What Is 6D Hair Extensions? Everything You Need to Know

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6D Hair extensions

You could initially install hair extensions as tape-in or clip-in extensions.

But recent evolution has brought forth 6D hair extensions. Many people commonly refer to it as pre-bonded or fusion hair extensions

Besides being simple, low-maintenance, safe, and efficient, it is also low-cost and long-lasting.

Throughout this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this method.

Now let’s get to it!

What Is A 6D Hair Extension?

6D (six-dimensional) hair extensions is a hair extension installation method. It involves using a machine to install pre-bonded extensions on the natural hair.

The machine can install six extensions at once, thus making the process faster. The installation can take up to 20 minutes, depending on your hair volume. Moreover, it does not need chemicals, clips, tapes, or heat.

6D Hair extensions Install

The Pros of 6D Hair Extensions

The 6D hair extension has gained popularity since it offers the following advantages.

Easy Application and Removal

A 6D hair extension application takes 20 minutes compared to 2-3 hours for I-tip extensions.

Additionally, they are easy to remove. You just need to pop the microbeads and slide the hair off. You have to be careful when removing, however. Otherwise, you might end up tearing some hair strands.

Invisible Bonds

The joint diameter is 1.7 mm making the borderline seamless and invisible within the hair. Because of this, your hair will feel and appear natural.

Last Long

6D hair extensions can last anywhere from 4-12 months. The period depends on the hair extension quality, hair care routine, and how fast the hair grows.

These are permanent extensions, meaning you do not have to re-apply them every day. You can wash and style them without reducing their durability with proper care.

6D Hair extensions-2

Low Maintenance

6D hair extensions last a long time with very minimal maintenance. The method offers low overhead costs as you will not need specialized hair care products. 

Again, training is easy, and practice maintenance by yourself at home. You will save on the labor costs spent at the salon.

Environment Friendly

Installation of 6D hair extensions does not use harmful glues or chemicals. Therefore, the possibility of glue damaging your hair and getting scalp irritations are rare.

The hair can last longer, and you can re-use them about 2-4 times.

The Cons of 6D Hair Extensions

These extensions may be great, yet they come with some flaws. Here are the disadvantages.

Relatively Expensive

The 6D Hair Extensions machine price is high. But its durability makes it worth the expense. Moreover, salons charge a higher amount for this method than other extensions.

Slow Process

The 6D extensions machine requires you to grab a small amount of hair at a time to protect the hair from damage. This can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Note: Keep the machine away from the scalp to protect your hair from ripping off. 

How To Apply 6D Hair Extensions (Step-By-Step)

This process requires a 6D hair extensions machine, parting comb, and pre-bond hair.

Step 1: Section The Hair

Part the hair into six or more sections, depending on the volume. And then secure the parts to make it manageable. 

Step 2: Prepare Pre-bond Hair

Flip the pre-bond hair, ensuring the bond is open as the hair drops downwards. The open buckle side should be facing you and not the closed side. Ensure that the bonds are loose.

6D Hair extensions Install Tutorial Step by Step

Step 3: Set Install Machine

Take the 6D machine, toggle the metal button then apply the plastic buckle. Push the clasp in and adjust it to make sure it fits well.

Move your hand closer to the end of the machine gun to make it easy to close. Then, remove the plastic buckle by pulling from either side till it comes out. 

Note: The hair extensions should remain on the machine at this point.

Step 4: Position the Plastic Buckle

Turn the buckle upside down, then put it on the top side of the machine. 

Set it at the center and gently press the machine’s handle to see if the buckle and pre-bond hair coincides. Make sure you place it well.

6D Hair extensions Buckle

Step 5: Apply Hair

Take a small amount of hair from each section, about 2 inches thick. The bonds will not stick to the hair if the hair is too thick.

Hold the end of the machine, then move the small section of natural hair between the gun using your other hand. Spread the hair evenly as you hold them down with the silver bonding and clamps.

Bring the machine as close to the roots as possible, then press and hold it for a moment.

Note: The dividing line should be as straight as possible.

Step 6: Remove the Buckle

The clamps break the plastic when you unhook the machine. You will notice that the plastic buckle remains stuck to the hair. 

Break the metal off the buckle by bending them slightly. 

How to Remove 6D Hair Extensions

The 6D hair extension machine comes with middle-sized pliers for removing the bonds.

Here is a simple procedure to follow.

Step 1: Section the Hair.

Use your fingertips to part the hair into six or more sections, then secure them with hair clips. Do not use a comb as you will break off hair roots.

Step 2: Locate Buckle.

Locate the C-shape buckle for each section. The opening of the buckle should face upwards. If not, use your index finger and thumb to pinch the end of the buckle to fix the position during removal.

Step 3: Remove the Buckle

Use the pliers and ensure the zigzag part is facing downwards. Put the C-shape buckle into the zigzag shape and press gently. 

The bonds will break and allow you to slide the extensions from the natural hair.

FAQs About 6D Hair Extension

What’s the Difference Between 6D-1 and 6D-2 Extensions?

First-generation 6D hair extensions have ten sets of hairpieces. This way, you can only apply a few hairs, which can easily fall off. Also, the application machine is heavier and needs much strength to press and release.

While second-generation 6D hair extensions have five sets of hairpieces. The C-shape buckle has five hooks, making the gaps larger and the amount of hair introduced is twice that in 6D-1. 

A 6D-2 machine is convenient, and the application is more secure. But, the hair extensions are bigger and more visible than 6D-1 hair extensions.

6D-1 vs 6D-2 Hair Extensions Tool

Should I Buy a 6D Extension Kit?

Consider getting a 6D hair extension kit when running a hair care business. As you might get some inquiries about the method. 

It is not necessary to purchase the kit for personal use. First, you will only use it once or twice per year. Second, you are at a higher risk of messing up the hair, and thus, you will go to your hairstylist anyway.

How Much Do 6D Hair Extensions Cost?

The price of a 6D hair extension ranges from $200-$500. The cost depends on hair extensions length, hair quality, your location, and the stylist’s fee. However, this cost does not include the price of buying the hair. Therefore, consider adding it to the overall cost.

Where to Buy 6D Hair Extensions?

You can get the extension kit directly from your stylist or shop on Amazon, eBay, etc.

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