10 Best Lace Front Wigs in 2023

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Best Lace Front Wigs

Welcome to our review of the best lace front wigs for wig lovers in 2023.

Lace front wigs are very popular today because of the natural hairline aspect. 

As manufacturers strive to meet demand with varieties, selecting the right choice has become overwhelming.

So, l spared one day in my weekly schedule for in-depth research. From that, l concluded Hotlove HD Water Wave Lace Front Wig is the best lace front wig overall.

People have different tastes. l also reviewed other best lace front wigs per category. 

Let’s stick here for more.

Our Top Picks of Lace Front Wigs

The 10 Best Lace Front Wigs Reviewed

These reviews provide detailed information on our best lace front wigs to ease your way around selection. Look at their features, their benefits, and the shortcomings described coherently.

Hotlove HD Water Wave Lace Front Wig

81K7e4h8YKL. SL1500
  • Key features: Brazilian virgin hair, 13×6 lace
  • Hairstyle: Wavy
  • Cap size: 21.5 – 22.5″
  • Hair length: 40″
  • Hair density:150%
  • Best for: Overall

This Hotlove lace front wig flashes a dash of sass all over you with its electrifying flow of water-wavy hair. These waves are tight and ideal for revamping your lifestyle.

Along its edges, baby hairs are plucked out. This feature allows you to lay them down and reveal naturality at its best. This lace front wig’s high hair density of 150% and the HD lace underneath increase the naturality of this lace front wig. 

The density adds an unbelievable volume and bounce, which makes it more natural by properly concealing the lace beneath. And the 13×6 HD lace extends deeply from the front, which gives you the opportunity to part your new hair as you please.

However, the wig stays in shape for the first week, and afterward, it starts shedding heavily. And it turns into a wig with bald spots. 

Wingirl Body Wave Lace Front Wig

  • Key features: Brazilian virgin hair, 13×4 lace
  • Hairstyle: Wavy
  • Cap size: 21.5″ – 22.5″
  • Hair length: 14″ – 30″
  • Hair density:180%
  • Best for: Body wave hair

Looking for a lace front wig with extremely heavy density with exceptional greatness? The Wingirl brand scores best by having a luxurious 180% density.

On top of the highly dense hair is its softness and normal glow all day. It’s a replica of your own hair, being that the entire wig is undetectable, even in close view.

Lastly, it’s easy for you to make this lace wig snug and slip-proof. It has two adjustable straps and four combs to clip down the wig. The straps enable you to adjust its cap size to your desired fit. 

But the wig lace is nothing close to what is advertised. The lace is not HD or transparent, as it’s hard to blend. Also, the wig is minimally plucked. You will have to do more plucking at the edges to make it more natural. 

Geeta Straight Bob Lace Front Wig

61mTaFR7VEL. SL1000
  • Key features: Brazilian virgin human hair, 13×4 lace
  • Hairstyle: Straight
  • Cap size: 22.5″
  • Hair length: 8″ – 12″
  • Hair density: 150%
  • Best for: Straight bob hair

Straight onto the Geeta bob lace front wig, it works for bob hair lovers whose favorite length is shoulder-length. The wig is 8″ to 12″ long, and its hair comes to you in a straight style. If curled or made wavy, it will become shorter.

It boasts a medium brown quality Swiss lace. Ladies with medium brown skin tones have this best option that matches their scalp for exceptional invisibility.

And the good news for glue-sensitive people, this is a glueless wig that snaps down without necessarily using wig glue. You’ll feel very comfortable as you’ll not experience rashes or scalp irritation.

Even though it’s stated that the hair is 150% dense, it is thin, especially at the back. The inner wig cap shows through the hair, making it look unnatural. 

Cynosure Kinky Curly Lace Front Wig

71WGWm3KW8L. SL1001
  • Key features: 9A grade Brazilian hair, 13×4 lace
  • Hairstyle: Kinky curly
  • Cap size: 22.5″
  • Hair length: 14″ – 30″
  • Hair density: 180%
  • Best for: Kinky curly hair

When it comes to diversity in the wig industry, there’s always something for everyone. This Cynosure kinky curly lace front wig is best-suited for black women. Its kinky texture imitates their hair’s texture, so there’s no disparity when worn.

