15 White Celebrities with Dreads for You to Try

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White Celebrities with Dreads? Nowadays, dreadlocks are every person’s business, whether Asian, white, or black. It’s interesting how other people, apart from blacks, are embracing the dreadlock culture. 

Some, they love the style and how it looks on them. Others are deeply connected with the spiritual world of dreadlocks; it’s like a soul tie.

As for the whites, dreads have gone beyond the ordinary and found their way into the celebrity space. Iconic actors, songwriters, and hip-hop artists have been spotted wearing dreads in the limelight. 

Not once, not twice, and we’re here to show you who they are. Stay tuned, honey. 

1. Johnny Depp 

White Celebrities with Dreads: 1

We all know Johnny Depp for his signature hilarious acting. He adorned a long mane covered with a head wrap in the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series. Most of his fans enjoyed gazing at his edgy, attractive appearance that was amplified by the dreadlocks. 

His cheekbones, smokey eyes, and fancy hair complemented each other. Like, who wouldn’t watch the marvelousness that stood right in front of them on the screens? 

2. Justin Bieber


This name on this list comes as a shocker. Beliebers most times see Justin Bieber with a trimmed bald head or fades accentuated with fringes, comb-overs, or man pony. But there are seasons he showed up with dreadlocks and got slammed with cultural appropriation allegations. 

The first time he exposed himself in dreadlocks was in 2016. Obviously, it spurred celebrity gossip. Truth is, it was transformative as it totally switched up his facial appeal. 

3. Lisa Bonet


Lisa Bonnet began wearing her dreadlocks in the ’80s, making her a master of the art. Her gorgeous beauty is underscored by her natural free-form dreads that cascade beautifully on her back. She is a living example that whites or half-whites can have locs for as long as they want.

The best thing is she looked beyond the backlash she faced because of the new hairstyle. All that mattered was her unshaken inner feelings about her outlook. 

4. Christina Aguilera


She is one of the famous pop singers with a powerful yet sweet voice. But known for feuds with Pink and Britney Spears, which built controversies around her. But then came her dreadlocks around 2012, escalating her badass stature. 

Despite all the criticisms, she was a stunner in dreads, regardless of the short duration she wore them. She once showed up with the locs at an MTV Video Music Awards, moments people anticipate fashion and style.

5. Jason Momoa


In his acting career, Jason Momoa stood out with dreads to fit in his roles. For instance, in the sci-fi show Stargate: Atlantis, he posed in heavy rope-like dreadlocks. The brawn actor is known for his massive hair and huge muscles that charm his broad face.

In one interview, he declared his love for his hair and humorously revealed his wife would leave him if he cut it. 

6. Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani premiered in dreadlocks in her music video for the song “Light My Fire”. Unfortunately, the release of the video came with accusations of her appropriating the black culture for fame. 

What people didn’t want to admit was her blonde dreads were undoubtedly pretty. She was just in her moment of taking up the beauty of another culture and showing her appreciation openly. Her co-artist in the song, Sean Paul, supported her dread fashion pointing out her love for Jamaican roots.

7. Lenny Kravitz


If there’s a half-white songwriter/musician who barely ages, it’s Lenny Kravitz. Probably, the Rastafari look made him ageless because he was the god of thick-flowing dreadlocks. In fact, he recently revealed his regrets for shaving them when they were engraved in his personality.

Part of his stardom is attributed to the sexy dreadlocks he rocked. And that also completed his fantastic fashion sense and rock’n’roll style.

8. Rob Zombie


Rob Zombie is the face behind prominent horror and sci-fi themes highlighted by music style. The heavy metal wizard is notable for also his thick dreadlock mane. His dreadlocks are pretty long and beautifully frizzy. 

The length of his locs is attributed to the long hair he had before locking it. Let’s say it’s in his genes to have bulky lengthy hair. He chose the style to enjoy its low maintenance because of laziness, as he revealed in an interview with Loudwire.

9. Adam Duritz in Counting Crows Band


Rock lovers definitely know the Counting Crows band and one of the crew in dreadlocks. Well, that’s none other than Adam Duritiz. He’s the vocalist, though recognized as the frontman in the band. 

