Top 60+ Butterfly Locs Hairstyles for You

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Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

In most people’s eyes,  butterfly locs are seen to be the most stylish. No lie, they are a sass. 

And the best thing about them is their protective nature and low maintenance. In fact, they are healthier than the usual braid style. 

But then, do you know how well you can make them look more beautiful? I bet you are not so conversant with many butterfly locs hairstyles.

We come to the rescue by detailing more than 60 butterfly locs hairstyles.

Stick around to read them to get a hairstyle idea to try next. 

1. Bob length

Bob lengths, whether chin length or the long lob type, are fantastic for a short butterfly loc updo. For a long time, it’s been all the rage for young ladies eager to walk the streets in style and comfort. It simplistically suits long, oval faces and sharp-faced people like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.  

Butterfly Locs Hairstyles: 1-Bob-length

2. Asymmetrical cuts

The asymmetrical cut hairstyle adds a touch of art to your butterfly looks. It’s easy to achieve as you ensure one side of the butterfly locs is longer than the other. The uneven length is juicy for lobs and short bobs. 

Make the ends curve along the face to look more exquisite and eye-catching. 


3. Side shaved

Shaving one or both sides of your head is another option. Then, the centrally-positioned hair is transformed into butterfly locs and left to hang over one shaved side. Or you can hold in a ponytail or bob, depending on your preference. 

It’s a smart way of wearing few butterfly locs for less weight and a comfortable feel on your head. 


4. Curled ends

Your long butterfly locs can have curled string-like ends. It looks best if the ends are in tight curls and appear springy. Glam yourself up in the style for a youthful demeanor and attend events looking bubbly. 

If you put butterfly locs on your 12-year-old, you cannot pass this style to make them feel lovely. 


5. Two-toned

Appreciate your love for colors with the two-toned coloration. Let the butterfly loc start in one color up to midshaft or close to the ends. And finish in another brighter color of choice. The idea tends to brighten up your locs rather than having plain colors like black and brown on the whole body.


6. Tapered sides

Tapered sides involve a graduation of length from short to overly short or bad. So, instead of sides shaved to an even short length, you can garnish with the tapering. And further, lightly taper the hairline if you want to. The crown being in the butterfly locs glamorizes the entire look. 


7. Half-up half-down

Why go all loosely down when you can taste the half-up, half-down style? It’s an effortlessly stylish style perfect for women with small heads for a casual look. It creates volume at the back as the ponytailed front half lies over the back half. 

This is more gorgeous than a plain ponytail. Or you can bun up the front half for a signature style. 


8. Side swept

Part in your butterfly locs mane a side part either on the left or right side. Make a swoop on the fuller side to realize the side-swept hairstyle. The style raises the butterfly locs to accent everything. 

The swoop may slightly cover the forehead to hide big foreheads. You can pin it down to minimize their movement onto your face. It looks pretty with medium-length butterfly locs. 


9. Layered locs

This is ideal if you do not want your butterfly locs at the same length. The locs cascade over each other for a magnificent appeal. It’s all about making the locs a little more sassy. Once done fixing them, simply conduct a few chops and seal the ends.

Alternatively, try to vary the length to form the layers while installing them. However, this is best achieved by hair experts. 


10. Twisted updo

Since butterfly locs are a protective style, come up with the twisted updo for the style to be more protective. The twisted updo holds the butterfly locs together and ties the ends down. The locs stay put, discouraging movement.

Concurrently, the style is great for the corporate world. It keeps you neat and official, matching the required dress code. 


11. Space buns

College girls cannot dare overlook this hairstyle. It’s cute and attention-grabbing with the two pieces of buns with little space between them. It’s also perfect for a baby face look.

If cosplaying kids’ shows, you may adopt this style and complement it with bunny makeup and attire. That’s as long as it fits the dramatic aspects and the script. 


12. Bohemian Locs

Butterfly locs can, interestingly, be styled in bohemian locs. Such an infusion inspires an urban fashion trend. This style is nice if you want an exaggerated look that will have heads turning. 