The wig is versatile as you can braid it at the front for a realistic, attractive appearance. The bleached knots and its HD lace enable that because this wig lace and the base look like your natural scalp.

Besides braiding, you can make high ponytails and buns out of it. Because of this great versatility, you can spare it for special functions such as weddings, graduation, or birthday party.

The wig has different textures. Even if you apply products to improve it, it does not change. And it does not curl up easily. 

Smoora Straight HD Lace Front Wig

71+cvYir7FL. SL1000
  • Key features: Unprocessed Brazilian hair, 13×6 HD lace
  • Hairstyle: Straight
  • Cap size: 21.5″ – 22.5″
  • Hair length: 16″ – 42″
  • Hair density: 150%
  • Best for: Long straight hair

You can easily get many sweet compliments from family and friends when you put on this wig. Its elegant construction and the pre-plucked hairline make it appear pretty.

Generally, the hair is super soft and lightweight on the scalp. Discomfort is rare throughout wear.

Plus, you’ll be happy to own this wig unit that’s true to its length. No hair strand is shorter than the other, and you’ll receive the precise length you order. Moreover, the strands align in one direction, and the cuticles are intact.

Sadly, the lace front wig is very thin. You’ll have to add a few more tracks of hair to make it fuller and conceal the visible tracks. 

Premier Yaki Straight Lace Front Wig

61SWdlrwuVL. SL1100
  • Key features: Light yaki hair, 360 lace
  • Hairstyle: Straight
  • Cap size: 21.5″ – 22.5″
  • Hair length: 12″ – 22″
  • Hair density: 150% 
  • Best for: Yaki hair

Here is the best 360 lace front wig of genuine Yaki hair texture. The hair strands are straight but slightly rough to bring out the true definition of Yaki hair. It resembles a black girl’s relaxed hair. 

Since it’s a 360 lace front wig, you can part it anywhere because it has a free-part lace all round. The lace is also brown and easy to blend with your scalp tone for it to look yours rightfully. 

It includes four combs—one at the front, one at the back, and two at the sides—along with adjustable straps and a removable elastic band. All these wig accessories provide great wig security for the wig to not fall off. 

But then the wig is not for long-term wear. It dries and tangles fast in less than a week and keeps tangling from time to time after detangling. The hair is thin too, and adding more wefts will be inevitable.

Nadula Rose Red Highlight Lace Front Wig

71rdiEhEbLL. SL1100
  • Key features: 12A grade Brazilian hair, rose red highlights, 13×4 lace
  • Hairstyle: Wavy
  • Cap size: 22″ – 22.5″
  • Hair length: 16″ – 26″
  • Hair density: 180%
  • Best for: Highlight

Highlights are one of the latest trends in the hair industry. To wear highlights, the Nadula lace front wig blossoms with adorable rose red highlights that rev up your appeal. 

The loose waves amplify the highlights in order for you to look epic. These waves bounce pleasingly when styling them because of the 180% fullness of the wig.

It carries the best grade of hair, standing at 12A hair grade. This means that this wig has very few short strands in its construction. Hence it’s of excellent quality compared to the other brands from the same manufacturer.

The wig has these exceptions. Its wig cap is too big and may not fit most head sizes. And it is different from the advertised length. If you order a 20″, you’ll get an 18″ when you measure.

Unice Ginger Orange Body Wave Lace Front Wig

71fz7pr5kUL. SL1100
  • Key features: 10A grade virgin hair, Ginger orange strands, 13×4 lace
  • Hairstyle: Wavy
  • Cap size: 22″ – 22.5″
  • Hair length: 16″, 20″, 22″,24″
  • Hair density: 150%
  • Best for: Orange color

Any day you crave an amazing burst of orange color on your hair, choose this lace front wig over dying your real hair. The most exciting part is that it will mimic your real hair and give you instant long hair.

