27 Hair Color: Everything You Need to Know

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27 hair color

If you are interested in hairstyling, you may have heard of “27 hair color” or “honey blonde.” It has been the most sought-after hair shade for darker skin women for decades and has been trendy among light skin girls in recent years.

Considering getting 27 hair color from your next salon trip? Please read this article firstly.

What is 27 Hair Color

27 hair color is also known as “honey blonde.” As this name suggests, a full head of 27 hair color looks bright and sweet, just like honey. Another name for this adorable hair color is “strawberry blonde.”

27 hair color is a mixture of light blonde and warm blonde. Its base color is a blend of golden brown and blonde, so it is darker than true blonde but lighter than brown. The sweetness in this shade comes from its little hint of red, which can instantly add a rosy tint to the complexion.

27 hair color

27 Hair Color vs. 30 Hair Color

It is easy to mistake 27 hair color for 30 hair color. Indeed, these two colors look similar at first glance. Both are brown with red undertones. Both are regarded as warm rather than cool or neutral.

But note that 27 hair color is regarded as a shade of blonde, while 30 hair color is a shade of brown. 27 hair color has a less pronounced red hue and is way lighter than 30 hair color.

27 Hair Color vs 613 Hair Color

Some people also confuse 27 hair color with 613 hair color, a neutral light blonde. 27 hair color is slightly darker and warmer than 613 hair color. 613 is paler and more shining.

Is 27 Hair Color Right for Me?

Choosing the right hair color is not easy because you have to consider many factors. But don’t worry. Follow these steps to see if 27 is your next hair color.

Your Natural Hair Color

You can’t go wrong by choosing a hair color that stays within a few shades from your natural hair color. If you’ve got blonde hair, you don’t have to risk much to switch to solid 27 hair color.

Using 27 hair color as highlights is also a good idea, as it adds dimension to your hair.

For darker hair, you can use 27 hair color as a highlight to create vibrancy. You may have to bleach your hair to achieve full color, but it is worth a try.

Skin Tone

27 hair color can have varying effects on different individuals. Skin tone is one factor that affects the result.

27 hair color looks natural on paler skin and immediately brightens up the face. If you have darker skin but want a natural look, you may find 30 hair color more flattering.

27 hair color enhances the radiance of darker skin. In fact, this shade has been popular among African-American communities. You can reduce the contrast between your skin tone and hair shade by mixing 27 hair color with other shades.

Your Lifestyle

If you are busy, you may prefer a hair shade that requires low maintenance. 27 hair color needs fewer upkeeps than cooler blondes, but it still needs extra care to keep fresh. The level of care depends on the extent of the color change to reach the desired effect.

How to Style 27 Color Hair?

27 hair color is highly versatile. It looks great as a solid color yet goes well with other colors in combination. 

Full Color

Check out the all-over 27-hair look on this girl. The honey-like shade gives a sweet summer vibe. 27 hair color is a go-to for holidays, parties, celebrations and other special occasions.

Full Color

Color Combinations

You can combine 27 with other shades if you don’t want to change your hair tone or want to be unique. The most popular combination is 4/27, 1b/27, and 30/27.

Consider ombre or balayage technique if you want to handle all occasions. The mild fading from dark color to light color is gorgeous.

4/27 is an excellent choice to create a warm and radiant vibe. 4 hair color, a chocolate brown, makes the blonde hue in 27 hair color stand out without a harsh contrast.


To achieve a lighter hair color, try 30/27. 30 hair color looks more similar to 27 hair color when compared to 4 hair color. The nuance combination creates depth while capturing the sweetness of your smile.

For a cooler-toned contrast, try 1b/27. Check out this hairstyle featuring dark roots with a lighter shade. If your natural hair color is black, the dark roots will merge perfectly with your new growth. It is fun to experiment with different proportions of blank and blonde as your hair grows.


Opting for piano highlights is another stylish choice. The clear lines between the darker and the lighter ones provide movement and texture to your hair.

How to Achieve 27 Hair Color?