Spice it up with length, doesn’t matter if it goes beyond the butt. It could also be the summery outfit to showcase during beach vacations with a touch of sun hats. 


13. Low bun

Here is the military hairstyle for butterfly locs. Low buns make the butterfly locs be laid down low and tamed. It gives a peaceful time during training and combat missions. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear the style if you’re not a military soldier. 

Cozily dress the hairstyle for your picnics or church services. It’s suave and appears respectful before people. 


14. High ponytail

High ponytails are good for women looking for an easy-to-do hairstyle, though sleek and elegant. The style elevates the butterfly locs into a rich updo and spreads the ends like a waterfall. It’s sweet for a chubby face to slim up the face.

However, it suits all face shapes. You may choose to customize the ponytail into a bubble ponytail style. 


15. Free-flowing waterfall

Some days, your butterfly locs require air circulation in them. Leaving them to lie loosely free and down is a hairstyle on its own. It’s straightforward, and you can put a middle part for the butterfly locs to fall on either side of the part. 

The hairdo also lets your butterfly locs rest from frequent ties. It is also okay immediately after installation as the roots are tight and not ready to experience painful manipulations. 


16. Draped side

All the butterfly locs can fall over to one side. The draped side effect bulks up the butterfly locs for a more voluminous outlook. It’s a fun way of styling butterfly locs.

Just flip the hair to the side like the Goddess you are. It’s sort of showing your feminine aura.


17. Fiery reds

Make yourself unavoidable to the sight of many using fiery red butterfly locs. The hairstyle makes a statement that you’re bold and audacious. At the same time, you appear adventurous and filled with love for exceptional experiences. 

The conspicuity does away with your mundane dressing. So, rage like fire with the fiery reds.


18. Cool blues

Blue hues are the epitome of tranquility and a calm ambiance. They are sure to charm you with a cool complexion when imparted into butterfly locs. Another thing is that the color is rarely worn, and this could be that chance to mark your presence at poolside parties. 


19. Pastel hues

In as much pastel hues are colorful, they’re soft and calming. Today’s generation believes in this luxurious appearance to look vibeful amongst their peers. Your teenage baby girl can rock this hairstyle to boost her confidence in school.  

Together with the wing-like butterfly look, she’d be breathtaking and the focus of her schoolmates. 


20. Sunset gradients

Like pastel hues, you can be splashy on your butterfly locs with sunset gradients. The pop of striking sun-like shades complements your best.  

It’s an excellent graduation of yellow, orange and red. The base of the hair may be in a purple hue to heighten the sunset gradients. Storm events like Rio Carnival to befit the event’s energy and pigment. 


21. Black & White

We must admit that this Sia hairstyle is one for the books. Popularized by the renowned singer Sia, it’s downright refining and worth a try. 

You can alternate black butterfly loc strands with white strands. Or go half black and half white, completely like Sia. Style in a bob so that you shorten your stay at the salon and create your unique, groundbreaking moment. 


22. Honey blonde

Pull off honey blonde butterfly locs to an event for a hyped allure. It’s an over-the-top pigment that’s gaudy and revolutionary compared to the normal blondes. And it speaks sun-kissed vibrance all-round and gives the red-carpet sensation. 

Despite being laid back, you’ll glow and leave mouths agape in awe of your ravishing beauty. 


23. Rainbow butterfly locs

Be super colorful with rainbow colors on your head. Since it’s hard to find crotchet rainbow butterfly locs, a professional colorist can work out the pigmentation for you.

It makes you go out of your comfort zone and still adorn a killer appearance. The chromatic array warms up your skin for a younger-looking self.


24. Ombre locs

You can choose the ombre locs if you’re making your first attempt at a lighter hue. It’s really exquisite by switching from a darker shade to a lighter one. So, it kind of gives you a taste of both worlds. 

The midshaft and ends pop in a different color from the roots. It’s trendy and seamlessly blends two different colors. 


25. Beaded ends

If you wouldn’t love to be sophisticated, you can accessorize the ends of your butterfly locs with beads. The beads can be modish in unique shapes, such as the star-shaped, other than the ordinary round.  It bestows a polished, individualistic look. 