Being virgin hair, the cuticles flow in one direction. You will not see mixed-up, shaggy hair when you get the package in your hands. 

The average cap size is 22.5″, which is elastic. You can adjust the size using the adjustable straps at the back. 

Unfortunately, the wig hair gets ripped off easily by a wig brush and tangles up badly. Additionally, it cannot hold the body waves for long.

Smartinnov Blonde Bob Lace Frontal

61kjOWZq5aL. SL1010
  • Key features: Brazilian Remy hair, 13×4 lace
  • Hairstyle: Straight
  • Cap size: 22.5″
  • Hair length: 10″
  • Hair density: 180%
  • Best for: Blonde color

Caucasian and light-skinned women glow better in blonde-colored lace front wigs like this lace front wig. It complements them awesomely. 

The wig could be a great choice for sensitive scalps. It is well-cleaned and disinfected before packaging so that it does not have any weird smell, grime, or lice. 

Since blonde is light-colored and the wig is human hair, it takes up dyes easily and dyes splendidly to darker colors. Besides that, you can perm, curl and switch up to another hairstyle to avoid the monotony of the original hairstyle.

However, the lace is tinted, and it will be time-consuming to perform color corrections to match it to your skin tone. Further, the wig is shorter at the back. You’ll have to trim down the wig to a uniform length.

Giannay Red Curly Lace Front Wig

71cLenGw73L. SL1000
  • Key features: Synthetic fiber, pre-plucked hairline, 13×3 lace
  • Hairstyle: Wavy
  • Cap size: 22.5″
  • Hair length: 26″
  • Hair density: 150%
  • Best for: Budget-friendly hair

The Giannay lace front wig has a gorgeous shade of red and a flattering style that instantly is chic and classic. The eye-catching wine red hue is unique and hard to come by in most brands. Its color is augmented by the stylish water waves in the long strands. 

Contrary to the other wigs, this lace front wig is made from heat-resistant synthetic material. With a 320°F limit in a heating tool, you can bring the waves back to life in case they start fading away.

The hairline has baby hairs for you to beautifully lay them down and look cuter and sexier. The adjustable straps and 3 combs keep the wig in place, so it does not move over your head.

From a different view, This synthetic lace front wig is too shiny to look realistic. And the hair is so brittle that it may not last long.

How To Choose Lace Front Wigs for Yourself

Selecting a decent lace front wig for yourself is about carefully examining every wig on your wish list. You should assess your wig needs and cross-check them against the wig’s features. The following are features of lace front wigs expounded on for your understanding.

Hair Material

Of greatest importance is the hair type. While every other feature may be befitting, missing out on the correct hair type may cost you a lot. Lace front wigs can only be human hair or synthetic. As we all know, synthetics are cheaper versions of human hair but less durable than human hair.

For the most long-lasting lace front wig, opt for human hair. Note that the best human hair types are virgin and Remy hair. As the name virgin hair sounds, it is unadulterated human hair that’s free from chemical processing, while Remy is the opposite. 

Best Lace Front Wigs

Hair Length

You may want to wear short bob hair when you have long natural hair. Or, your hair is short, and you need instant luxurious length. In such cases, you’ll have to find out what length of a lace front wig is ideal. 

When figuring out the correct wig length, ensure that the lace front wig is true to its length. The hair length should be consistent from top to bottom for an even look. And you can tell by looking at customer reviews. 

Measure Hair Extensions Length

Hair Color

Lace front wigs have different colors, highlights and balayage effects. You’ll find that these days there’s more to black and brown. If you seek to be bubbly and brighter, shades of orange, pink, green, red, purple, or ombre are existent.

In advance, you can get a color ring to help you choose a suitable color before purchasing your next lace frontal. Keep in mind that whichever color you pick out should complement your skin tone so that you embody an impressive appearance. And check that the wig color does not fade later on.

Hair Color Ring

Hair Density

Lace front wig brands have their own thickness, denoted by the hair density specification. The greater the wig density, the more the thickness and the hair volume. The density of lace front wigs ranges anywhere from extremely light at 60% to extra heavy at 200%. 

