Brotherlocks: Ways, Advantages, and Care Tips

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While there are lots of fabulous hairstyles for women, it might be harder for men to pick up the suitable option. Guys, if you are looking for trendy dreadlocks, then don’t miss the brotherlocks! Brotherlocks are a symbolic popular hairstyle designed particularly for men.

Brotherlocks with thin and smaller size locks can create a neat and chic look for us. Yet, it would be a big change and an even bigger challenge for people who never have had locks before.

Follow us to know and explore the tips and tricks about this hairstyle.

What Are Brotherlocks? 

Brotherlocks, as the name shows, are a trendy hairstyle that is mainly worn by men. We can consider them as the male version of the sisterlocks(mainly worn by women).

This famous hairstyle technique was designed and trademarked by a public activist, Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. Besides, he also developed sisterlocks for women.

One side that they have in common is they are both created by natural hair texture. While brotherlocks are twisting the locks into larger sections, they create a more masculine lock. And the formation procedure of them is unique with some specific tools.

The Differences Between Brotherlocks and Other Dreadlocks 

In general, brotherlocks are one type of technique of dreadlocks. They gained recognition as African American hairstyles for a long time. There are many types of dreadlocks such as free-form, backcombing, and two-strand twisting.

Historically, traditional dreadlocks are associated with the Rastafarian movement. And then they became more mainstream in modern culture in the 70s. From then on, dreadlocks have become a trendy hairstyle not only for African Americans but also within the hippy culture.

The brotherlocks first became famous by following the trend of popular sisterlocks. Sisterlocks was designed for especially women with its flexible styling to promote self-esteem. And then followed by the men, brotherlocks became spread as a symbolic personal style for men.

As for the technique, other locks usually use 10-100 large dreads to create knots. Brotherlocks usually need 300 to 500 locked strands with a special locking tool. And it requires a professional loctician for the initial installation.

Other forms of locks often give a larger and heavier look with limited styling options. Brotherlocks are considered to have greater flexibility for us to style with. For example, they can fit well with many shorter lengths of hairstyles.


How to Do Brotherlocks?

Next, let’s keep exploring how to create our brotherlocks perfectly!

Finding a Certified Brotherlocks Consultant

To get the chic brotherlocks, it is advised to consult with a certified consultant first. As they need lots of effort and time to start with, it is worth exploring them more deeply. With their help, we can know better if they can meet the requirements we are looking for.

When it comes to finding the right and reputable consultant, we can start with some closer ones. As we may need to visit them several times throughout the year so that could save more time. Further, it will also be great if we can read some previous views of them from their former clients.

For the consultation process, we should know some basic facts about the brotherlocks. For example, the installation procedure, time, next sittings, total cost, and maintenance advice.

Then we should get an idea of a few samples depending on your hair length, hair texture, and volume. In that case, we can have a better understanding of whether we can carry the hairstyle well or not.

The Brotherlocks Installation Process

Then let’s continue to know what are the basic steps involved in the installation process. Generally, it starts with measuring the size of the head to plan out the grid on our head. And then use a unique starter kit to twist the locks together to get around 300 to 500 locks in your hair.

It is advised to take about 10 to 20 hours to fully install brotherlocks by our loctician. So we may need to schedule it over two days around your timetable during the installation. The time and factors that influence the process depend on our hair length and density.

Lastly, it is mindful that we should keep handling immediate post-installation hair. With the right shampoo and some hair care tips, we easily keep the locks for a longer duration. Again, the whole process is time taking that requires our full cooperation.

Follow Up

Once we get them, don’t forget to keep some follow-up visits with our locticians. We can usually arrange appointments with them after 1 month for the installation. As our brotherlocks still need to have some re-tightening and proper maintenance.

Besides, we can ask our locticians for suggestions if we have any concerns about the final look.


5 Main Advantages of Brotherlocks

There are many advantages of brotherlocks that can benefit us in many different ways.

1. Aesthetics and Versatility

The first advantage of brotherlocks is the aesthetics and versatility of this hairstyle. The chic aesthetic appeal allows them to be emerged from the guys and women, regardless of gender. Further, we can also carry them naturally with braids, half-bun, ponytails, and updos.

Compared to the forms of dreadlocks, brotherlocks feature lots of styling choices. We can choose from various lock sizes range in number from 200 to 500 depending on our hair texture. Besides, they are not only ideal for wearing in offices but also for relaxing activities.

2. Low Maintenance

Another outstanding pro is the low maintenance that allows us to take less effort over time. Compared to other hairstyles, they are designed to be more thin and with many small head sections. In that case, they are easier to keep healthy of our scalp which will be time and cost savings for maintenance.

They need more time and effort for the installation, but we don’t need to pay much attention thereafter. Yet, they still to keep clean and healthy, and do some re-tightening to keep them in good shape over time.

3. Healthy Hair and Scalp

Keeping healthy hair and scalp is another great advantage of brotherlocks.  They don’t need many waxes, gels, and chemical locking products  during the installation . That will prevent lots of build-ups and residues in our hair and scalp over a long period.

Furthermore, with low maintenance, it can also avoid chemicals and heat treatments. Thus, it allows us to prevent hair damage from those treatments.

