3 Strand Twist Dreads: Ways and Benefits

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Come to know 3 Strand Twist Dreads! Perhaps you understand twists are 2 strands only when three strands can make twists too. 3 strand twists are a protective hairstyle that you could embrace to kick off your loc journey. 

Like 2-strand twist dreads, you can have the 3-strand dreads. But details are crucial for someone new to the style. 

You might find yourself opting for this option instead of 2 strand twists. Let’s see. 

What are 3-strand twist dreadlocks?

 3 strand twists are a short-term natural style. When left in for months to a year, the twists lock into dreads, thus the name 3-strand twist dreadlocks. On the outside, 3 strand twists look like 2 strand twists but appear tighter and more defined. 

The twists hold the hair together so that the roots start interlocking. After some time, the hair in the twists loosens, tangles, and begins to lock up. As the locs start to mature, the twists swell up and become thicker as the twist pattern disappears until the locs are fully mature. 

Alternatively, you can use the method to style your dreadlocks. It’s a dreadlock styling option on its own and helpful in strengthening your locs by combining the thinning strands.

How to do the 3-strand twist dreads?

Making 3-strand twists is as easy as installing 2-strand twists. The process is similar, only that you will be working with three strands this time. I love the style for its resilience; you can do it yourself without seeking the help of a professional stylist. 

Step 1: Take your rat tail comb and part the hair into small square sections like you would when you braid. 

Step 2: Going section by section, apply your twisting cream/gel. And split each into three parts that make up the three strands. 

Step 3:  The twisting motion will be in one direction, to the left. Start by twisting the two strands at the same level. Roll one strand over the other until reaching the third strand at the bottom. 

Step 4: Incorporate the third strand into the twist to combine with the furthest strand. Twist the one strand over the one strand to the hair ends and secure the ends. 

What are the benefits of 3-strand dreads?

All hairstyles have benefits, some cutting across other hairstyles. When these benefits align with our interests, then we get to prefer a specific style to others. Similarly, you can opt for 3-strand dreads after knowing how beneficial they’ll be to you and your hair at large.

Natural Look

Starting on the right foot, here’s the most basic reason for loving 3-strand locs. The wrapping effect brings out a smooth spiral-like pattern that’s chic. Being that it’s your real hair, the starter locs give off a natural, organic look. 

Regardless of how your hair buds, the locs come out beautiful on your hair. It doesn’t matter how long it’ll take because, eventually, they’ll bring out the desired look. Patience is key. 

Tighter Locs

3 Strand Twist Dreads: Tighter-Locs

3 strand dreads have a tighter feel compared to 2-strand locs. The twisting motion creates a firm hold since three strands are in place. 

Chances of the twist strand un-twisting or loosening up prematurely are substantially low. Also, the roots are tightly secured due to greater tensio n from the hold at the base. As a result, the 3-strand dreads are more defined and groovy.

Long Lasting

The tightness influences the longevity of the 3-strand twist dreads. Since the twists are tighter, they’ll last longer than the 2-strand twist style.

It could take 6 weeks before needing retwisting to refresh the locs. Therefore the style will require less maintenance because of the reduced retwisting frequency. In fact, this strong hold may make the locking process faster and more firm at the roots. 

Scalp Health

Needless to say, 3 strand twist dreads form a protective covering for the scalp. The dense mane is very important, especially in protecting the hair follicles.

From a different angle, the protective hairstyle also reduces hair manipulation. The fact that you’ll not be touching your hair often, you’ll not be interfering with your scalp and hair frequently. 

There’ll be less tugging and tension, enhancing scalp health. Constant tugging causes a painful, scarred, or infected scalp.

Styling Options

Well, you can develop several styles on your 3 strand dreads. Due to its versatility, you are not limited to a specific styling method. You can wear them however you want.

One time, you can have them in buns, ponytails, all up, all down. Another time, switch up to half up, half down. Or you could color them, create highlights and bring out the appearance you love. 

We have more ideas in the section that follows up next. 

3-strand Twist Dread Styles to Glamour up

Get yourself rocking one of the 3-strand styles below. You’re going to know how to do the dread styles and fetch ideas revolving around them. 

Top Knot


The top knot hairstyle is popular for keeping hair contained. The style sets the hair stationary and away from the face. It gives a serious office look but could be worn to an evening brunch. 

Simply tie the hair with a scrunchie and twist the pony round and round. Then keep the twist intact with a bobble at the base. 

Half-Up, Half-Down


If you wouldn’t love all the dreadlocks tied up, this is a perfect alternative. Have it by diving the dreads into two halves from ear to ear. 

