30 Famous Actors with Dreadlocks

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Famous Actors with Dreadlocks

Here is a list of famous actors with dreadlocks.

When creating this list, we looked into celebrity news, photos, lifestyle, and events.

Dreadlocks have become progressively popular and have been around since ancient times.

Today, famous actors wear dreads as a fashion preference or to make a political statement. But others wear them as an expression of deep spiritual or religious convictions.

Some people prefer wearing natural dreadlocks, while others prefer dreadlocks extensions instead. Actually, celebrities might wear dreads as a temporary or permanent hairstyle.

Below is a detailed list of famous actors with dreadlocks.

Let’s get to it!

Whoopi Goldberg



It is hard to imagine the TV host and actress without her iconic dreadlocks. Whoopi Goldberg has had her dreadlocks for most of her career. Ever since the mid-80s to date!

We have seen her locs transform from the starter, budding through to their rooted stage. During this time, she braided them, created bob cuts, and experimented with many other styles.

Lenny Kravitz



Leonard Albert Kravitz is an American multi-instrumentalist, record producer, singer, and actor. He is popular for acting in movies such as “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” “The Hunger Games,” and “Precious.”

Lenny’s signature dreadlocks transitioned over the years to some seriously thick dreads. At some point, he cut the locs, but he is regrowing them back.

Lisa Bonet



If you are her fan, you will note how rapidly she sets her hairstyle trends. Bonet often switches her hairstyles, so dreadlocks can not miss on her hairstyle list.

We first fell in love with the beautiful actress on The Cosby Show and later with her loveable dreadlocks. She has been wearing her long locs for quite a while, and it became her signature look with time.

Jason Momoa



Jason Momoa’s popularity increased when he acted on Game of Thrones and later featured in the American superhero film Aquaman.

However, before his fame, he had shoulder-length dreads. This was after he got a role in Ronon Dex on Stargate, Atlantis. The evolution of Momoa’s dreadlocks continued over the years, but he later dropped them for fresh curls.

Zac Efron



The renowned High School Musical actor once switched his hairstyle into dreadlocks for the summer. He later shared his new look on an Instagram post.

While some fans praised him, he also received a backlash for cultural appropriation. Fast-forward after the disappointing talks, Zac Efron continued to wear the same look.

Shanola Hampton



Shanola Hampton, the Shameless actress, is never timid from flaunting her glorious locs. When asked about her hair at an interview, she said that she has been on the locs journey for many years. She talked about styling her crown of locs in various ways, from gore and twists to buns and curls.

Jaden Smith



The American actor, singer, and rapper is fearless on all counts. More so when it comes to his hair and fashion choices.

At the beginning of his career, Jayden’s lengthy dreadlocks were his signature look. He spent years growing out his dreads, but recently he cut his hair to embark on a new look.

Chloe and Halle



Besides their roles on TV shows and beautiful singing voices, the sister duo is also known for their dreads. Chloe and Halle Bailey’s locs have been delivering amazing beauty moments for years.

The duo confirms that they have been wearing dreadlocks since childhood. They continue to embrace their locs by adding hair accessories to keep them radiant.

Meagan Good



To marvel in the film industry with locs nowadays is a big deal, and Good pretty much stands out in the look. She wears one of her favorite dreadlocks hairstyles in Harlem. She says her locs were due to Lisa Bonet dreadlocks’ inspiration.

Clearly, in-the-moment trends do not entirely inspire Meagan Monique Good; she chooses to set them.

Wiz Khalifa



The known rapper and Mac & Devin Go to High School actor have been publicly rocking locs for a while now. Not only does he know how to style them, but he also keeps them clean and lustrous. There is no doubt that they are already a part of his signature look.

Wiz Khalifa states that his dreads journey started in early 2013, and he has no plans to slow down on the growth.

Willow Smith



Will Smith’s daughter has always been known to have a style and is never afraid to show it. She dares to incorporate and combine things people do not dare to do.

Willow Smith has been growing a head full of beautiful dreadlocks, which look effortlessly gorgeous. She has even become a great role model to other female actors having locs.

Erica Abi Wright



The actress, singer, and songwriter is better known by her stage name Erykah Badu.

Badu is famously known for switching things up when it comes to her hairstyles. From Afro to braids, she is also acknowledged for her very discrete dreadlocks hairstyles. In 2000, she paired a cute summer hat with her chest-length dreadlocks.

Teyana Taylor



Teyana Taylor has a thing for turning heads around when it comes to curly tresses or short haircuts. She also fills her Instagram feed with hair and styling inspirations. She recently debuted her grey-colored locs on her Instagram page.

In another post, she wrapped her locs in a type of scarf. The Harlem rep does love hair transformations.




The Disney princess is a must-mention when talking about actors with dreadlocks. In 2015, Zendaya rocked the look at the Academy Awards and paired it with an off-shoulder Vivienne Westwood column gown.

The locs invited criticism from Fashion Police host Guliana Rancic. However, the actress handled the backlash well on an Instagram post. On the post, she stood up for people with dreadlocks.

Snoop Dogg



Snoop Dogg, the hip-hop legend and Day Shift actor, has been transforming his looks over the years. He has also been consciously changing his hair from braids, fluffed-out Afros, and cornrows to perms.

