7. Textured Bob

Textured bobs are the epitomes of chic infusions that effortlessly promote your natural allure. Texturize your wig if you want to charm people with your bobs. Be loud by adding colors to your dull-colored bob wig, highlights, or amazing balayages. 

Even curling up the wig or creating beach waves rejuvenates it into a textured bob. Most famous artists, songwriters, and models have been seen playing with their hair to boost their fame. Bringing out your love for colors and complementing your bright makeup is wonderful.


8. Bob with Side Bangs

Always, side bangs create killer appearances, even in mature women. The gorgeously designed swoops bring about incredible transformations regardless of your face shape. So, be bold and beautiful with the side-swept bangs on your bob wig. 

Whether short or long, you’re sure to look cool and sexy. You could make the bang curve away from your face or be layered for a breathtaking appeal. Just for a moment, be Taylor Swift wherever you are, be it the office, gym, or your favorite eatery.


9. Sleek Bob

Alternatively, your bob can be slicked down to the sides or the back. The sleek straightness is a great hairstyle for round faces. It is also ideal for people seeking neatness to glam up in official places and events. 

The style feels a little fierce and elderly. Over time, the sleekness fades away. 

To maintain the wig, you thoroughly wash, oil, dry, and straight using the straightener to refresh the sleek look. Or you may pay for these services at a trusted wig salon or wig shop.


10. Bob with Deep Side Part

Rather than the common middle parts, this time, you create a deep side part on your lace wig. The lace wig should have a transparent lace or the normal Swiss lace that melts into your scalp. That’s to ensure the wig is unnoticeable along the parting. 

You may wear the full lace wig so that the parting can be as deep as you want. To juice up things, the parting can be C-shaped instead of the normal straight parting. If the lace is detectable, you may pat some foundation or concealer to blend with your skin’s complexion.


11. Blunt Bob

Most youngsters in college prefer the blunt bobs. This style is simple since it involves bluntly cutting the ends of the bob wig and allowing them to hang at the chin or cheek length. Because of this appeal, it’s great for women with high cheekbones. 

You may embrace the bob style as Christina Aguilera is one of its passionate lovers. Also, Dua Lipa once adorned the style at the 2019 Brit Awards Carpet.

If you have a teenager or young daughter with hair loss problems, this is an appropriate way of hiding the problem. It keeps them looking young and sassy amongst their peers, boosting their confidence. 


12. Inverted Bob

An inverted bob is a type of an A-line bob. Only that, for the inverted bob, the wig hair will be short, stacked at the back, and gradually lengthening towards the front. 

The short style is a spectacular cascade of stacked layers of hair, while, at the sides, the hair curves along the face. The stacked back gives the illusion of volume. 

They can be adapted for any face type. They’re trendy and invigorate a sophisticated updo. Kylie Jenner, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian wear them for a feel of glamour.


13. Shaggy Bob

Not all the time, you choose to look neat in a bob wig. You can take up the cool shaggy bob hairstyle. The wig hair may be shaggy but still appealing to crowds. 

The hair spikes in different directions to emphasize the shagginess. It’s a nice hairstyle as it will require less maintenance. 

If you’re hurrying to go to the market or meet up with friends, go for this bob style. You barely need brushing to make it look good, as the fuzzy outlook is what gives the style meaning.


14. Chin-Length Bob

You may let the tresses be chin-length for a touch of flair to any of the mentioned wig styles. That suggests the wig length lies at the chin and does not exceed even by an inch. Or make it hang around the jawlines; it’s nearly similar. 

The style accents the chin and the jawline by splendidly framing the jaws and the chin. It’s superb for long, sharp faces. It brings out the outstanding facial features to enhance your suavity.


15. Ombre Bob

Bobs with the ombre color offer a luxurious and decent appearance. It’s a magnificent gradual transition from a darker to a lighter hue. The color effect is a combination of two colors that perfectly blend into each other, from the root to the tips. 

It’s a perfect low-maintenance bob style most people love. Usually, the effect is put on beach waves. If the hair is straight, it equally looks stunning. 

What matters is your preference and whether you enjoy a dramatic hair change.


16. Bob with Undercut

If you’d love to reduce the bulky back hair, this is an attractive method to look more bold and energetic. In the case of the bob wig, you’d trim the back to gradually coincide with the undercut. The undercut is the small shaved section at the nape of your neck.

The layer of the wig hair falls over the shaved portion and feels lighter. The undercut may seem masculine, but you’d feel feminine with the wig. So, celebrate your sexiness with his new idea.


17. Stacked Bob

Be the badass you want to be without manipulating your hair but your wig into a stacked bob. It won’t be the normal bob having one precise length. The back will comprise stacked layers of cut hair for the stacked bob. 

With this bob style, you inspire a rarely-worn style. You may be the trendsetter among your friends, family, or work colleagues. Victoria Beckham likes to glam this style with a hint of color. 

Therefore, you can recreate this bob style in any color of your choice.


18. Pixie Bob

Next, there’s the stylish pixie cut bobs. You don’t have to achieve 8” or shoulder length when choosing a bob style. You can try a shorter bob style like the adorable pixie bob. 

This one has fiery chops on the sides and back, leaving a longer mane at the front, which is side-swept or falls on the forehead. Most times, pixies are either straight or waved down. It has the chic Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry vibes you can adopt.


19. Bowl Cut Bob

Daring to wow everybody? This is for you. This bob style has been here with us since the 15th Century. Mostly, it’s predominant among Asians.

It’s a fun and artistic way to wear your bob wig, especially if you have a round or oblong face shape. It resembles a turned bowl that’s facing down. Bowl cuts add texture and volume to the wig. 

The style will need an imaginative wig expert to come up with this style on your wig. That’s somebody who expresses his work through art. Naomi Campbell and Zendaya once stole the show with appearances in this hairstyle.


20. Funky Bob

You want to feel frenzy, then taste the peculiarity of the funky bob. If you’re a funk music artist, this could be the in-thing to highlight your music trajectory. It’s simple and stylish to make you super cool. It’s the sister to the shaggy bob, but this is less shaggy. 

The spikes are not too conspicuous, but the hair strands don’t go in one direction. The hair is short if you love short and manageable hair that doesn’t need refreshing before leaving the house.


21. Chunky Blonde Bob

This is a must-have for ladies who like to be the center of attraction in the presence of other people. This hairstyle is fluffier and more chunky than the normal wavy bobs. Beyonce is the main celebrity who loves to wear it if she switches to bob styles. 

It suits most face shapes, and the blonde effect exaggerates the classiness of the chunky bob. It also makes the hair look more voluminous than it is in reality. Those with thin hair can take up this bob style to give them the fuller look they desire on their wigs.


22. Spicy Red Bob

Go vibrant and all red with the spicy red bob. This is a bright-colored bob resembling the color of red pepper. It will make you stand out from the crowd, as most people prefer dull-colored hair. 

The summery style is also perfect as a costume wig to showcase your acting talent. So, go all out with the wig to expose your true love for fierce color shades. It’s a shouting pigment but makes a statement everywhere you are.


Be Adventurous

So, what will you be waiting for you at this point? With the enormous compilation of bob wig styles, you’re ready to explore and feel the wholesome beauty of bob wigs. If stuck on achieving the hairstyles, involve a wig stylist or colorist for a perfect and fulfilling hair change. 

Trying new hairstyles makes you happier and more comfortable. If you have more styles, hit the comment section even with lovely photos.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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