Also, you can wallow in various colors of the beads. And be flamboyant in a combination of several colors. 


26. Shoulder Length

Shoulder length is undeniably attractive and appealing on everyone. It takes less time to install, too. And the style is great for mature women with busy schedules because of how easy it makes the hair manageable. 

It could be the right opportunity to showcase your personality. Shoulder length looks best on heart-shaped faces. 


27. Top knots

Top knot hairstyles create an extra height and would be fine if you want the illusion of a taller you. The style comprises ponytailing your butterfly locs high and tying the pony into a knot. It’s much easier than buns. 

It’s fine for your usual day-to-day activities, night parties, and any age group. That’s how versatile it is in terms of where and who to wear it. 


28. Mohawk style

Mohawks possess a staunch look. Enjoy the style if you seek to appear a little unruly. The sides will be shaved, and the central hair front to the back will be plaited in butterfly locs.

On the sides, you may cut stars or lines. Including sweet shave designs augments the mohawk butterfly locs.


29. Triple bun

Scream buns with huge triple buns. It can be the front half split into two space buns and the back half held in one bun. Or you can choose to create an unshaved mohawk with the three buns in a line. 

Whichever way, three is the number. It’s one of the most chic hairstyles you cannot say no to. 


30. Ballerina bun

Ballerina buns are mostly worn during ballerina dances. If you’re a ballerina, you can pick butterfly looks as your next hairstyle and tousle them into the ballerina bun. It’s possible, girl. 

But any person can rock the hairstyle. It keeps the hair in place and prevents it from getting in the way of an activity. 


31. Twisted side bun

If you are searching for a side hairstyle for your butterfly locs, single out the twisted side bun. It’s unique in the sense that it’s set on the side and twisted into a bun. It’s a classic and relaxed hairstyle that brides can romanticize their stature.

You can complete the look by allowing two butterfly locs to stand out loose at the front.  


32. Black and Red

Women who aren’t scared to flaunt a vibrant color should go for this adorable black-and-red hairstyle. Black butterfly locs combined with red locs feature a glazing do. 

The red locs play up the hairstyle. We endorse the hairstyle if you don’t want to fully commit to a vivid hue. 


33. Shouting Yellow 

This one attracts a great deal of attention. The yellow butterfly locs require nerves of steel to wear in front of colleagues and friends. If you want Nicki Minaj’s confidence, it’s the perfect starting point.

It’s an intense pigment that may be life-changing for you. Gen on it and invest in the style.


34. Burgundy Purple

Clad in burgundy purple butterfly locs because the color is timeless. Moreover, it evokes an opulent sense of fashion. It has a powerful impact on your physical configuration for a stunning countenance. 

So, embrace the hairstyle, knowing that you’re going to be lit and all fancy. It enriches both fair-skinned and dark complexions. 


35. Color 613

Color 613 is the famous light blonde tone, which is the neutral shade of blonde. If you don’t want to dazzle in extremely bright blonde shades, clinch to this terrific color. 

The color is a fad among most popular female celebrities. We’ve seen J Lo, Billie Eilish, and other prominent names debut in this color shade in the public eye. 


36. Multi-Colored

Go all wild with a multi-colored semblance to exhibit your passion for color fusion. Muiti-colored butterfly locs can be in three or more colors you like. 

It could be the individual strands in different colors. Or every strand in the solid colors one after the other. 

As a beginner, you can harmonize platinum blonde, black, and light brown. Then, next time, mix another set of colors that complement each other. 


37. Highlights

Dazzling colors don’t have to be on all the butterfly loc tresses. You can touch up with crimson red or purple on a couple of butterfly locs at different sections in the mane. That still adds zest to the entire appearance. 

Highlights can also be on a few ends of the butterfly locs. Be creative and try out your own ideas of highlights. 


38. Ginger style

Ginger styles are extremely rare in crowds. You can experiment with the style on your butterfly locs for a romantically seductive physique. 