2010 marked a new journey for Snoop Dogg when he became Snoop Lion. He accompanied his new persona with his hairstyle when he changed it to locs.

Eva Marcille



Eva Marcille has done many hair switch-ups and transformations. But there has not been a more personal hairstyle to the former reality star than her gorgeous brown dreads.

In an Instagram post, the model revealed that her daughter Marley, who also has dreadlocks, is her ultimate hair inspiration. She expressed that she genuinely loves the freedom the locs give her.

Samuel Larsen



Samuel Larsen played Joe Hart on the TV show “Glee” after trying the first position in season one.

During the time of “The Glee Project,” locs played a huge part in Larsen’s persona. However, after the series, he decided to cut his dreadlocks. He showed his before and after looks in his pictures taken in California.

Tasha Smith



We all have to accept that Tasha Smith is a hair girl. The American actress, producer, and director has been rocking hairstyles from long flowing locs to short hair.

Smith refers to herself as the ‘braid queen.’ However, she revealed the hair journey she had to go through before picking braids. She learned to love her natural hair and adapt to them while rocking dreadlocks.




The celebrated American actor, musician, and director has had various hairstyles. Well known for his excellent fashion sense, the Cosby Show veteran who played Theo had locs for several years before cutting them.

Jamal always found rumors about cutting his dreadlocks in celebrity tabloids and magazines. But in reality, he is still sticking to the growth.

Wyclef Jean



Wyclef Jean is an inspiration for many people who desire to wear locs. His dreadlocks look good and are always kept neat and clean.

The Be Cool actor decided to rock mid-length dreads, which made everyone go crazy at first. However, we now appreciate the look, especially for people who want to try dreadlocks but have short hair.

Lauryn Hill



Lauryn Noelle Hill became an inspiration because of her lovely dreadlocks. Her looks became a leading trend for a generation of black girls.

She wore her dreadlocks through the 90s and cut them several years after wearing them. Though she cut her locs, Lauryn is still beautiful in whichever hairstyle she has.

Busta Rhymes



You have to talk about Busta Rhymes when you mention dreadlocks. The rapper and Generation Iron actor cut off his renowned locs for personal reasons back in 2005.

However, who can forget the rapper’s look in the 90s? He grew his locks because of his Jamaican Heritage beliefs. Busta Rhymes changed his hairstyle later on, but his fierce personality remained the same.

Ledisi Anibade



The Selma actress and singer has always tried new ways of styling her hair. However, she has never changed one thing, having her hair in dreadlocks.

Ledisi began growing her locs way before her role in Faith in 2010. During an ASCAP Awards, she showed her gorgeous dreads, and for sure, she looked great!




Future’s dreads play a major role in his image and identity, including in some movies he has featured. We all have to agree that he has amazing locs.

He has a solid estimate of over 100 dreads. Future’s hair stylist maintains his hair twice a week, bleaching them regularly and styling them in different ways.

Yaya DaCosta



Yaya DaCosta is a famous face in the beauty fraternity. She became a runner-up in season three of America’s Next Top Model in 2004.

She later turned her career towards acting on TV shows such as Chicago Med and Our Kind of People. Furthermore, she only agreed to take the role if they prioritized her hair.

In 2015, she even rocked her locs to the American Ballet Theatre.

Ryan Destiny



The actress’s style revolves around classic, cool and gorgeous. Her new hairstyle still proves that she can definitely achieve any look.

Ryan gave her fans a throwback when she debuted dreadlocks on her Twitter handle. She looked amazing! Besides changing hairstyles, the actress is working on other major projects, such as her role in the third season of Grown-sh.

Crystal Bowersox



Crystal Lynn Bowersox shocked her longtime fans when she tweeted a picture of her dreadlocks. Apparently, she had been wearing them for several years.

She is famous for her locs hairstyle as she is for the runner-up position on Fox TV’s Season Nine of American Idol. The contestant decided to keep her “unusual” hairstyle, though some fans do not fancy it.

Kim Fields



Kim Fields, the Real Housewives of Atlanta former actress, has been trying out a lot of new things in her life.

Known for her beautiful blonde locs, The Living Single star decided to cut them off on her 40th birthday. She formerly took the stage by storm with her electric dreadlocks.

Angelina Jolie



With her alluring good looks, Angelina Jolie remains an inspiration for those looking for fabulous hairstyles. The famed philanthropist has always been mysterious with her hair choices.

However, with locs, especially in her 2000 movie “Gone in 60 seconds, she appears even more enchanting. The blonde faux-dreads eccentric hairstyle looked quite attractive on her.

Tania Raymonde



Tania first made her major career attention when she played Cynthia Sanders in the Sitcom Malcolm.

The American actress has been rocking a few select dreadlocks on her hair. The idea of different locs is great for someone who isn’t ready to commit to one type of hairstyle.




Goapele featured in the 2012 movie Sparkle and is one of the people’s favorite vocalists. However, we can’t mention the artist without mentioning her hairstyles.

Goapele has had a range of hairstyles, from cornrows and bone-straight strands to dreadlocks. During her first project, Change it all, in 2001; the singer wore admirable waist-length locs.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about famous actors with dreadlocks. Others wear dreads as a temporary hairstyle, while some wear them as a permanent hairstyle. So, which is your favorite actor with dreadlocks? Let us know in the comments below!

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