Take your hair band and hold up the front half, leaving the other half loosely on the back. It could be the other way, whereby the front half is loose, and the back is tied, especially if you have short dreads.

Locs Ponytail


Not so different from the top knot, you could bear the famous ponytail style. You can make the ponytail high or low, depending on which is more comfortable for you.

It’s among the easiest hairstyles to achieve by tying all the loc strands with a hair tie. Wear it to wherever you want, as it does not limit one to a specific event or location. 

Locs Beard Combination


Men with beards tend to look drop-dead gorgeous and sexier with dreadlocks. Their dense hair genetics keeps no eye looking more than twice. 

So, as a man, heighten your confidence and boldness before people by locking your hair. Moreso if you’re a sportsman or a musician, to win the heart of fans. Looks always matter to stand as a celebrity. 

French Braids


If you want to experience braided plaits, it’s possible with dreadlocks. It may look unachievable, but with the right stylist, nothing is a hindrance. Today, go for French braids. 

The style on dreadlocks is way more attractive in men than women. And with a touch of fade at a barbershop, you dazzle with undeniable handsomeness. 

Braided Buns


When it comes to braid options, we would suggest braided buns for women. The bun is not the usual bun we know about. This type of bun consists of braided strands intertwined into a bun formation. 

Adding a whiff of beauty to your bun is an awesome idea if you’re a bun aficionado. Like ponytails, you can wear this hairstyle anywhere.

High Buns


The normal buns can be set high to be easily noticeable. Actually, it supplements your height, and you might appear taller if you’re short heightwise. It creates an illusion of a taller you.

After making your high ponytail, wrap the hair around the scrunchie into a doughnut shape. It’s not a must the bun looks neat; you could make it messy. And it would still be incredibly stunning. In less than 5 minutes, reach your party venue in a marvelous hairpiece. 

Side Swept


Trying to switch away from the naturally loose dreadlocks in the most simple manner? Why not give the side-swept style a shot?

Tilt your head to the side to flip all the strands to the side. It could be to the left or right. You can choose to secure the strands down with pins or clips so that they hang on the side completely. 

Locs Mohawk 


The locs mohawk is not the usual mohawk whereby the sides are shaved.

The dreadlocks are cornrowed towards the center from both sides. The ends of the cornrows are styled into a hump-like strip from the front to the back. It could be in the form of loops or another cornrow. 

 It’s a distinct fashionable style that adorns lively parties with much craze. 

Bun With Undercut Fade


Add a sass to your bun with an undercut fade. In this case, the hair left at the crown to the front is dreadlocked and put into a bun towards the back. The sides are shaved, with little hair left behind to bring out the undercut fade. 

It works for men and women with a desire for masculine fashion. The Tom Boys have their style right here. 

High-top Bun


This bun is closer to the forehead than the high bun. The strands of the locs are invisible at the front as the bun takes the position. Every dreadlock is brought to the furthest front and tied down into a bun.

You will appear more bold and classy. And better, you’ll show a more creative spirit inside you. 

Intricate Braid


Styling is an art itself. You seek to inspire the world with artistic dreadlocks, then put up an intricate braid. The locs are intertwined, like a woven basket from the front to the back or in whichever pattern you like. 

Some people choose to make halos out of it, braiding the dreadlocks round on the head. Others go across the head in the ear-to-ear direction. 

Tapered Cut


Instead of undercuts, test the waters of tapered cuts. With this style, the shaved sides have tapering hair length. The hair is little and shortest at the hairline and gradually becomes more towards the center of the head. 

At the center of the head, the dreadlocked mane tapers from the front towards the back. But the furthest back is shaved. Take a look at the picture. 

Zigzag Parting


While the dreadlocks are cornrowed to the back, the parting forms a zigzag pattern. The exposed scalp creates a zigzag line from the front to the back. 

This style accentuates the cornrows, making them more splendid and edgy. Like all other braid styles, it stays intact for long before it undoes itself. 

High Bun/Ponytail with Bangs


Accessorize your high bun or ponytail dreadlocks with bangs. Section out a few dreadlock strands at the front, twist them tightly to shorten, and lie over the forehead. The hairstyle helps conceal large foreheads for a more beautiful facial appeal.

Side-Swirled with High Ponytail


The small section at the front could be swirled to the side. And joined with the rest of the mane to form a high ponytail. It doesn’t have to be a bang. This style could be the best corporate wear. It’s convenient for someone ever on the go. 

What Next?

Allow yourself to feel the greatness of 3 strand twist dreads by trying them out. Later, make the experience memorable by tasting the hairstyle suggestions when the dreads mature.  

Embrace every step of the journey and let the hair dread naturally for the best 3-strand dreadlocks. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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