Top 25 Loc Bun Styles to Elevate Your Look

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Buns are a fantastic way to create fabulous dreadlocks. However, most people think the style is limiting and lacks many options. We are here to prove that wrong.

The style has been a staple over the years, loved for its low maintenance and taming ability. Because of its popularity, this article ventured into revealing the versatility of this hairstyle. 

Unlock your adventurous side and jump onto this bandwagon to discover various loc bun styles. Yours is to choose and enjoy the benefits that come along. 

1.High Loc Bun

loc-bun-styles: 1-High-Loc-Bun

Starting our list, the high loc bun is the most common bun style. It’s pretty easy to achieve after you make your high ponytail.  Then wrap the pony round, tie it down with a hair tie, and tuck in the ends. 

The style helps contain the hair and neaten it for casual or official wear. It bolds your physique to capture surrounding people’s attention when you’re the center of focus. In the corporate world,  general outlook and impression expose your personality.

2.Low Boc Bun


In the event high buns are monotonous in your locs, go for the sister, the low bun. Here, it’s a change of position whereby the bun holds up at the nape of your neck. The style is a definition of simplicity and exceptional flair. 

Most women with imminent love for low buns attest to its hair-taming nature. It fits any face shape and looks good on any person. 

3.Side Loc Bun


Or push the locs to the side in the form of a bun. Today, you can let the locs rest on the left. Then the next time, try the right as long as the appeal amazes you. 

You may make the side bun low so that it rests on your neck. Or if low positions are not your thing, raise the bun to the middle left or right section of the head. This is a great choice to move away from the usual high or low-center buns. 

4.Double Loc Buns


Buns don’t have to be singular.  You can have double buns or even more loc buns on the same head. That spruces up your locs to bring out the youthful sensation. 

Double buns give you student-ish sassiness. If you want to look friendly, approachable and not professional, split the locs into two buns. 

These buns could be vertically or horizontally parted into two. Vertically, the parting is vertical, front to back, while horizontally, you divide the locs mane ear-to-ear. The buns are side by side for the vertical parting option and front and back for the horizontal parting. 

5.Updo Loc Bun


Updos may be somewhat similar to high buns. However, the updo loc bun nestles at the crown and not the furthest front. So, when you tie your locs high up, you move 3-4 inches from the forehead. 

Bring out your love for your dreadlocks by setting them in an updo loc bun. Meet your girlies, go on dates or attend weddings in it. The style suits every event and occasion. 

6.Twisted Loc Bun


Twisted loc buns are a more sophisticated version of the high, low or side buns. The style involves twisting the pony down before securing it. 

Arrange and smooth the locs towards the position you want your bun to be. Twisting the ponytail round and round while tucking it in follows up.  It exposes your taste for fashion and elegance and your unique self. 

7.High Tower Loc Bun


You could juice the bun to look bigger and high, like a tower, hence the name “high tower bun”. It’s simply exaggerating the normal high bun and perfectly works with super long, dense locs.

If your locs are not long enough to create the style, extend them using loc extensions. After that, request your stylist to roll the locs to erect high, one layer over another, to achieve the tower effect. Look more exotic and artistic the moment you put it up. 

8.Messy Loc Bun


Well, the buns in your locs could be messy. And funny enough, they’ll appear beautiful even though they are not neat. This time, you loosen up the loc strands after making the buns.

Some of the strands may stick out in the bun, and that’s totally okay.  Wear it at home when you need the fastest way to lock down your dreadlocks. Or show up in the hairstyle at unofficial places like picnics, vacations, pool parties or local restaurants. 

9.Half-Up Loc Bun


No rule dictates that the loc strands should all be tied into a bun if you’re installing buns. You may divide the loc tresses into two halves across the head. Then secure the top half into a bun style of choice while the back half locs rest loosely on the back.

Usually, it looks chic and classic with medium-length to long dreads. It exposes the greatness of two styles combined into one. One, the locs being tamed away from your face, while the other half displays your locs’ beautiful length. 

10.Loc Bun with Curly Bangs


Inspire your locs with curly bangs hanging over the forehead. First, curls add a distinct texture and an attractive dimension to the locs

Therefore, invigorating curls into bangs highlights the face-framing bangs. Your forehead also getts concealed for a softer look.

Topping up with a bun now completes your attention-grabbing dreadlocks. The style is very feminine and perfect for fashion divas. Storm out of your house or office confidently because your dreadlocks speak confidence and class all over you. 

11.Tucked-In Loc Bun


Rather than going for twisted buns, you can tuck the locs into a bun. In fact, the process is easier and takes less time. Reverse the direction of the pony towards your face, fold it and tuck it in. 

It is easily achievable with short ponies. The bun appears like a beautiful loop. You could loosen the loop so that the hole disappears completely. 

12.High Loc Bun with Pompadour


Embrace your love for 80s and 90s fashion by enriching your bunned dreadlocks with a pompadour. If you didn’t know, the style is not for the old generation only. Today, you can rock your dreadlocks in it and still be modern.

