Hispanic Dreadlocks: Ways and Maintenance

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Do you know hispanic dreadlocks? With the popularity of reggae, hip-hop music, and NBA, dreadlocks are gaining followers beyond the black community. For example, Hispanic men and women love it!

On the Internet, you can see Hispanic-rooted people sharing their dreadlock journey and styling ideas. Even the “queen of Latin music,” Shakira, is no exception. Her photos went viral when she appeared at her album release party in 2009, with her golden mane styled into edgy and sexy dreadlocks.

But reading Hispanics-related dreadlocks posts, you get unique discussions uncommon within the black community. From experience-sharing on “How to tame type 2 hair?” to serious debates like “Is this cultural appropriation?” Hispanic hair seems to be facing more challenges when wearing dreadlocks.

This article is for Hispanic dreadlocks enthusiasts who are hesitating to rock dreadlocks. Read through and trust me – you will be more confident when you leave!

Dreadlocks on Hispanic Hair


The ideal hair type for dreadlocks is type 3 to type 4 hair, which is common among black people. Type 3 hair is categorized as “curly”, while type 4 hair is “coily.” The shape of the hair helps dreadlocks to form quickly and remain consistent.

Hispanic hair, however, falls into type 2- the “wavy” category. Compared to natural afro hair, this hair type is straighter and thicker, so they have less tendency to get matted. When styled into dreadlocks, type 2 hair is more likely to look stiff and has a higher chance of unraveling.

How to Start Dreadlocks on Hispanic Hair?

We’ve talked about how Hispanic hair may face challenges in getting locs. But don’t let that upset you because successful cases are abundant. With proper installation, you can rock beautiful dreadlocks too!

The Crochet Method


Electric crochet machine is having a moment right now. On Hispanic hair, it is a time-saver that produces satisfying results. Some people complain about stiffness and frizz – that is because they didn’t follow the dos and don’ts. This guy does a brilliant job of explaining the nuances: 

To minimize frizz, you have to trim the edges. It is natural for type 2 hair to appear frizzier upon installation. Extra trimming helps maintain a sleek appearance.

Avoid crocheting too close to the scalp, for that is the cause of stiffness. Leave at least one inch at the roots. By doing this, you also leave room for retwisting, which helps your locs o lie down further rather than standing up.

Twist and Rip


This is another popular method to install locs on Hispanic hair. The springy nature of the twist allows the locs to appear less stiff and more natural upon installation. The downside is that the locs may fall out a lot initially. Prepared to redo the locs when that happens.

A tip to reduce unraveling: wear your hair in braids for a few days before twisting and ripping. The braids will leave your hair with some kinks and will hold better.



Type 2 hair does not matt naturally, so free-forming requires special methods. For example, wash your hair with dish soap, no conditioner. Yes, this can damage your hair – that is exactly what we want. Damaging your hair speed up the locking process.

Salt water can do magic on locs, so swimming in the sea can be helpful. Of course, not everyone lives beside the sea. You may find a pinch of cooking salt and a spray bottle very helpful.

Faux Locs


If all of the methods above don’t work for you (it happens!), this is the ultimate way to get dreadlocks. High-quality faux locs look natural. Besides, it doesn’t require the level of commitment like when you turn your hair into locs.

There are many tutorials on the Internet for installing faux locs on straight hair. For your convenience, we’ve found a good one:

How to Maintain Dreadlocks on Hispanic Hair?


Dreadlocks are notorious for their maintenance. Without proper upkeep, the locs can frizz very quickly. Follow this guideline to keep your Hispanic hair dreadlocks in their prime state:


Avoid frequent washing. Rinse your hair once or twice a week should suffice. Use residue-free shampoo to prevent product buildup.

Bed-Time Routine

Friction is the enemy of sleek dreadlocks. Before you go to bed, wrap your hair in a satin scarf to avoid friction with the pillow. If you are already seeing frizz, apply lightweight oil to further reduce the loc’s friction with the hair wrap.

Avoid Over-Retwisting

Your locs may tend to unravel at the start. Redo the hair whenever needed. But after a week or two, you should avoid retwisting your hair too frequently. Over-manipulation can cause hair damage, leading to frizz and brittleness.

Should Hispanics Wear Dreadlocks?


This is a tricky question. The center of this debate is “culture appropriation,” a term that means “adopting cultural elements from other communities without acknowledging or respecting its origin.”

Here is my point: If you appreciate this hairstyle, then rock it. Supporting voices are abundant online, and, in reality, you may get a few friends to back you up if you are lucky. Be prepared to face disagreement, but remember: hairstyle is a personal choice; you can get whatever hairstyles you want.

Besides, no culture “owns” a hairstyle. Dreadlocks are not exclusive to African communities: Egyptian mummies are found wearing dreadlocks; Hindu religious practice considers dreadlocks as a holy men’s hairstyle that holds spiritual significance. Not every dreadlock hairstyle on paler-skin people should be considered “appropriating” African culture.

Even if your hair is inspired by African dreadlocks, I encourage you to treat it as an appreciation of this beautiful hairstyle. There’s no need constantly be ashamed of wearing what you love.

Should I Wear Dreadlocks to Work?


My suggestion is similar to the former question: You can do whatever you want, but be prepared to face the consequences.

Dreadlocks are stereotypically regarded as “unprofessional” and “untidy.” Use your outstanding work performance as a strong argument for your expertise, and maintain a sleek appearance. In this way, dreadlocks would cause less trouble for you.

To Try Hispanic Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks can be gorgeous on Hispanic hair. With the right installation, proper maintenance, and – most importantly – confidence, you will get that locs hairstyle similar to your favorite musician or NBA player!

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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