10 Best Hair Oils for Locs On 2023

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Best Oils for locs

This article is our review of the best oil for locs in 2023.

We all love locs for how great they promote hair growth. Also, your hair is free from disturbance as you don’t have to manipulate locs often. 

But to boost their unending service to you, oiling them is necessary with the right oil picks. 

In my researchful spirit, l found out that Lion Locs Hair Loc Growth Oil and Relaxer is the best oil for locs. 

For different locs needs, l compiled more oils for locs best in their categories. 

So, stick around to learn more.

Our Listed Top Picks

The Best Oil for Locs Reviewed

In this section, we’ve reviewed in detail the above-listed oils for locs. Check out the major features of each and how they’ll benefit you. 

Lion Locs Hair Locs Growth Oil and Relaxer

  • Key features: a blend of essential oils and carrier oils, non-flaky
  • Hair type: Dry
  • Item form: Oil
  • Volume: 4 oz. 
  • Best for: Overall

This locs oil by Lion Locs features a special mix of essential oils and carriers to encourage locs growth. That also completely rules out the idea of dilution as it’s ready-made for safe use on the scalp. Usually, essential oils are potent oils likely to irritate the scalp if on their own.

In its entirety, the spray is organic as it is made with plant extracts. Supporting this is the fact that it’s free of chemicals. Your scalp and locs are protected from parabens, silicones, dyes, wax, sulfate, phthalate, and gluten.

So you will not experience flakes and irritating residue accumulations. While the oil penetrates your locs, they nourish them and invigorate shine, promoting healthier hair. 

But the oil takes a long time to produce results. So, you’ll have to be extremely patient, especially if you’re after hair growth. 

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Jamaican Mango & Lime Sproil Spray Oil

  • Key features: sulfate and paraben-free, menthol-infused
  • Hair type: All 
  • Item form: Spray
  • Volume: 6 oz.
  • Best for: Itchy scalp

Ever felt like the intense scratches and pats on your head could unravel your skull? It’s not new with this brand as they came up with a product to soothe your scalp with very powerful infusions. Remember, the more you scratch, the more the itchiness instead of it lessening. 

The spray oil is infused with menthol and fortified with vitamin E to relax and cool itchy scalps. By being a good itch relief, it provides full protection against dandruff for maximum comfort. You will no longer distort your loc hairstyle due to the grueling scratching. 

As a blend of essential oils, it moisturizes and strengthens the locs for strong nutrient-enriched hair. This oil is also non-greasy and lightweight, denoted by the term “sproil” for lack of flakiness and ease of application. 

It works better when applied on the locs than the scalp. The oil creates white flakes on the scalp. And the packaging is also poor, as the oil easily leaks out of the bottle. 

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Lion Locs Rosewater Spray Oil

  • Key features: 100% pure organic, heat protectant
  • Hair type: All 
  • Item form: Spray
  • Scent: Rose
  • Volume: 4 oz.
  • Best for: Lightweight

Another on our list is the Lion Locs rosewater spray. It may read rosewater spray. But rosewater is the main ingredient, with other hair conditioning oils alongside. One of them is aloe, an awesome blend component that has antibacterial properties for healthy locs. 

On the other hand, rosewater is an anti-inflammatory tonic, hence helping with irritations and dandruff. It works to prevent excess oil production by the scalp, which forms itchy build-ups upon accumulation. Besides, rosewater is a fantastic hair strengthener, permeating every hair strand within the locs. 

The spray is super light and watery. This boosts their permeative nature in a way that the scalp readily absorbs the nutrients for nourishment. 

However, the bottle is too small for the price. It does not last long when in use as it may get finished in less than three weeks. 

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Dollylocks Dreadlocks Conditioning Oil

  • Key features: Plant-based, cruelty-free
  • Hair type: Dry 
  • Item form: Liquid
  • Scent: Fresh
  • Volume: 4 oz.
  • Best for: Non-comedogenic oil

The Dollylocks conditioning oil targets the texture of the locs by making them softer and smoother. The oil fortifies the cuticle with a protective coating that improves hair elasticity. This prevents hair breakage and allows your hair to keep growing and not have stagnant growth.

It is a homogeneous blend of avocado oil, coconut oil, and jojoba, which are all essential oils. Thus, it’s natural and hair-friendly to the extent it cannot block the pores and affect the hair follicles. It’s gentle on the scalp and irritant-free. 

Plus, it’s water-soluble. Hence applying on damp locs makes it easier for the hair to suck it up for enrichment. 

The only issue with this oil is dispensing sufficient quantities and managing not to apply excess. Applying with a spray bottle could be easier than having a normal lid. 

