30 Best Wedding Dreadlocks Hairstyles for You

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wedding dreadlocks hairstyles

Wedding Dreadlocks Hairstyles are not only ultra-chic and glamorous but also hold a rich cultural history and significance.

Even the best part is that you don’t have to permanently commit to dreadlocks to rock these stunning looks, as there are faux bride wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks available.

As a bride with locs, you have a plethora of amazing wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks to choose from. Whether you prefer an elegant updo adorned with delicate flowers or cascading curls that frame your face, there is a perfect style to complement your bridal look.

1. Side-Swept Braided Dreads

Wedding Dreadlocks Hairstyles: Side-Swept Braided Dreads

Although simplistic in nature, dreads do pack a punch when it comes to looks.

The beauty of dreadlocks hairstyles lies not only in protecting your hair but in the fact that it helps maintain the permanent style.

2. A Regal Side-Swept High Bun

A Regal Side-Swept High Bun

Looking like a queen is best personified by this elaborate, regal hairstyle that combines a high scraped-back bun with a Dutch braid style at the side.

You can side-comb them and sweep them behind the ear if you have bangs. Finish off with adornments of your choosing from gems and pearls instead of flowers for that sophisticated, dazzling look.

3. Curly Dreads With Hair Jewelry

Curly Dreads With Hair Jewelry

Curly dreads, especially in a messy pin-up style with some curls falling toward the face, are naturally beautiful.

And it prevents a wedding hairstyle concept from becoming too formal and perfect.

4. Baby locks updo with a side sweep

 Baby locks updo with a side sweep

If you have just started your dreadlock journey, your locks are probably still short and tricky to style.

To make them look stylish for your bridal event, tie them in a simple updo using pins to secure them in place. Then side-sweep a few locks at the front to add a bit of sass to your style. 

5. Long Dreadlocks 

Long Dreadlocks

Although if you have short hair, you can always make use of extensions.

You can choose to add braids, accessories or even swirl or twirl them.

6. Dreads with Bangs

Dreads with Bangs

Julius Randle boasts awe-inspiring dread looks. The locs appear fuzzy-texture.

This loc type grows naturally without any techniques applied; quite easy to maintain.

7. Wedding Updos With Dreadlocks

Wedding Updos With Dreadlocks

Hold the lock in place with pins and finish with a tiara, pearl necklace, and a strapless dress.

Consider the baby locs updo with a side sweep for a backless dress, especially for short locks. This wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks scream style and sass.

8. Bridal Half Up Half Down Dreadlocks

Bridal Half Up Half Down Dreadlocks

Bridal half-up-down wedding hairstyles dreadlocks are elegant and perfect for formal weddings when well accessorized.

We love the half up half down in cascading twists and a dreaded top knot.

9. Braided Wedding Dreadlocks

Braided Wedding Dreadlocks

Braided wedding dreadlocks hairstyles are a refreshing twist to your everyday locs appearance.

For ideas, wear the side-swept braided dreads. Braid or twist into smaller sections to the side and achieve an interesting bohemian texture.

10. Short Dreadlocks

Short Dread

Maintenance of the health of your hair and letting it grow out is vital, especially if you’re someone who likes to try out experimental hairstyles quite often.

If this describes you perfectly, edgy and short locs hairstyles for weddings will do you good.

11. Dreadlock Bantu Knots

Dreadlock Bantu Knots

Dreadlock wedding hairstyles not only look superb, but these hairdos also grant you a carefree vibe and flexibility with the least amount of maintenance.

These braided natural dreads look super cute and are ideal for a variety of occasions

12. Swirly Dread Elegant Bun Hairstyle

Swirly Dread Elegant Bun Hairstyle

For a hairdo to stand out and look attractive, it doesn’t always have to be a complicated hairstyle.

There is a multitude of hairstyles that are simple and creative and are equally efficient and look amazing. One such example is that of this swirly dread bun.

13. Dyed Dreads Wedding Hairstyle

 Dyed Dreads Wedding Hairstyle

If you’re worried that dreads offer limited scope for you to play around with lengths and colors, we’re glad to inform you that’s not the case.

In case you weren’t aware, you can add beautiful ombre extensions to your already amazing dreadlocks.

14. Burgundy and Red Dreads

Burgundy and Red Dreads

These wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks aren’t for those who are shy and afraid to stand out.

But, if it does match your personality, these feisty red dreads are everything that you’ll ever need in a dreadlock hairstyle.

15. Karibbean kurlz

Karibbean kurlz

Karribean kurlz are all the rage right now and they look so breathtaking.

