The Hottest 18 Wick Dreads Hairstyles For You

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If you are exploring the loc community for attractive thick locs, then wick dreads might be the perfect option for you! Wick dreads are one of the thickest dreads that include as many as 4 to 10 wicks on average. We can see that many celebrities and influencers wear this distinct style wearing as a symbol of fabulous fashion. 

One of the most appealing features of Wicks Dread is the variety of styles you can experiment with. It also caters to all hair textures that can be customized by a variety of lengths, colors, and sizes. Besides, they are also easy to maintain for a long time.

Following are 18 of the most outstanding wick dreads hairstyles and how to achieve them. Let’s get right into it! 

18 Trendy Wick Dreads Hairstyles

Wick dreads can be styled in various ways, such as buns, ponytails, bangs, and shaved sides. Keep reading to know more about the various trendy wick dread styles. 


The wick dread beehive style is one of the classic hairstyles for wick dreads. It is a great option for people with long wick dreads to go with. It is also a bold signature look during the 60s to 70s that shows off a vintage vibe.

To create this style, we need to wrap all the thick dreads around the top of our heads to create a high cone shape. So that we could have a beehive style that helps to add height to your face and stand out from the crowd. Besides, we can add different colors to hair to make it more creative and chic.

Wick Dreads Hairstyles: Beehive

Wick Dreads Bun

If you’re looking for a bold hairstyle that is like the beehive style but with shorter hair, you might want to try the wick dread with a bun. It is a great way to give you an cool look that is suitable for many occasions.

To get this style, we just need to wrap around all the wick dreads to create a round shape on the top of our heads. We can make them into a low or high bun depending on your hair length or preference. Another pro of this style is that it can be achieved by different sizes of our wick dread.


Shaved Sides

Next, we have the popular shaved sides with wick dread that fit well with both men and women. Some people might feel that shaved sides were just a style for men as it usually comes with super short hair dreads. Yet, it is common to see that many more and more women are making their hairstyles with sides shaved.

Shaved sides with wick dread are a unique and chic way to add a touch of coolness to our whole look. To have this popular style, we can just shave down at the back or both sides of our wick dread.


Wick Bangs

Bangs have been iconic hairstyles for decades, and the wick dreads with bangs style is also a signature look. For people who want to add some texture and volume to their hair, it is a perfect option to pick. Further, the cute bangs in front of our forehead can also help to frame our faces greatly.

For bangs, there are many different types such as curtain or wispy. This style is not only easy to make but also easy to maintain and care for. We just need to keep our scalp and dreads clean and neat so that they will have a fresh look.


Wick Undercut 

An undercut wick dread is a trendy option that can suit both men and women, especially short-hair lovers. It is a bold and edgy hairstyle that can fit very well with different face shapes and hair textures. It also has a lot of versatility, as we can accessorize them with different beads, wraps as well and lots of colors.

Another great advantage of undercut wick dread is the lower maintenance requirement. As the thick wick dread with a full head might be relatively heavy that kind of hard to manage and take care of. But we still need to be mindful that we should keep the undercut neat and clean.


Push Back

People who have wick dreads with lots of hair may tend to feel too many thick dreads in front of their face or forehead. Then the push-back style with wick dreads might be another right option for you to try out! It is a charming and neat look that can fit with many formal occasions.

To have this style, we can just simply push them back to keep them out of your face. Then we can also twist or palm roll our dreads to make them tighter and use a headband or a scarf to secure them.


Side Swept Bangs

If you are tired of classic normal bangs with wick dreads, then side-swept bangs are another vibrant and eye-catching to try on. It is versatile and can be worn at various hair lengths, skin tones, and at any age. With these side-swept bangs, people will draw attention to our eyes and face easily.

As the name suggests, we can just make our bangs styled to one side of our face or separate them by a parting. We can also make them differently to suit our preference, such as long, layered, or wave bangs. No matter which way you are created, it will give you a gorgeous look by framing the face perfectly.


Top Knot

Next, we come to the trendy and edgy top knots with wick dreads style. Top knots are a fun way to spice up our look and let people draw attention to our eyes and faces. This cool wick dread top knots style is a great way to express ourselves and show off our creativity.

To get this style, we can simply wrap all the dreads to create a knot styled on top of our head. Also, we can add some natural oils or gel to make it more shiny and fresh. Spraying some water or moisturizer to keep them healthy is also important.