It’s a beautiful shade of orange predominant among Northern Europeans. People with this hair shade are often perceived as audacious and peculiar. It’s seen as feisty and adored so easily.


39. Goddess design

The design of goddess locs can be steeped into butterfly locs. It gives a soft touch and outstanding glamour so that you look your best. The butterfly locs will appear silky and more advanced than normal butterfly locs.

It will enthrall the people you meet. Don’t be surprised if a stranger asks about your style because you’re charming. 


40. Double bun

Two is always better than one. So if butterfly locs are in two buns instead of one, be sure you are more beautiful and protective on your butterfly locs. 

Double buns lessen the tension due to pulling, so there’s less strain when you hold the butterfly locs. It’s also a fun look that your baby girl can sparkle in. 


41. Brown and Blonde

Brown and blonde blend well with each other for an impressive look. Spice up your butterfly locs with a  mixture of the two complementary shades. Additionally, the style adds dimension to the hair.

On top of that, the style easily melds into your brown-dyed natural hair. Your hair pops out at the roots, making the color transition smooth with this combination. The hair color is also undetectable with the brown loc strands. 


42. Jumbo Butterfly Locs

By the name, you can tell you’re up for large-sized butterfly locs. Obviously, they’ll save you time than medium-sized and thin locs. But you will obtain a picturesque feel and superior appearance. 

It’s good for someone who is always on the go. Short salon times so that you can focus on your demanding jobs. It’s also a good style for protecting your delicate edges. 


43. Soft Butterfly Locs

Soft butterfly locs are a splendid technique for upgrading your image. The locs in the unlooped sections along the shaft can be flawlessly soft rather than being fluffy and distressed. The hairstyle is decent and marvelously enhances your facial features. 

It’s suitable for someone who is not into the distressed look. 


44. Lilac Shade

A light contrast of purple makes an interesting statement. It’s so much cooler than the purple hue and elevates your style. The hair shade fits light to neutral-complected people. 

Lilac butterfly locs magnificently freshen up your hair. You need not be manipulative to do a hairstyle; simply infusing this color is the fashion nowadays. 


45. Distressed Design

The butterfly locs can be ultra distressed such that the loops are closely packed. The style does away with the smooth texture and makes the locs slightly fuzzy. It grants a cheerful look and a kinked-up appearance. 

If your stylist can make this work, put them up to the task. You can decide to have them mid-length and not too long or short.  We believe medium length is going to stand out with this hairstyle. 


46. Tendril style

Tendrils are a fantastic accompaniment for all butterfly loc styles listed in this post. After styling your hair in the desired major hairstyle, lift two strands at the center front and let them overlie the forehead. 

You don’t have to wear all your hair down. And they tend to contour your face. 


47. Butt length

Your frenzy nature can be depicted by butt-length butterfly locs. Also, the hairstyle shows your patience because it’s time-consuming to achieve. Also, it reveals how bold you are to step out in the style. 

Not many girls go for this hairstyle because they’re time-conscious. Or they feel the length is insane.


48. Butterfly locs with heart part

Part out a hear on the side and plait the ends in a butterfly loc. It lays out your swagger and swanky desires. Take things to a new level with the heart shape so that you move away from the ordinary. 

It can match well with the side-swept hairdo to expose the heart. 


49. Butterfly locs with Triangle Pattern

Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, you can pump them up with triangle partings. These triangles should be well-shaped and equilateral. The style requires precision while sectioning the hair before fixing the butterfly locs. 

It can be made to be conspicuous by making the partings big and combining the style with jumbo butterfly locs. 


50. Big Box Butterfly Locs

Big boxes, while parting the hair into rows from the back, is a wholesome challenge. Pick up the challenge to effortlessly appear superb and apply less strain to your hair. 

It could be the style you’re looking for so that you can do it yourself in a short amount of time. 


51. Gypsy butterfly locs

A gypsy touch on your butterfly locs radically spruces up your butterfly locs. It consists of curly tendril-like tresses springing out from the body of the locs. The style is esthetic and suits best women who adore an overblown look. 

It may be too much sassiness for one, but it ends up being the elegance you wish for. 


