16 Best 1980s Hairstyles for Black Female

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Here are some top 80s hairstyles for black female in this article. If you have been following the latest fashion trend, you may notice that 1980s hairstyles are making a comeback. From voluminous curls to Afro, retro-inspired hairs are gaining followers on social media.

In this article, we have curated 16 hairstyles that were popular in the 1980s. If you are looking for a nostalgic hairstyle, this article is for you!

1. Curly Perm


The key to the 1980s fashion trend is volume. The most iconic look of this period is to surround your face with big hair. The hair can approach the size of the face or even larger than the face.

This hairstyle makes your face look small and delicate. The fluffy curls emphasize femininity. If you are getting a photo for this hairstyle, remember to smile sweetly – most girls in the 80s photos do this.

2. Big Fluffy Style


Natural afro hair is gorgeous, but this period also adores synthetic hair extensions. With a wig, you can go beyond your original hair texture and try something new.

The big curls of this fluffy hairstyle create a sense of romance. The cascade forms an elegant backdrop for the face, making the model’s facial features more prominent. If you have a beautiful jawline, this hairstyle is your perfect fit.

Women at that time used mousse and hair spray to create volume. They sometimes teased their hair to create that fluffy look.

3. Sky-High Bang


You may have heard of curtain bangs, blunt bangs, and side parting. But you probably have never heard of sky-high bang. Indeed, this hairstyle has almost been forgotten out of the 21st century’s preference for a sleek appearance.

However, in recent years, sky-high bang is rediscovered by the fashion world. This hairstyle is bold and wild, perfectly speaking for the personality of free-spirited men and women.

To get this hairstyle, you may need to tease your bang. Grab the ends of the hair and comb it bottom-up. Be gentle though, because harsh teasing can cause hair damage like splitting and frizzing. 

4. Mullet


You must be a punk fan to recognize this hairstyle at first glance. This mullet hairstyle is one of the most iconic looks of punk artists.

The high and heavy bang creates a tough look that complements a clear jawline. The hair at both sides of the head is trimmed short, drawing the viewer’s attention to the face. The hair at the back is shoulder-length and for most of the time is worn down.

To mimic the 80s vibe, pair this hair with colorful sweaters or leather jackets – both are trendy at that time.

5. High Ponytail


High Ponytail has never lost its popularity in the 21st century. But it may surprise you that girls in the last century love it too!

Janet Jackson has been known as a black woman trendsetter. In the 80s, she was frequently spotted wearing a high ponytail to parties, ceremonies, or galas.

Her hair was like spring water running down from head to shoulder. The shiny golden-brown shade highlights the silky texture. The combination of vibrancy and elegance contributes to this hairstyle’s timeless appeal.

6. Box Braids


Light-hearted girls are loved all time, but girls like this hold a special allure for the 1980s.

This box-braid ponytail was popular among young ladies at that time. The ponytail has a sleek appearance due to the braids’ smooth and silky texture. Yet, it also has that voluminous look typical of 80s hairstyles. The high ponytail is carefree and athletic, perfect for outdoor activities.

If you are getting a hairstyle like this, choose your braid size carefully. Small braids are more refined, while large braids are bolder.

7. Long Cascade with Hair Band


This hairstyle is so sweet, don’t you think?

The sky-high bang highlights the delicacy of the girls’ eyes and cheeks. The bushiness of the hair complements the girls’ dense eyelashes. The long cascade sets an elegant backdrop for the girls’ beautiful necklines and smooth skin.

The skillful use of hair accessories brings this hairstyle to the next level. The earrings and the hair band are in the same color scheme as the pale blue denim. The shiny texture of acrylic earrings goes well with her leather boots.

8. Long side-Swept Bang


Long side-swept bangs can create a mysterious vibe. No wonder it is an everlasting choice among women for balls, bars, and nightclubs.

The bang covers part of your face like a dense jungle shrouding a secret castle that hides treasures. At the same time, it highlights another part of your face, making your big eyes and exquisite earrings more prominent.

To adapt your side-swept bang to the 1980s style, tease your bang to create volume. If you want to reduce hair damage, use hairspray instead.