All you need for this sophisticated look is perm rollers and some time under a drier. Make sure the locks set well before unrolling them gently, and voila!

16. Curled up spiral locks with a basket weave design

Curled up spiral locks with a basket weave design

If you love to wear your locks down on your wedding day, but are afraid that they might look untidy or ragged, this style is for you.

Curl up your locks into beautiful coils or waves, then weave up the front to reign them in neatly with a basket weave. A simple flat-twist could also work. Finally, let your bangs down and slay the day.

17. Mushroom lock bun with a side fringe

Mushroom lock bun with a side fringe

Buns are easy and versatile for bridal events because they can be designed to draw attention to a specific area of the face, or to hide flaws.

You can play around with the bun to make different shapes and designs such as heart-shaped or circular buns.

18. French braid updo with a side fringe

French braid updo with a side fringe

We all love French braids because they make an attractive fashion statement – cute yet classy. For your bridal event, you can weave up your locks into French braids.

Pin up the back braids into a bun then hold down the rest into a front or side fringe. You can use a three-strand braid to make it trimmer or five-strand braid to blow it up.

19. Rocking The Beanie

Rocking the beanie

Wedding hairstyles do not need to always be prim and proper.

This beanie hairstyle with short dreadlocks is an appropriate and cute one to go for. Some brides even wear sneakers on their big day for purposes of comfort!

20. Stunning Pocahontas

 Stunning Pocahontas

Hairstyles like this take from the Native American tradition of binding the hair with beautiful strings and leather and enhancing its beauty with wildflowers and sometimes stones as well.

It is the perfect look for an outdoorsy wedding or a less-than-conventional bride.

21. Half Up Half Down

 Half Up Half Down

Half up half down hair is a gorgeous wedding look that can work for every bride!

No matter which half up half down style you choose for your wedding day, embrace your unique and beautiful dreadlocks and rock your look with confidence!

22. Pull-Through Braid Updo

Pull-Through Braid Updo

Make your fiery red strands really pop with this gorgeous look, and makes for an updo beyond the basic low bun.

Whether a beautiful barrel roll updo or cascading curls, accessorizing with headpieces, flower crowns and birdcages are absolutely astonishing.

23. Wrapped Locs

Wrapped Locs

Wrapped locs will forever be a timeless favorite —just beautiful and elegant,” Fowler says.

It’s a great way to make your hair look cute while secretly deep conditioning it on the go.

24. A Princess Low Bun

A Princess Low Bun

Buns are classic wedding hairstyles.

This low-loc bun with a spectacular tiara is a gorgeous example of a hairstyle if you aren’t sure what suits you.

25. The Simplicity Of A Perfect Bun

The Simplicity Of A Perfect Bun

A perfect and simple wedding bun is classic, goes with all manner of wedding attire, and can be styled up or down depending on the personal preference of the bride.

You can add gems or hair flowers or leave it neatly as it is and attach a veil to complete the look.

26. A Braid In A Braid 

 A Braid In A Braid 

One of the most creative wedding hairstyles for locs on this list!

An intricate hairstyle like this is very powerful, especially if you have chosen a simpler wedding dress. The effect is modern, elaborate, and undeniably stylish.

27. Top Bun With Elaborate Curls

 Top Bun With Elaborate Curls

Use a thin barrel tong to get ringlet-like curls and pin them in place to maximize their lasting power.

Finish with a supreme hold curl spray so that they last well through your ceremony and reception.

28. Fun coloring techniques

Fun coloring techniques

If you have long and beautiful dreadlocks, don’t miss a chance to try out the modern coloring technique.

A dreadlock ombre looks stylish and truly fantastic.

29. Rainbow dreadlocks

Rainbow dreadlocks

This colorful dreadlock hairstyle will leave any woman breathless.

Choose a separate color for each couple of dreadlocks strands and your hairstyle will look out of the ordinary.

30. Dreadlock ponytail

Dreadlock ponytail

Looking for a way to add some zesty dreadlock style to your image but your hair is way too thin and short for it? Attach a dreadlock ponytail.

This is the simplest way to get dreads and check out how you look with them.


Wedding dreadlocks hairstyles can be a beautiful and unique hairstyle choice. Whether you wear them up, down, or accessorized, dreadlocks can make you look stunning and stand out from the crowd.

Imagine walking down the aisle with your beautifully styled dreadlocks, exuding confidence and embracing your unique sense of style. T

These wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks will not only make you feel like a queen but also celebrate the beauty and versatility of locs on your special day.

Remember to care for your dreadlocks before and after your wedding.

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