52. Burgundy Butterfly Locs

Plain burgundies are equally visually pleasing. It boosts the femininity in you as a woman. The unique color is lavish and puts you in an amped-up mood because the color already speaks pleasure.

The shade is so close to maroon. However, it’s more garish yet classy-looking. 


53. Super-fluffy Butterfly Locs

Gussy up by including super-fluffy butterfly locs in your overall attire. Make the loops more looped and fluffed out of the main shafts. The style brings out a chunky appearance, alluding to fullness and a rougher texture. 

Eventually, the butterfly locks look thicker and more rich in style. 


54. Color pop on butterfly locs

If you want scanty vibrance, color pops are a great selection. That’s when highlights and full bright colors are not your thing. The color pops involve two or three butterfly locs illuminating the mane. You can work with blue, white, blonde, purple, ombre, or red hues. 


55. Platinum Blonde Style

Most people like platinum blonde because of how good it looks on them. You can taste its goodness to see if it befits your energy, as an individual. It’s a type of pale blonde that looks fabulous even when plain and unpaired. 

If you’re intent on being noticeable since you love attention, get the platinum blonde style. Satisfaction is important. 


56. Big Bun Design

The big bun design is for ladies who enjoy humongous styles. Such ladies are obsessed with being artistic and making a show. Undoubtedly, it’s a good personality that displays your bold spirits. 

To achieve this bun, the locs must be thick and extremely long. When you twist them into the bun, it automatically becomes huge. 


57. Long Butterfly Locs with Metal Beads

As we already know, hair jewelry, like metal beads, flares, up the butterfly locs. You can have them golden or silvery for an unwavering shine and extra sheen for your butterfly locs. It makes you sparkle and own a dynastic image.

Attach them mid-shaft and close to the ends. Just use a few pieces to avoid overdoing the look. Also, let them scatter and not be in one region of the butterfly locs. 


58. Diamond parted Buttefly locs

Normal is boring sometimes. Give round and square partings a break, and try out diamond-shaped partings. It’s a way of being artsy and expressive of your appearance. 

Structure well-defined partings for the diamond shape to be utterly visible. So, take your time to be precise in each section for the best results. 


59. Messy Butterfly Locs in a high bun

Butterfly locs can be messy though cute. What we mean is the beautiful kind of messy, whereby the locs are super-looped and extremely fluffy. 

With this style, it’s hard for the partings to show except at the hairline. Nestle them into a high bun to jazz the messy style. 


60. Knee length Butterfly locs

In case butt length is overly exaggerated and wild, go for the shorter version, the knee length. The butterfly locs will reach around the knees. It’s most aesthetically appealing in tall women. 

However, you have to be extremely careful not to damage the locs. The locs may get stuck on objects while moving around. 


61. Butterfly Locs with Strings and Braid Rings

Accessorize the butterfly locs with strings and braid rings if big jewelry like beads disgust you. As for the strings, use two to three and crisscross them along the shaft the loc for a perfect demeanor. 

The braid rings create a more dramatic appeal. It’s also ideal for highlighting the other hairstyles. 


62. Alternating Color Butterfly Locs

We’ve heard of two-tone and multi-colored hairstyles, but we can be more creative. Two or three colors can alternate along a loc strand. It could be black and red, alternating every 2 inches. 

The hairstyle opens you to the idea of being limitless with your butterfly locs. Keep exploring styles you invent yourself. 


63. Butterfly Bun

Now closing the list, the butterfly bun is the most sophisticated hairstyle. This is not the standard bun. It’s a bun with a butterfly-shaped design. It needs a talented loctician to create it. 

Storm into special occasions wearing the hairstyle for the most unique feel. It’s hard to come by this bun design.


To Try Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

This large and diverse compilation is the ultimate source of hairstyles for butterfly locs. Undoubtedly, you find what suits your taste and explore it in ways you never fathomed before. Who knows, you may eventually make one of the hairstyles a favorite. 

If you have more hairstyles, speak up in the comments below. Don’t forget to tell us how you achieved it, honeypie. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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