You could match it with your cosplay costume to make an oldie film momentous. The locs are braided into a central hump from the back towards the front. At the front, the hump is bigger as it makes a bun extending onto the forehead.

13.Side-Swept Bangs


Bangs can be swooped onto the side instead of lying on the forehead. Before you have your high or low bun in place, take out a small portion of dreads at the front centre. 

Spread them over to the side to make them side-swept. You’ll bring the rest of the locs together and organise them into a bun. That’s a perfect idea for your buns to look better.

14.Rope Twists


Having the locs just in a bun may not contend you. You may rope-twist the locs into the bun. 

In this case, the ponytail is split into sections, and each section is wrapped into a rope-like appearance. These ropy strands are then twisted and intertwined into a bun. It’s a way to make the bun more stylish. 

Of more significance is you look bold and draw people to your new style. Let the public stay in awe of your expressive talent.

15.Petal Loc Bun


Why be the bride for the day when you don’t complement the event? If you have dreadlocks, never run out of options because your hair is locked up. Pimp yourself with a petal loc bun to blend with the floral barrettes and clips. 

The bun has the loc strands looped into a petal-like formation. The bun, in essence, resembles a flower with petals. It’s a work of art and creativity. 

16.Tendril Style


Refresh your bun with tendril strands. The style makes you look cool and at par with the current fashion trends. 

Before tying your hair with a tie, separate two loc strands from the mane. These strands may be at the centre of the front hairline or the furthest edge of the front hairline.  The two act as the tendrils, which you may leave straight or turn into wavy or curly strands. 

17.Mohawk Shape


For a change of appearance, mohawks can be buns in parallel rather than being braided or looped. Bring the locs from the side to the centre and bun them up section by section.

 Eventually, you will have four to five buns in a line from the front to the back. The number of buns will depend on the size of the sections. The bigger the sections, the fewer and larger the buns will be and vice versa. 

18.Crown Braid


If you like to be venturesome with your locs, you may taste the crown braid style. You braid or cornrow the dreadlocks along the front hairline to the side but not to the back. You stop midway on the side, join the braid’s ends with the unbraided locs, and create the bun. 

The crown braid accentuates the bun. It heightens your hair aesthetics so that you are charming in public. And internally, you fall in love with your dreadlocks more. 

19.Fishtail Braid Accent


Alternatively, you can accentuate your bun with the fishtail braid. The fishtail braid starts from the front to where the bun is positioned. It perfectly tames thick locs with its nicely-woven nature. 

The style is good for adult women. It keeps you elegant and mature at the same time. It could be an average day wear or a formal hairpiece. 

20.Side-Swept Twists


Twists are always a beautiful hair creation. The side-swept dreadlock strands can be 2-strand or 3-strand twists. Before swirling them to the side, combine two or three locs and twist them over each other in the same direction.

It’s like having 2-strand or 3-strand dreads on a section of your dreadlocks. It helps spike up your beauty and bring more definition to the locs. Plus, the bangs become stronger and long-lasting.

21.Loc Bun with Top Twist


Be transformative on your dreadlocks by incorporating the loc bun with a top twist. Here, you have a bun with locs twisting into overlapping layers. 

The hairstyle directly influences your physical features, including the face. Look prettier at your workplace, kid’s school, and fashion events if you’re a model. You’ll dominate any space because of its unique appearance.

22.Loc Bun with Swoop


Your side-swept bangs can join the other dreadlocks into forming a bun with a swoop. So, if you don’t want the bangs to hang, tie them to the rest of the dreadlocks. The swoop covers part of the forehead on one side.

You can accessorise the swoop with some beads. So, allow yourself to wallow in incredible gorgeousness. You may be in your 30s, but this makes you look like you’re in your 20s.

23.Two Strand Twist


Let your 2-strand twist dreads not be plain and naturally loose. Tweak them a little with buns. Or you may twist your ponytail, every two strands forming a twist and later building a bun. 

The choice lies in your hands. You can glam it up with tendrils. Be a vibe by speaking through your dreadlocks.

24.Loc Bun Extension


Putting on a loc extension bun is the most effortless way to have a bun. If your locs are too short to bun up, buy yourself the artificial make. And clip it onto your pony after tying your dreads into a ponytail.

It’s like wearing a wig. But in this setting, you cover the ponytail completely, not the entire head. The option is most preferred because it’s the easiest to do. 

25.Loc Ponytail Styles


Ponytails and a bun wrap can coexist on long dreadlocks. It’s rare to come across the style, but very possible to actualise. Wondering how?

After having your ponytail, take some of the loc strands in the pony. Then wrap these few strands around the ponytail, ensuring the bobble or hair tie is covered. Secure the wrap with a bobble where it ends.

The ponytail is visible from the point the bun wrap ends. It’s also one of the best loc ponytail styles.

To Try Loc Bun Styles 

Now that you know bun styles good for your dreadlocks don’t stick to the normal bun. Get in the explorative mood and try our quick suggestions. Good loc days come with versatile loc styles. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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