If you are looking for ombre or balayage, seeking professional help can guarantee the best results. For unhealthy hair, you might want to consult your hairdressers for dyeing products to prevent hair damage.

You can also DIY at home if you want to achieve a solid honey blonde shade. Dyeing hair by yourself is both fun and cost-effective. Watch this video below: 

How to Maintain 27 Hair Color?

Congrats! You’ve achieved the 27 hair color you desire. But wait a minute. Color-treated hair has to be treated with extra care. Without proper upkeep, your hair color will soon fade and look dull.

Here are some tips to keep your 27 hair fresh as long as possible.


Don’t rush to shampoo your newly colored hair. Wait for at least twenty-four hours to let the color set in. If you go through a dramatic color change to reach 27, I would suggest you wait up to seventy-two hours. Remember, a good beginning is halfway to success.

Meanwhile, you should avoid over-shampooing. Shampoo removes dye from hair, no matter how mild it is. I recommend shampooing only once every two days, this routine will be good for maintaining your 27 hair color. 

Right Water

Heat accelerates hair color fading, so use cool water to rinse your hair. I’m not saying you should catch a cold in the process, but the cooler the water, the better.

For extra care, consider putting a filter on your shower. Chlorine and hard minerals in the water can dull your color. A high-quality filter can protect your hair from these harmful chemicals.

Hair Product

Choose a product specifically designed for color-treated hair. These products are generally gentle and free of sulfates. If you prefer not to buy new shampoo, make sure the one you are using doesn’t have sulfates in it.

Alcohol can also damage dyed hair, so check if your styling products are alcohol-free.

Less Hot Styling 

A blow dryer makes life easier, but sometimes it is worthwhile to sacrifice convenience for the sake of beauty. Take a break from blow dryers to keep your 27 hair color fresh. If you can’t live without it, try to air-dry your hair once a week. Use the lowest heat settings possible when blow-drying your hair.

When using a curling wand or a straightening iron, apply protectant to prevent moisture loss. 

Prevent UV Exposure

UV rays are the enemy of dyed hair color. Too much exposure makes your hair color dull. Use a UV-resistant umbrella to shield your 27 hair color from the sun. Hair products with UV protection are also a good choice.

Pros of 27 Hair Color

While 27 hair color is charming, it offers several advantages you may not have expected.

pros of 27 hair color

Cover Gray Hair

Blonde shades like 27 hair color are effective in incorporating gray hair.You can also use 27 hair color as a highlight to cover your grays.

Brighten Up Fair Skin

Warm color can brighten cool or neutral fair skin. 27 hair color is warm and natural, so it can add brightness to your skin without washing you out.

Relatively Low Maintenance

Blonde is notorious for needing high maintenance. Without upkeep, the color can fade quickly. Luckily, warm blonde like 27 hair color is easier to keep fresh than cooler-toned blonde. If you’ve got a busy schedule but still want to go blonde, 27 hair color is your best choice.

Cons of 27 Hair Color

Consider these possible drawbacks before you make a decision about having this hair shade. 

Hair Breaching

If your natural hair color is black or dark brown, you might need to bleach your hair. Bleaching can damage your hair, so only attempt it if it is in good condition.

However, you don’t have to completely rule out the possibility of having 27 hair color even if your hair is unhealthy. Wigs or hair extensions allow you to look fantastic without hair damage.

Ongoing Maintenance

Yes, I’ve just mentioned that 27 hair color needs relatively low-maintenance. But it is still a blonde.  If you already have a lot on your plate, you probably prefer a hot shower for refreshment rather than rinsing your hair with cool water. In this case, think twice before bleaching your hair for an all-over 27 blonde.

Remember, only when your hair color aligns with your lifestyle can you enjoy the shade to the full. 


27 hair color is a warm blonde that looks good on almost all skin tones. Its versatility makes it suitable for all occasions. While it’s important to style your 27 hair according to your appearance and lifestyle, don’t be afraid to be creative. Have fun with this wonderful shade!

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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