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Difeel Premium Peppermint Oil

  • Key features: Peppermint, blend of 7 oils
  • Hair type: Dry
  • Scent: Peppermint
  • Volume: 2.5 ounces
  • Best for: Budget

You can still maintain your locs health by spending less and receiving the right formula for use. Difeel peppermint oil is great for people on a strict budget. It is very cost-friendly and economical for the price.

With super affordable rates, the oil possesses peppermint as the primary ingredient. The peppermint calms and refreshes the scalp while infusing itself into the hair root and the locs for an enhanced gloss and sheen. It also mitigates a flaky scalp to give you the clear scalp appearance you deserve.

It’s an excellent deep conditioner. It protects your locs and hair follicles from losing protein. Your locs will not become dry and brittle and have split ends that may escalate into hair loss. 

The peppermint in the oil has the least percentage. Its smell is faint, yet it’s called peppermint oil, which is quite disappointing.

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Life & Pursuits Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil

  • Key features: Pure organic oil, herbs-infused
  • Hair type: Dry
  • Item form: Liquid
  • Scent: Lavender and vanilla
  • Volume: 3.38 oz., 6.76 oz.
  • Best for: Hair growth

All along, you’ve wished for thicker, longer flawless locs. That’s where this brand intends to be useful to you. The hair growth oil doubles up as a conditioner and moisturizer for maximum hair growth. 

It’s an authentic blend of organic oils imbued with ayurvedic Indian herbs. Its ingredients include Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Methi, and Neem. As such, it keeps flakes away and concurrently emits an aromatic fragrance that kills the foul smell. 

It also cools down an inflamed scalp, making you comfortable in your locs daily. The Bhringraj effectively averts hair fall so that thinning of the locs may not worsen but instead the locs grows thicker. It also eliminates chances of split ends occurring for overall good hair health.

Despite the oil coming in liquid form, it crystallizes and solidifies in three weeks, even at room temperature. Its shelf-life is short, as when you use it afterward, the oil causes itchiness. And its vanilla fragrance is weirdly strong and not for people allergic to strong fragrances.

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Ancient Greek Unscented Organic Oil Blend 

  • Key features: Non-GMO, cold-pressed oil blend
  • Hair type: Dry
  • Item form: Oil
  • Scent: No scent
  • Volume: 4 oz.
  • Best for: Unscented

Ancient Greek oil is the real deal in providing a scent-free option yet raw and purely natural. So, people sensitive to fragrances get alleviated from scent allergies and reactions. It keeps both your general health and locs in check. 

It comes as a blend of six raw ingredients. If your faves are olive, sweet almond, jojoba, sunflower, grape seed, and vitamin E oils, this is the all-in-one formula with all the oils cold-pressed. Therefore, it imbibes your locs with rich nutrients necessary for shiny, strong hair.

Also, this oil on your hair will give it a softer texture over time. Once you incorporate it into your locs care regimen, you’ll notice that the locs feel smoother and are easier to style as desired. It also tames flyaways for a neat locs look. 

Before using this product, ensure you do a patch test to confirm its compatibility with your skin type. It may react with your scalp and make it inflamed.

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US Organics Hexane-free Jojoba Oil

  • Key features: USDA-certified, unrefined, hexane-free
  • Hair type: All
  • Item form: Oil
  • Scent: Jojoba
  • Volume: 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz. 
  • Best for: Organic oil

For unrefined virgin locs oil, US organics meets the expected standards. After the jojoba oil is sourced from Israel, it’s packaged in its original form. It is not taken through a refinery; hence no additives or preservatives are present, unlike most brands in the industry. 

In totality, your locs stays intact and unscathed for optimal nourishment. It’s packed with vital fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that treat inflamed scalps. Further, it replenishes the hair for elongated thicker locs strands. 

Not forgetting, the pure jojoba oil adequately combats hair dryness to make your locs more robust. And its texture is quite similar to the sebum produced by our natural scalp. For that reason, it does not clog the pores and maximally saturates the locs with its notable constituents. 

Even though it’s absorbed fast, its smell was awful to some users. It could affect smell-sensitive people who go well with fragrance-free or oils with very little fragrance.

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Design Essentials Hair Moisturizing Lotion

  • Key features: Gluten-free, cuticle sealant
  • Hair type: Dry
  • Item form: Lotion
  • Volume: 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz. 
  • Best for: Shine

In most cases, hair oils are in liquid form. However, this unique hair moisturizer is a creamy lotion. If you’re after a heavier oil for your locs, you can opt for this as the perfect alternative. 

The runny condition of liquid oils may not remain within the locs mass. It may flow onto your neck and forehead, which turns out to be the wasted portion of the oil applied. This lotion fights wastage and ensures full oil absorption by the scalp, though at a slower rate.

