How to Find Hair Extensions Stores Near You

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Want to find excellent hair extensions near you but don’t know how to do? Finding hair extension salons near you can be nerve-wracking if you’re new to hair extensions. The challenge escalates, especially when you don’t know anybody to guide you. 

The upside is you’ll feel the hairdo is worthy the moment you discover an ideal spot. 

Only with exceptional professionalism and customer service can a hair salon be considered ideal. With your hair and skin tone in mind, they fit, customize, and color-match hair extensions.

Chin up because we’re going to be your guiding light. Try out our explicitly collated ideas to make the search easier for you. 

Diving into The Hair Extension World

Diving-into-To Find Hair Extensions Near You

First, of greatest importance is understanding what you’re getting into before hunting salons. Perhaps you’ve seen the different names of extensions but can’t perceive what they are. Terms seem technical until they’re broken down for better comprehension. 

As for hair extensions, the names explain it all, particularly the element or method of attachment of the hair extensions to your hair. Clip-in extensions get anchored by the clips in them, tape-ins by tape, and fusion through heat-fusing the tips to the hair. Lastly, sewn threads anchor weaves or sew-in extensions.

See how easy it is to learn the different extension types? Other differences arise from the extensions’ length, texture, and hair material. Hair extensions are either synthetic or human hair, so choose according to suitability.

If you’re on a low budget, go for synthetic hair as long as it’s of premium quality. But if you don’t mind expenditure, human hair is the best in quality, durability, and versatility. Texture-wise, your taste determines what will make you feel gorgeous, either curly, wavy, or straight hair. 

Being well-informed prior about the hair extension world gives you leverage. Chances of getting duped or wrong purchases are minimal.

6 Ways to Locate Hair Extension Salons Near You


After having sufficient knowledge and deciding it’s your style, you’ll probably look for the right salon. Doing installations alone can be harmful, so salons help avoid self-inflicted damage. Here’s how to locate nearby professional salons. 

1. Search Engine


As always said, search engines are your best friends. Whenever you’re stuck finding information, search engines are your go-to assistants. They’re not judgemental and selfish with knowledge.

So you don’t have to worry about bothering people with questions. You’ll still unearth not only information on salons but also general explanations of hair extensions. 

It doesn’t have to be Google, as there are others like Yelp, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Yandex. With your internet on, open the search engine’s app. Then, hop onto the search box, type in, and read the information on your phone or laptop’s screen. 


And keywords and phrases you type in determine how relevant the content that pops up will be. Search terms like “hair extensions salon”, “hair extensions store near me”, etc. 

To retrieve more precise content, use phrases longer than 2-3 words. 

2. Social Media


Apart from search engines, you can scoop trustworthy information from social media. We often view the content on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter for entertainment. Most people don’t know that besides fun and relaxation, you can learn a lot from these social media platforms.

Like Tiktok and Instagram, they have plenty of influencers; some could be locally based in your area. Target influencers who talk about matters concerning hair extensions and salon experiences. Be one of their followers to update yourself whenever they post something. 

If you need clarification from them, you could pose your questions in the comment section. Or send them a private message for a faster response if you can. Some could go to the extent of listing the best salons they’ve been to as long as you’re brave to ask. 

Sometimes, it could be someone you’re following or a friend posting photos and videos of them wearing hair extensions. Boldly DM them, expressing how you like their hair to grab their attention. Some will be able to recommend their hairdresser this way. 

3. Local Forums

You can unearth hidden gems from local community forums that allow people to talk to each other. These forums could be on Reddit, Quora, Discord, Whatsapp, Facebook, or Telegram. They may have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of members. 

Look up these apps or their websites’ community forums relevant to hair extensions and your location or area of residence. Join them and be one of their active members by asking questions and replying when you can. Through these forums, you might interact with hair professionals or people within your area who know experts in the same locality. 

You can also learn much about hair extensions, like maintenance and where to source authentic hair. Just be aggressive in these forums so that your presence is recognized and people can’t ignore your questions. 

Additionally, choose forums lively and civil in their interactions, rather than joining any forum simply because it is one. 

4. Local Workshops and Events


Keep yourself updated with upcoming local hair workshops and events. And when they pop up on your calendar, purpose to attend them. Take yourself to flamboyant hair shows and salon expos, regardless of whether they are trade events. 

Talk of America’s Beauty Show, Premiere International, International Beauty Show, and others. Therefore, mark the dates these events are held near you on your calendar and set a reminder on your mobile phone. 

These events offer a fantastic opportunity to connect in person with beauty icons in the hair industry. Not to mention the new hair products and technologies in these trade fairs. This is the place to be to find first-hand information from manufacturers and professional stylists. 

Some shows and expo attendees are popular celebrities. You may see yourself meeting your favorite celebrity unexpectedly. So, you may not want to miss out on the ecstasy. 

5. Consulting Professional Stylists

When you have the chance to interact with a professional stylist, talk with them as much as you can. Let out every question concerning the best hair extension stores or salons near you. Do not restrict yourself; you could also chip in queries on hair extension care and which extensions could be healthy for you. 

Briefly said, ask all you can without limiting yourself. Make it an interview, with you being the interviewer. 

In fact, consultations have been made easier with existing Virtual Meeting softwares. Instead of physical meet-ups, you could save time by meeting on Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, or any platform of your choice. 

These consultations are also eye-opening because they assess the stylist as well. So, be all ears to listen to everything they say. That will help you identify whether the stylist is truly professional and can adequately attend to your hair needs. 