If your hair is thin, go for a light hair density of between 60% and 100%. Similarly, your best fits are above 100% if you possess thick hair.

Choosing the right density will give you utmost comfort because your head bears the weight it usually does. Otherwise, ensure the wig manufacturer is truthful about the advertised hair density.

wig density chart

Lace Type

Knowing the lace type of the lace front wig you want to buy is crucial. It will determine whether you’ll obtain the most realistic look. Lace types of lace front wigs are mostly HD or transparent laces. 

The HD lace has an advantage over transparent laces because it’s clearer and more invisible than transparent laces. So, HD laces are a breeze to blend, hence beginner-friendly. 

But the transparent lace can still be undetectable if you’re a pro in customizing the lace with lace tint or foundation. And it works for someone needing greater durability in lace, as the HD lace is super thin, soft, and delicate. 

lace color

Cap Size

A good wig cap construction is equivalent to a good fit and great comfort. Look for a lace front wig whose cap size correctly fits the circumference of your head. To know the correct cap size, you need to measure the head circumference in inches beforehand.

Usually, the cap sizes are specified in the product specifications and range around the normal size of a human head.

You may see 21″ to 23″ or more, but the most common cap size is 22.5″. Some manufacturers can customize the cap upon the client’s order if the advertised size is not your cap size.

Wig Cap Constructions

Face Shape

For a lace front wig to look the absolute best on you, your face should own it. Before finding the most flattering lace front wig hairstyle, you have to identify your face shape. You can determine that in your recent photos or easily through a selfie. [1]

Different lace front wigs take up different face shapes. Oval face shapes work out with long curly or wavy lace front wigs, and if short hair is their thing, particularly bob styles will look classy. 

The round faces appear attractive in choppy pixie cuts or lace front wigs with cascading layers or, if they can, create artsy bangs at the front. If you have a square face and want great impact, look for long wavy wigs you can side part, like the 13×6 lace front wigs, and short-layered bobs.

moni wig-5

Adjustment System

Your lace front wig should have adjustable straps at its back. They’re essential in that you can adjust the tightness in case the wig is slightly bigger and secure the wig in place. 

Always confirm that the wig unit has adjustable straps. These should be present together with combs that firmly hold the wig down for greater wig security. 

what is a wig


Every other feature may meet your wig requirements, and you’ll be left with checking the price. Most lace front wigs cost anywhere from around 100 – 1000USD. 

If you desire better quality, the more expensive the lace front wig will be. It could cost you even $4000 to wear the best quality. So, you’ll have to bulk up your cash to afford it. Consider accumulating savings over time, so you do not feel the weight of a huge expenditure in one go.

Lace Frontals

FAQs about Lace Front Wigs

What is the best lace front wig brand?

Before making a purchase, you can compare its lace front wigs with those at Nadula hair, Unice, Mayvenn, Beautyforever, and Hurela. All these are reputable wig brands known to have the most popular lace front wigs, and also support buy wigs now and pay later.

Which is better, full lace or front lace?

Folks, we cannot say one is better than the other because everything lies in your preference. If you’re looking for great interior breathability and ventilation, full lace wins over front lace since it has more lace underneath. 

On the other hand, front laces are good for women avoiding the idea of a wig covering their head like a cap. But, in general, the bigger lace size in full laces makes them costlier than front lace. 

How long do lace front wigs last?

Lace front wigs last for as long as one year or more with the right care regimen. If synthetic, they’ll serve you for 6 months maximum because synthetic hair is less quality than human hair. 

Wig care is how well you carry out cleansing, installation, storage, and night care. If it’s poorly done, the lace front wig will barely meet its longest lifespan while in your possession.

The Bottomline

Honestly, lace front wigs look like natural hair, unlike most wig types. It offers the most natural-looking hairline, and its entire wear is impressive. Because of that, it has become a ladies’ favorite.

We hope that our insightful review is helpful to you on matters of choice. Out of my research, Hotlove HD Water Wave Lace Front Wig is the best lace front wig overall. With it, you can start your lifestyle change on a good note. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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