His dreads were a massive chunk of hair that spruced up his wide face. Sadly, he shaved his locs and is now a dreadless man. He had his voluminous dreadlocks for much of his time in the singing career. 

10. Shakira


The famous Colombian hip-shaker dazzled in dreadlocks at her release party for the She Wolf album. The curvy superstar sought to up her image while collaborating with the long-time loc wearer, Lil Wayne. The was awesome in her new style. 

The sudden hair change highlighted her music shift from her Latin pop style to the modern electropop. Like her album, she intended to empower women to be who they want to be unhindered. 

11. Lady Gaga


Who wouldn’t love the inspiration and influence Lady Gaga has over the music industry? She’s a heroic lady who’s ever been ranked the top entertainer on Forbes’ List of Powerful Women.

She enjoys being expressive and loud about self-love and peace amongst her fans. Around 2013, she drew attention to her knee-length blonde dreadlocks, leaving everybody in awe. She exhibited the new hairstyle for her world tour that augmented her flashy costume. 

12. Angelina Jolie 


Angelina Jolie has been in the acting scene since the ’80s. She’s been showered with many accolades for her filming prowess, and people couldn’t resist her sexy youthful appeal. She is one of the talented actresses that chose to embrace natural locs at one point in her filming profession.

Today she wears straight free-flowing tresses. The Oscar-winning Hollywood actress continues to serve as a role model for women thanks to her compassion and charisma. 

13. Jason Castro


Strong fans of American Idol are familiar with this acoustic/folk pop musician. Before starting his solo career, he appeared as American Idol’s seventh season’s fourth-place finalist. 

His stardom anchored on his tenor voice, long brown dreadlocks, and calm personality. Later, he cut his dreadlocks, ditched his secular fans, and hopped onto Christian music. He claimed to find the Christian world more befitting as he grew up in the church.

14. Crystal Bowersox


Similarly, Crystal Bowersox rose to fame through American Idol. She landed the runners up position in the ninth season of American Idol. Out of her passion for music, she produced many albums that brought her more prominence. 

She stormed in flamboyant dreadlocks during her auditions and performances on American Idol. The dreadlocks appeared weighty on her head. But she seemed to love her presentable appeal on stage. 

15. Zhavia Ward


Zhavia is the definition of a true white wearing her dreadlocks with pride to date. Her dreadlocks have grown to a length beyond her knees. And she loves to flaunt them in public and on her social media posts. 

This is outright courage being that whites are often accused of appropriating the dreadlocks style. The singer became notable when she was one of the four finalists in the FOX reality TV show, The Four: The Battle for Stardom. As young as she is, she is a fast-rising RnB singer and songwriter. 

FAQs about Whites with Dreads

How do you get dreads if you’re white?

Since white hair is mostly straight to wavy hair, whites get dreads by back-combing and rolling for the hair to interlock. But the best recommendation is the twist-and-rip method for natural dreadlocks. Alternatively, you may crotchet artificial dreadlocks into your hair to have the same effect. 

Do dreadlocks damage Caucasian hair?

Girlie, dreadlocks can damage your Caucasian hair if you poorly care, style, or install them, regardless of your hair type. Otherwise, dreadlocks are protective because they safeguard the scalp and hair follicles. Rarely are dreadlocks manipulated, reducing chances of tension and painful pulling. 

Is it cultural appropriation for white people to wear dreadlocks?

No doubt we live in a modern, civilized era whereby cultures integrate and adopt each other’s historical doings. Whites wearing dreadlocks, which have long been the black’s heritage, is no longer termed wrongful. As the world continues to evolve, so do cultures, and it seems to be more of cultural appreciation than appropriation. 

How long does it take to grow dreadlocks for white hair?

White hair takes at least 6 months to start locking fully because of the hair texture and the installation techniques. Unlike kinky coily hair that knots up faster, straight and curly hair in white people takes more time. It could be more than a year for locs to mature, but always remind yourself that patience will get you there. 

Get Inspired by White Celebrities with Dreads

For sure, you can wear dreadlocks as a white person in today’s society. White celebrities have done it, and so can you. Live through the experience and feel exactly how blacks feel when they wear dreadlocks. 

The style is culturally limitless. Nonetheless, comment below if you’re an ardent Caucasian dread wearer. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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