9. Fluffy Curls


Big long hair is stunning, but it can feel heavy. Shoulder-length hair is a lighter alternative.

You can still get that iconic volume due to the hair’s fluffy texture. The little curls create a dreamy and romantic vibe that highlights femininity.

Hardly any face shape can go wrong with this hair. Indeed, the roundness of this hairstyle can complement heart-shaped or oblong face shapes, adding sweetness to the smile. On triangle or rectangular faces, the curls soften the natural angles of the face. 

10. Straight Hair


Straight hair is rarer in the 80s, compared to curls. But this shoulder-length bob foreshadows the fashion trend in the 90s.

If curls indicate warmness and softness, straight hair is cool and edgy. To highlight the boldness, create layers at the nape. This hairstyle is perfect to speak for your individuality.

If you have natural afro hair, you may need to wear hair extensions to get this look. Select a hair texture that reflects your style: fine hair is softer and silkier, while hair with a larger diameter, in contrast, is cooler and more audacious.

11. Jerry Curls


Jerry Curl, or Jheri curl, was one of the most well-liked hairstyles back in the 80s and is having a moment right now.

This chemical-treated hair is loved by its unique gloss. Looking from the distance, the hair looks wet and silky. The special texture of this hair goes well with shiny jewelry like crystal and pearls.

Before embracing this hairstyle, consider the possible hair damage. The chemical process involved in curling the hair may worsen your hair condition, resulting in brittleness and dryness.

12. Afro


Afro is another classic hairstyle from the 80s. Round and voluminous, this hairstyle can go from small to extra-large.

Back then, growing natural hair into an afro was considered a celebration of one’s African heritage. It was once a powerful political statement, but today it is more of a fashion choice.

This hairstyle can handle all occasions: from celebrations to private parties, you can use it to express your style.

13. Curly Bob


Diana Ross’s hairstyle has been a hot topic for fashion magazines and tabloids. In the 80s, her most famous look is this curly bob.

Instead of adopting small curls prevalent at that time, Diana embraces big, dense curls as her iconic look. While the volume at the top creates a vibrant vibe, the heavy bang sets off her big, round eyes. The hair at her temple is just the right length to show off her pearl earrings.

If you are a fan of Diana Ross, this hairstyle is your chance to mimic her style!

14. Pixie


Pixie cut may seem strange among the “big hair” trend in the 1980s. But this magazine picture shows that a practical hairstyle can never lose its popularity.

This hairstyle is suitable for nearly all occasions: in formal business events, it can impress your clients with an air of professionalism; in private gatherings, it relaxes your guest by exuding an easy-going vibe.

To style your pixie cut according to the 1980s fashion standard, you may need to tease your hair to create this fluffy volume. Hair spray and mousse are also useful, only that you need to rinse your hair thoroughly afterward to prevent product buildup.

15. Crimped


This hairstyle was popular in the 1980s and has since made several comebacks.

You can have overall crimped hair, which means all of your hair is styled into these distinctive zigzagging waves. Partially crimped is another popular alternative. The specially treated hair serves as highlights that add interest to your natural hair.

Crimped hairstyle gets its name from its styling process. A crimped iron is used to create that wavy shape on the hair. If you are getting this hair, I recommend you to go to a qualified hair salon, because unprofessional treatment can cause hair damage.

16. High Top Fade

80s Hairstyles For Black Female: 16-High-Top-Fade

Big afro hair is cool, but it can cause inconvenience in summer. To stay away from heat and humidity, high top fade is a great alternative.

To transition from a traditional afro to this look, you need to trim down the hair at both sides of the temples. Depending on your liking, you can either leave a few inches long or get a scalp fade.

While high top fade is generally perceived as a men’s hairstyle, on women it looks cool and edgy.

To Try 80s Hairstyles For Black Female

Most 1980s hairstyles featured curls, volume, and fluffiness. They may not be the best hairstyle to wear to the office, but they will make you stand out at parties and clubs!

Have you found the one that speaks for your personality? Leave a comment to let me know.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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