How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

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Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

Hair extensions can make your hair look longer and more beautiful. 

But, customizing hair extensions can become challenging if your hair is very short. To make it look natural, you should apply extra effort and follow the correct procedures.

This article will help to hide extensions in short hair. Let’s get started!

Why Do Extensions Not Blend With Short Hair?

There are several reasons why this may be happening. First, people have different hair types and cuts. Adding extensions to hairstyles with a lob or blunt cut will result in an unnatural look.

Second, the layers of your real hair underneath the extensions make them look shabby. Third, the weight and length of the hair extension might not be right, making them look fake.

Lastly, the extension shade is lighter than your bio hair and thus does not blend well.

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6 Tips to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

Wearing an extension on short hair requires a little extra effort. Here are simple tricks and tips for blending extensions.

1: Style Hair Extensions

Most hair extensions are too long and would make your hair look fake when worn. It is best to cut and style them to suit your hair length

Here is how to cut your hair extension.

Step 1: Brush

Begin by brushing it using a hair extension brush or wide-toothed comb to detangle and remove knots. The hair should be entirely dry to avoid ripping off the fibers.

Step 2: Where to Start

Set the extension properly over the head and secure it. Locate the short layers of natural hair and use them as a point of reference to where the cutting should start.

Step 3: Cut

Grab the extension between your fingers. Take a pair of sharp scissors and start trimming about three inches away from the short layers.

It is best to cut small sections of hair at a time to avoid mistakes. Trim the hair at an angle and avoid going in directly with blunt cuts.

Be careful not to cut real hair. But, consider taking it for a professional cut to avoid getting an undesirable result.

Cut Hair

2: Color

Hair extensions come in different colors. Choose the shade that complements that of your natural hair.

If you have balayage or ombre, go for a color that matches the ends of the hair or one with a lighter hue at the ends. 

Moreover, for darker natural hair, most wefts are at the crown of the head. So an extension needs to blend more with the tips than the upper part. 

However, you can also use two complementary color wefts for a better blend. Additionally, for blonde or lighter hair, use any shade as long as it is not too bright.

3: Curl/Straighten Hair Extensions

An excellent option to blend short hair is to curl or straighten the hair extensions. 

Grab a small part of the real hair and combine it with the extension. Then start curling or straightening them together.

Using thermal tools on hair extension can be risky. When styling synthetic hair, ensure it is heat-friendly and the temperature is under 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Straighten hair

4: Braid Your Hair

The hair behind the head will show whenever you put on an extension. Therefore, the base of the extension seeps through, making it look unnatural.

Make the roots unnoticeable by concealing them using braids. Braiding can also help remove blunt ends to make the extension blend more naturally.

How to do it:

Step 1: Part the Hair

Section the hair starting from above the ear to the other ear. Divide it into half for braiding, and use the other half later to cover the extension.

Consider dampening the hair before starting to have cleaner braids.

Step 2: Make a Braid

Brush the hair, then French braid towards the nape of your neck. The braid does not have to be tight but should be good enough to hold.

Braid Hair

Step 3: Secure the Ends

Use bobby pins to secure the ends of the braid behind the head. The braid will stay beneath the hair extension. 

Now put on the extension, ensuring you adjust it well to cover the hair underneath. Grab a comb, remove the hair at the top, and blend the extension to make it look real.

Note: The side with the least hair should face down towards the scalp for halo extension. 

5: Thinner Hair

Hair extensions blend well with thinner hair sections. This way, you won’t have to trim or style your extension to make it seem decent. 

What to do:

Step 1: Section Hair

Section half of the hair and secure it on top of the head using clips or hairbands. For every extension, leave about a ¼-1 inch section of hair down between them.

The amount of hair left hanging down depends on the hair volume. You can choose to secure the left hair or leave it hanging down.

Step 2: Secure Nape Hair

Braid the hair that will sit under the extension. Tie it in a little ponytail or even do a flat bun and secure it using bobby pins.

Step 3: Install Extensions

Put on extensions starting from the nape of the neck and work your way to the top. Piling up wefts one after another gives additional volume and smoother hair. But do not use too many wefts.

Note: The distance between the extensions should be equal to distribute them evenly.

6: Heavier Extensions

Get a heavier weight set hair extension for short hair. Consider getting extensions with 220-gram extensive weight sets. This will be heavy enough and has the number of wefts needed to cover short hair. [1]

Before using the heavyweight set, trim your natural hair close to the length of the extension. It is best to use clip-ins and style using hairspray or mousse to give it a long-lasting hold. 

Final Words

I hope this post has helped you learn some tips on how to hide extensions in very short hair. Consider trying them out to find which method works best. Moreover, you can learn more about hair extension care tips to make it look natural.

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Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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