It’s an anti-frizz formula that minimizes locs shrinkage when washed. As it prevents frizz, it rejuvenates the hair shafts with long-lasting moisture by sealing the cuticles. It lacks sulfates, minerals, and parabens, thus great for everyday use. 

The bottle is stiff and does not respond to the squeezes when applying it. So, you might have to buy a pump to dispense it.

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Locsanity Locs Moisturizing and Refreshing Spray 

  • Key features: Plant-derived, vegan oil 
  • Hair type: All
  • Item form: Spray
  • Volume: 8 oz., 12 oz. 
  • Best for: Hydration

The manufacture of this locs oil spray created a great locs hydrator. It hydrates the dreadlocks with its refreshing power without leaving messy build-ups. The rosewater peppermint spray has revitalizing agents that revive the locs’ life. 

It’s designed to work on dull locs in a manner that regenerates sheen and radiance. The locs will look beautiful and in tip-top shape. At the same time, it conditions the scalp and the locs so that they no longer feel stiff, dry, and pruritus.

Coming in a spray bottle, the mode of application is a breeze and non-strenuous. , press down the tip, and the oil gushes out in the form of a spritz. This helps the economical use of the oil and prevents extravagance. 

However, some buyers complained about the delicateness of the spray nozzle. It may break easily and require a replacement to spritz out the oil. 

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How to Pick the Right Oil for Your Locs

Choosing the correct oil for your locs goes beyond the prices and meeting your budget. Use ample time to look into descriptions of the following features for the best selection. 

Hair and Scalp Type

On matters of oiling, always beware of the type of scalp and hair you wish to oil. In the industry, different oils are for different hair types and scalps. There are oils designed specifically for curly or straight loc hair. 

And regarding the oily feel of the scalp and hair, they may be dry or normal. The product page carefully labels and describes the oils made for each of them. Therefore, ensure to pick the right oil based on what type of hair and scalp you have. 

Oil Ingredients

Every time you surf over sites or walk into beauty shops, check for oils whose ingredients are completely safe and organic. In your massive scrutiny, fish out oils infused with olive, almond, avocado, castor, argan, coconut, and grapeseed oils. 

And oils rich in vitamins B, C, D, and E and natural minerals are a great addition to sustaining the health of your dreads. See to it that all the components are non-toxic.

The brand should outline the ingredients clearly for your locs wellness. Clarity of such information is key to avoiding tragic hair damage.

Oil Texture

Opt for neither heavy, sticky, or greasy oils in texture. Doing this means protecting your locs from grime and grubby build-ups at the hair roots and on the scalp. Such oils are the bearers of discomfort due to itchiness, flaky scalps, and dandruff. 

Ease of Application

Oil brands come in different forms, sprays, creams, or bottles with glass eye droppers. Others may have regular lids. With all other factors in check, look out how easily the oil will get out of its can or bottle so that you can apply it to your hair.

The mode of application should not give you a hard time. And it should also not be the kind that leads to excessive oiling due to accidental over-application. For instance, droppers release oil sparingly onto the scalp and hair in a manner that’s not wasteful.

FAQs about Oil for Locs

What oil is best for locs?

The best oil for locs should be moisturizing, non-flaky, lightweight, and shine-inducing to bring the locs back to life. These are specifically natural oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil, among others. They tend to be replenishing and keep the scalp, and the locs safe and healthy all the time. 

How often should you oil your locs?

Generally, your locs deserve thorough oiling at least once a week. With time and greater experience with locs, you’ll learn the frequency your locs need oil treatment in your care routine. 

You may find that you may have to oil after two weeks, depending on the nature of your scalp and locs. Be careful not to over-oil your locs to avoid product build-up. 

Should I oil my scalp or locs?

None can be ruled out, darling. Both require equal nourishment to keep them in tip-top shape. 

Some believe only the scalp is oiled to prevent itchiness and dandruff problems. But then, the locs, too, always thirst for hydration for them to be softer and not stiff and rough. 

What should you not use on locs?

Master that locs and products such as wax, bleaches, heavy hair creams, and toxic ingredients do not go hand in hand. In any case, you should expect your locs to form build-ups, weaken and finally break off.

Toxic ingredients include silicone, parabens, alcohol, sulfate, and hexane. Take plenty of care in inspecting the product label before payout.

In A Nutshell

All types of locs, like other hairstyles, need intensive care and maintenance for longer lifespans. If not, they will look malnourished and last for a shorter duration. So, make sure you do your homework diligently in searching for the correct oil for your locs. 

Alternatively, you can work with our best pick. In our research, Lion Locs Hair Loc Growth Oil and Relaxer is the best oil for locs. Never fail to enrich your locs with the safest nutrients the right way.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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