4. Longevity and Durability

Next, brotherlocks also contribute to the longevity and durability of this hairdo. Thanks to the time and effort associated with the formation, they make the long-lasting nature possible. The smaller size of sections and locks can avoid loose shapes and keep the chic look well for a long time.

Additionally, they can withstand different environmental conditions and activities . The thin and flexible features allow us to enjoy activities without considering damage.

5. Personal Growth and Empowerment

The last advantage of brotherlocks is the personal growth and empowerment associated. As their high relation to traditional dreadlocks, they have deep roots in cultures and history.

They tend to become a meaningful symbol of spirituality and cultural pride. Thus, it is great for people who tend to have personal stories of confidence with this hairdo.

We also should have the patience and commitment associated with the whole journey. To get the neatness and smaller locks size of the perfect final look, it is worth our effort.


6 Tips to Care for Brotherlocks

As we’re getting started, there are many different methods for maintaining locks. Even if they are low-maintenance, we still need to know some tips to take care of them. 

1. Selecting the Right Products

First things first, we should always be mindful to select the right products for them. As the right healthy products can have a major good impact on the thinness and softness of our hair. While they are thin in the beginning, heavy products are easier to access the scalp to create deep damage.

It is better to use some buildup-free shampoos and conditioners that won’t leave much build-up. Many chemically treated ingredients will damage our locks and even our scalp . For example, ingredients like denatured alcohol, and ethanol might lead to dandruff .

2. Moisturizing Brotherlocks

Moisturizing is another essential step for maintaining our locks healthy and vibrant. As brotherlocks will be naturally dryer than our straight hairstyles. They may tend to unravel or lose shape, we should carefully select the moisturizers.

It is recommended to use some light oil or build-up-free moisturizer on a regular base. For example, keep moisturizing the locks after washing or once a week to prevent dryness. But always try to avoid the heavy products or slippery products that may lead to loose in your locks.

3. Washing brotherlocks 

People who never start their locks journey may neglect the importance of washing. Yet, it is important for maintenance that avoids unraveling or damaging our locks.

We should start by using the right shampoo designed specifically for locks. And then wash them gently and thoroughly from roots to scalp. In general, we should wash them about every 1-2 weeks before they are fully locked.

And during the washing, we can also massage our scalp gently to promote the healthy growth of our locks. Furthermore, dry our locks with a towel, and better to avoid hair dryers that may lead to dryness.


4. Re-tightening

Another essential step we should take is to re-tighten our locks to keep the them in shape. As our brotherlocks grow naturally, the roots part may start to loosen their shape over time. Re-tightening them periodically will make the locks tighter and maintain the ideal look.

It will be helpful to re-tighten our locks every several weeks to prevent loosing. We can schedule a visit to our professional loctician for a re-tightening process. Further, if you are confident with your ability can also try to use the latch hook tool for re-tightening at home.

5. Regular Trimming

There are some other procedures we should also take out to keep them in good condition. Regular trimming every several months is the basic maintenance we should not neglect. By trimming, we can keep them in the desired shape and promotes healthy growth.

To start with, we can prepare to trim our locks after washing and dry them completely. Then we hold each dread between our fingers and trim only the stray hairs or split ends. But it is advised that we should be careful not to cut too much off our locks.

6. Night-Time Routine

Brotherlocks also tend to pick up lint from cotton pillowcases during sleeping. We must keep a proper night-time care routine for the locks before sleep.

Consider wearing a satin cap or silk scarf while sleeping is a great way to help. As materials like satin or silk can help keep moisture and reduce friction.

Besides, some people may tend to sleep after a shower while the hair still not dry completely. In that case, the damp hair may lead to breakage and frizz of our locks and also be unhealthy for our scalp. It is better to with totally dry hair after showering or washing.


FAQs about Brotherlocks

What’s the difference between sisterlocks and brotherlocks? As their names show, the main difference between them is the gender group. Sisterlocks are considered mainly for women with smaller locks sizes. While brotherlocks are for men with larger locks sizes but still smaller than others.

1. How long does my hair need to be to start brotherlocks?

There is no definite length of hair that we need to be to start brotherlocks. You can start it with any hair length that can be twisted. On average, it is better to start with about 2 to 3 inches which may be more than enough to start them.

2. Can I dye or bleach my brotherlocks?

The answer to this question is yes. But, it is not very recommended to dye or bleach our brotherlocks very often or in the early stage. And for dye or bleach, they may lead to excessive bunching that makes the locks hard to re-tightening.

3. Do brotherlocks work with all types of hair?

Yes. One of the advantages of having brotherlocks is that it allows various hair types to go with them. They can work well with all types of hair, no matter your hair length, texture, color, or volume. 

4. What are the disadvantages of brotherlocks?

With the above benefits we’ve shown, these brotherlocks also have some cons with them. It usually takes a longer time and more effort to install. And this also makes them more costly for us to afford.



To sum up, brotherlocks are unique dreadlocks hairstyles that are popular among males. They are like sisterlocks but have many differences from other forms of dreadlocks. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance with long-lasting nature, they are a great option for you.

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