6. Ask Around

There’s no shame in asking around whether they’re people you know or strangers on the streets. Once you catch sight of perfectly-installed hair extensions, engage the person there and then with a friendly tone. 

Before popping your questions, start with praises. Tell them how beautiful they look to create a good rapport. That smile on them alone melts their hearts, and they’ll be open enough to share recommendations. 

They could further share contacts or mail addresses of how to get in touch with the person who styled them. So, never hold back your desire to communicate with a person whenever you feel the urge to. That could be the beginning of a new friendship. 

6 More Tips for You

After receiving intel on which salon to go near you, we advise you to focus on the following. These extra tips will help you have a wonderful salon experience and time with hair extensions.

1. Salon Reputation

It’s very important to check a salon’s reputation before booking an appointment with them. When clients like or detest a salon’s service, they comment online, reviewing these salons. Reviews online are either on the salon’s website or social media platforms.

These reviews are usually brutally honest and set the salon’s reputation. If the positive reviews are more than the bad reviews by a large difference, feel at ease to test their services. But if it’s the other way around, question their credibility. 

Overlooking these reviews may cost you money, appearance, and hair health. However, reviews don’t have to be online, as some are uttered in person. If reviews you see online are few, ask around whoever has used their services and learn from their experience. 

2. Book that Consultation

If you’re sure of the salon you want to experience, book that consultation. At this point, you understand how significant consultations with salon specialists are. 

Attempt to visit and maximize your visit rather than relying solely on phone or internet communications. The first interaction is basically about striking up a good rapport with them. So choose not to go for a drastic change on your hair; you may start with a wash and blowdry to examine their services. 

Before going to the salon, prepare for the salon visit. Compose yourself, concentrate on the matter, and carefully think of the questions you’d ask. You may jot them down so that you do not leave out any during the visit. 

Even for the showrooms or expos, prepare yourself to get the most out of your attendance. Don’t just go blindly, not knowing what’s taking you there, to avoid missing important information. Underscore the self-preparation aspect. 

3. Cost

Failing to meet costs will make the efforts you’d have made in your search meaningless. So, ensure you have full information on the pricing of all the services you want prior. Enquire from the hairdressers and let them break down the price points after telling you the total cost. 

Doing that ensures there are no surprises when you go in for the installations. That’s critical to avert exceeding your budget or facing embarrassments if you won’t be able to afford it. 

If the prices are outrageous, ask if they can offer cuts on their prices to meet your budget and not strain your bank account. If they cannot, assess another salon recommended for you, that’s cheaper and within your budget. 

You could also check for offers and special deals. Be aware of the seasonal promotions and book instantly to prevent losing out if numbers are restricted. Some promotions are open for a specific timeframe, while others put up promotions or offers for the first 20,50 people, etc. 

Alternatively, the salons may have loyalty schemes for you if you become one of their loyal customers. Or referral discounts whereby you receive subsidies on your payments for every friend you refer to them. Keep an eye on such for less expenditure. 

4. Safety First


Safety is paramount when dealing with hair extensions. It should be taken into account regardless of the salon you visit. Seek to associate yourself with hair extension stylists whose service protects your scalp and natural hair. 

Whether you opt for clip-ins, tape-ins, weaves, or pre-bonded extensions, they should be gentle on the hair. Your salon of choice should be in a position to advise what’s appropriate for you. This is after scrutinizing your scalp type, hair type, and if you have any sensitivities. 

Once installed, the hair extensions should not pull your hair to avoid tension and hair breakage. Also, the products used to fix them should be scalp-friendly such that scalp irritations do not arise. 

Moreover, you should ensure the hair extensions are breathable in a manner that permits the entry of air to the scalp. Sufficient ventilation cools down the scalp and the hair in hot weather, reducing sweating. This is important for your hair extensions to stay put. 

5. Authenticity and Quality

Whichever hair extensions a hair specialist says are good should be authentic and of great quality. It should meet the manufacturer’s description because some advertise what they didn’t produce. For example, if it’s human hair, the hair extension should be human hair in reality. 

Expert hairdressers, in their quest for quality, are able to find out top-notch hair extensions. Over time, they discern one brand from another and inform you about its authenticity in detail. By touching and feeling the strands, they recognize premium strands with ease. 

Plus, the salon you select for your appointment should tell you what to expect in terms of lifespan and durability. Like how long will the hair last before you throw it away. And how long an installation stays intact before repairs and maintenance are necessary.

You may wish to wear extensions for not more than a month. Then they should highlight the right extension type for that duration.

6. Building A Relationship

We insist you learn to keep communication lines open with your extension expert. Learn to be in touch with them when stranded and don’t know what to do. Or for further assistance and recommendations on how to keep your extensions healthy. 

Getting so close to them creates amicable relationships. You could easily collaborate for fresh looks each time. And they could freely discuss their newest discoveries on the latest trends with you. 

Beyond that, they’d let you know when to visit the salon for touch-ups. They’d even inform you early enough so that you book an appointment with them in good time. So, don’t wander alone in managing your hair extensions; keep their contacts close. 

To Find Hair Extensions Near You

With our detailed hacks at your disposal, finding a hair extension salon in your area will be easier. Put them into practice, and remember, great salons are all about expertise and excellence in customer service. You’d undoubtedly be in the right hands if they relate well and politely with you. 

Gladly leave a comment below if you want to share your hairdresser and their location. You could be the answer to someone’s search for a hair extension salon near them. 

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