Pineapple Top

Pineapple top wick dreads are a hairstyle that features with outstanding pineapple shape. To get this style, we should gather our dreads and pull them up into a high ponytail. And then braiding them into cylindrical locks that look like pineapples. 

Over time, these pineapple top wick dreads will give you a natural and voluminous look. Besides, one thing we need to keep in mind is that we shouldn’t secure or braid our pineapple too tightly. Otherwise, it will cause some discomfort for our heads and scalp and make our hair grow unhealthy.


Box Braids

Another cool and edgy style is the wick dreads with box braids. For people who like to have some unique patterns on the scalp, the box braids are a great option to pick. The neat and chic appearance of box braids will give you a clean-cut look and cute vibe.

Wearing box braids with wick dreads can also save us the time and effort for the wick dreads maintenance. Box braids are also considered to be a protective style that can help our wick dreads from manipulation and pollution.


Wick Cornrow

Cornrows are a common and popular hairstyle that can fit well for any gender and all ages of people. To have this style, we can start by braiding the wick dreads to have long straight rows close to our scalp. Besides, there are many ways to make this style extra appealing, such as adding accessories or dyeing the dreads with different colors.

Wick cornrow has a meaningful rich history of cornrows while long durability from wick dreads. So that wick cornrow can also help to show off our self-expression and uniqueness. 


High Ponytail

Looking for some hairstyles that suit more relaxing lifestyles or activities? Wick dreads with a high ponytail might be the perfect option for you. For people who have longer hair like shoulder-length then it won’t be hard to have this style. 

To get this simple style, we should gather the dreads together and then pull them up highly to create a ponytail. We can also elevate this classic style by adding some beads, ribbons, or clips. Then we can easily transition our look from a day at work to a day out with friends.


Half-Up Bun

For people who may not have very long hair yet then you should add a half-up bun with wick dreads to your hairstyles list. It will give you a classic and elegant appearance even if your hair is just shoulder length. With this style, we can keep the dreads out of our faces to have a stylish look. 

For this hairstyle, we should start by dividing our wick dreads into two sections. Then roll or twist the upper part of the dreads into a bun and secure them with some clips or a rubber band. And keep the rest part of the dreads naturally loose for contrast.


Bantu Knots

Bantu knots with wick dreads are a bold choice among people who want to express their individuality and creativity. Its unique and dramatic tree-stump-like spiral knots will make us stand out among the crowd. And this style can fit well with both short and long hair length yet longer dreads will give us more style options.

To achieve this style, many ways such as pyramid or tube-shaped in appearance. For example, we can start by parting our dreads into three, four, five, or six box-shaped sections. And wrapping each section to create spiral knots on our heads.


French Braid

Care to have some special wick dread styles to show off your striking aesthetic appeal? Pair the wick dread style with a French braid would be perfect for you on some special occasions. 

There are many ways to create this style, such as a single French braid or a two-strand French braid. For the single French braid, we can start at the crown of your head. Then continuously weave more hair into it from the top of your crown toward the ends. It might feel complicated for the first time, but once you manage it you will create a vintage vibe perfectly.


Zigzag Parting

If you are bored of regular patterns hairstyles, then zigzag parting with wick dread might be an ideal option for you to try on. It is a unique and cool zigzag style among all patterned hairstyles that works well for both guys and girls. 

With the right technique, there are many options such as big, small, long, or short for zigzag parting to choose from. In addition, add some statement colors like red or blue, and your new hairstyle will be the talk of the town!


Faux Locs Bob

Next, we have the classic and trendy faux locs bob hairstyle. It allows us to wrap synthetic hair around our natural hair to create wick dreads with a bob style. The chic bob helps to add a modern touch to our appearance that makes us stand out from the crowd.

As a protective hairstyle, it can prevent our natural hair from breakage and damage from the sun and pollution. It is also an ideal option for people who want to try a new look without committing to permanent styles.


Rainbow wick dreads

Lastly, let’s take a look at the rainbow wick dreads hairstyle. It is one of the bold and trendy styles that work well with wick dreads. With this rainbow style, we can add as many as the color we want to our natural hair. Rainbow wick dreads especially with bright colors help to make you more vibrant with a playful look. 

To have this outstanding style, the strands are dyed in various colors. So that we can get a colorful effect of rainbow effect. It is easy to look after and can last for several months with proper care.  



To sum up, wick dreads are fashion-forward dreadlock hairstyles with numerous excellent styles. They can suit different occasions and personalities excellently. 

So enjoy your new look with wick dreads and experiment with different styles! No matter what style you choose to wear, the result will be surely outstanding.

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