About 1B Hair Color: What It Is and How to Get It

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Out of all available hair color shades out there, #1, #1b and #2 are among the most popular options. However, the differences between these seemingly similar colors confuse many people. 

Overall, the #1b hair color is the most natural-looking and neutral-toned one among the three. Thus, it is gaining more and more popularity. If you also start to have a preference for it after reading our introduction, we have listed ways to create this flattering hair color for yourself!

What Is #1B Hair Color?

The #1B color is a charming off black color. It is milder, lighter the regular strong, dark black colors.

Thus, it is not as grave as the regular black hair colors might seem to be. Instead, it helps to add glitter to a delightful, youthful character.

Besides, since it is a neutral color tone, it is also the closest to natural human hair color. No matter if you look at it in natural sunlight or dim room light, it will not turn out to be artificial.

Difference Between 1B Hair and other shades

Three hair color comparison picture:

1B hair color

#1 Hair Color

Jet black is the most precise term to describe the #1 hair color. As the darkest shade of black, jet black comes across as classy and ageless. At times, it might also appear to be mysterious or even mighty.

It is particularly suitable for a mature, sophisticated woman. They enjoy their alone time to enrich themselves. But they will not shy away from taking the lead and spreading their influence.

#2 Hair Color

One simple tip to quickly estimate the hair color shade is to look at its serial number. The larger the number is, the lighter the hair color is.

Following this rule, the #2 hair color comes off as the darkest brown, lighter and brighter than the #1b color. It might look like black from afar, but its undertone is warm and lucid. But compared to common brown shades, the #2 hair color is darker and cooler.

Is #1B Hair Color Suitable For You?

After learning about the differences between the three hair colors, you might start to have interests in the natural, charming #1b color. But you might still doubt if it is suitable for you. Here are some handy tips to find the answer.

Natural Hair

1B hair color

The most intuitive way to choose is to look at your natural hair color. Your natural hair speaks for your cultural background, heritage, and ethnicity. For many people, being their natural selves makes them feel confident and comfortable.

Few people have natural hair color as the jet black #1 color or the darkest brown #2 color. Thus, those two colors might come off as artificial in daily life. Instead, the #1b color is the closest to many people’s natural hair color. It looks real in most light conditions and occasions.

Skin Undertone

Skin Undertone

You can also consider your skin undertone to decide the perfect hair. There are roughly three categories of skin undertones: warm tones, cold tones, and neutral tones.

There are various tips for determining your skin tone. For example, you can look at the color of your veins in the wrist.

If the color appears to be more like green than blue, your skin undertone is very likely on the warm side. And if it’s the other way around, your skin undertone is typically on the cold side. If it‘s neither significantly green nor blue, then your skin tone falls in the neutral category.

Each skin tone may have its very best-fitted hair color. But in general, people with warm skin tones tend to look better with hair of a yellow undertone, such as the #2 color. People with cold skin tones may find any hair color with blue, violet or pale pinkish colors most suitable for them, such as the #1 color. For people with neutral skin tones, the charming #1b hair color is the very best fit.

Eye Color

Eye Color

When having face-to-face conversations, eyes are usually what people tend to look at first and turn to most frequently. Thus, pairing your hair color with your beautiful eye tone is also a brilliant idea.

There are two ways for choosing pairing hair colors for your beautiful eyes. One way is to choose colors that are of the same undertones. Hazel and black both have a cold, calming undertone. Thus, black hair looks fantastic for girls with hazel eyes.

Another way is to choose hair colors contrasting with your eye color. Warm brown color is a typical warm-undertoned, but it goes perfectly with hazel eyes as well.

But most people’s eyes are somewhere in between of warm and cold tones. And our eye hues might look different in regard to light conditions. Thus, a neutral #1b color that fits both warm-toned eyes as well as cold-toned eyes is a great option for various eye shades.

Desired Looking

Desired Looking

Naturally, you will want to create different looks in different occasions. Different appearances can reflect different facets of your character. You might also want to change your hair color to help complete your desired looks.

For a more dramatic look, the intense #1 jet black color will do the trick. For a youthful and fun look, the delightful #2 blackish brown color would be an amazing option.

And are you looking for a more flexible, elastic hair color? The neutral-toned, natural-looking #1b color is your answer. It fits a wide range of occasions. From semi-formal business events to chill weekend hangouts with your besties, you can trust the #1b color.

Hair Quality

The quality of the hair is another important criterion. The #1 color and #2 color are standard colors. They both need quite a lot of processing, and might look artificial in some light conditions.

But the #1b hair color is unprocessed. It is the closest to real human hair and looks very natural in all light conditions.

If you have a high standard for hair quality, the #1b hair color might be a better fit for you.

Ways To Get #1B Hair Color

Dye Your Hair

Dye Your Hair

Dyeing your hair on your own might be easier than you think. It is a simple procedure of only five steps. 

First, get a dye product of your choice, along with conditioner and gloves. For the natural #1b hair color, the Texture and Tones 1b color dye from Clairol is a great choice.

Second, according to your dye product’s instructions, mix and shake it well.

Third, dye your hair section by section. To do so, you can clip the top layers of your hair and divide the top layers of hair into a few sections. The number of sections depends on the amount and thickness of your hair. Start dyeing from the bottom layer remained.

For each layer, put on your gloves, rub the dye into your hair gently. Repeat for each section until you covered all sections. Add more dye to any strand that might look lighter or darker than the others.

Fourth, wait for about 45 minutes with a plastic cap on to let the dye penetrate faster in your hair cuticles.

Fifth, wash your hair to remove excess dye that might be harmful for your hair. You can also cut any hair ends with uneven or different shades.

Buy Wigs or Hair Extensions

Buy Wigs or Hair Extensions

Any more handy, efficient way to get yourself the irresistible #1b color? Yes. You can buy wigs or hair extensions in different styles, lengths, and textures.

With wigs and hair extensions, you can change your hair color based on your mood or the occasion in any way you want to. 

With wigs and hair extensions, you don’t need to get your hands dirty. All you need to do is to find the wig or hair extension that you like, create your hairstyle on top of it, and stun everyone!

There are other ways to create your own flattering #1b color. For example, if your original hair color is a #1 jet black color, you can change it to the #1b color by bleaching it. But since each person’s hair tone is unique, it might take many tries to reach the perfect hue you want.


We hope you find this note helpful for guiding you to find your best-fitted hair color. If you prefer the natural-looking, neutral-toned #1b color, don’t hesitate to try it on with the ways we suggested!

Keep on expanding your boundaries in your beauty kingdom. Leave a comment below to let us know how you like your new hair of the #1b color!  

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Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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