Best 25 NBA Youngboy Twist Hairstyles for You

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Try NBA Youngboy Twist Hairstyles at first! If you’re eager to join in the atmosphere of NBA and NBA players, why not try begin with the same hairstyles?

The NBA is commonly known as where players compete for physicality, toughness, and maneuver. But do you know that its 94-feet-long-and-50-feet-wide court is also a trendsetter for hairstyle?

In this article, you will see 25 NBA players with their twist haircuts. Read through and tell me which one is the best.

1. DeAndre Jordan

NBA Youngboy Twist: 1-DeAndre-Jordan

Speaking of legendary players, who would not think of DeAndre Jordan? This man has nailed an impressive achievement list, not only on the court but also in the style game. Buzz up, free flow, braids, twists – he has tried it all.

This half-up twist hairstyle does a great job of showing off the Nugget backup’s charisma. The carefree vibe that comes with confidence singles this man out of the NBA crowd.

2. Isaiah Stewart


This promising young man is quickly gaining fans because of his work ethic. He is not a fan of fancy hairstyles, but his short dreadlocks still win him the style game.

He likes to wear the locks down in his spare time, but on the court, the locks are tied up. The white rubber band goes well with his Pistons jersey and makes him stand out on the court.

3. Isaiah Joe


This powerful 3-point shooter knows how to work around his style. When he first entered the trade, he was adored by the boyish vibe exuded from his fluffy free-flow afro. In recent years, he has determined to look more mature and adopted this dreadlock look.

The tied-up locks set off his cheekbone and jawline. With a chin curtain beard, the look brought his masculinity to the next level.

4. Aaron Gordon


Twists have been the icon of African-Americans. That explains its prevalence on the court. However, Aaron Gordon proves that dreadlocks can look nice on paler skins in this black-dominated world.

This guy has experimented with a wide range of twist hairstyles. His cornrow is neat, and afro wild. But this tied-up twists hairstyle is his most successful if you ask me. The look highlights his strong jawline, and the explosive shape of the puff speaks for his aggressive gameplay.

5. Luguentz Dort


Born in 1999, this Thunder shooting guard has already become a valuable asset to the league. He has gained a lot of fans, not only because of his outstanding defensive abilities but also because of his hairstyle.

He is frequently seen on the court with a headband, varying from white to blue in color. Above the headband are his dreadlocks, either tied into a high ponytail or worn down. This timeless and practical look has been copied by many youths.

6. Gary Trent Jr. 


Fringe, high-fade, ponytail, tattoo: this guy is determined to win the style game. The loose twists on the forehead are interesting to look at when he moves. He might not be the best player on the court, but he is definitely the coolest one.

7. Richaun Holmes


Richaun Holmes likes to stay practical when it comes to hairstyles. From the buzz cut in his earlier years to this ponytail look, he seldom allows the dreads to get in the way of his vision. Paired with a chin strap, the look is neat and clean.

8. Robert Covington


Robert Covington has gained a lot of fans because of the big smile frequently plastered on his face. Further speaking for his candid and amiable character is his hairstyle.

He likes to wear his locks thin and short. He either holds them together with a headband or ties them half up.

This big man may not win many games, but he certainly wins people’s hearts.

9. Admiral Schofield


If you’ve ever watched Admiral Schofield’s game, you would be impressed by his offensive rebounding – and his bouncy locks. His most iconic look is this high-fade free flow.

The short dreadlocks signal confidence and vibrancy. The high-fade defines the boundary of these little dreads and makes the guy’s facial features stand out.

10. Tre Mann


This young man with lots of untapped potential dazzles the fans with his scoring ability. At the same time, he is also a winner of the style game.

Check out his firework highlight. The fluffy blonde dreads add a funky twist to the look, making him the most recognizable on the court. You just can’t miss him!

11. Romeo Langford


This emerging defender has yet to prove his competence in the NBA, but his current look is certainly in the style game.

The middle-brown shade of the locks exudes a youthful vibe, while the dark roots set off his complexion. Instead of wearing a full head of twists, he opts for high-fade. The exposed scalp on both sides and the back of the head look neat, clean, and fashion-forward.

12. Gary Harris


This guy has proved himself among the best by his shooting prowess. On hairstyle, however, he prefers to keep a low profile.

Although simple, his short twist look is flawless. The white headband goes well with his white jersey and arm sleeve. It also sets off the fringe, creating a clean appearance. The dreads complement his dark eyebrows and long stubble, creating a tough look that speaks for his aggressive gameplay.

13. Patrick Beverley


We’ve seen enough headband look, but this one is different. Instead of leaving the twists flowing above the band, this veteran player likes to wear them behind the ears. The thick locks on his shoulder go well with his full bushy beard, creating a powerful, streamlined image.

14. Kennedy Chandler


Maybe he is more of a bench player on the court, but that doesn’t prevent him from joining the style game.

This budding young man has changed a few hairstyles during his brief career, and this one is the best. Neat, short, and clean, his two-strand twists frame his oval face shape and set off his jawline.

Will this man become a successful player? On fashion, the answer is definitely yes. On the court? Let’s wait and see.

15. Wenyen Gabriel


This 6-foot-9 big guy has been bouncing around the league, playing from team to team. On hairstyle, however, he is pretty consistent. He has been wearing free-flow twists for years, and for a good reason.

The twists need little-to-none styling to look cool. When worn down, they complement the guy’s oblong face shape. On the court, he prefers to add a headband, a stylish choice to get the twists out of his vision.

16. Immanuel Quickley


Immanuel Quickley has just the good name for a basketball player. His quick movement and daring maneuvers have established him as “one of the league’s best subs.” What his name doesn’t reveal is that he also has the coolest haircut in the NBA.

His curly hair is styled into two-strand twists with a middle part. He likes to wear his hair shorter at the front. Instead of having layers of twists, he prefers to keep a polished appearance with a high fade.

17. Terance Mann


Like many of his peers, this efficient Clipper shooting guard is a fan of twists. He loves to pair his hair with a headband, securing the locks above the forehead.

This light and vibrant look goes well with his amiable character. On the court, it also speaks for his brutal gameplay.

18. Kevon Harris


This big man has impressed the league with his defensive impact. Apart from his excellent performance on the court, his simple but hot haircut also gains him a lot of fans.

With the middle parting, the short twists form a curtain on his forehead, creating a balanced and symmetrical look. The full beard complements the haircut, making his facial features prominent. The whole look is bold and powerful.

19. Isaiah Jackson


Almost a secret weapon, this man always has one or two dunks that work like magic on the court. Speaking for this acrobatic playing style is his voluminous microlocs hairstyle.

The free-flow strands strike the right balance between mess and tidy, just like his unconventional gameplay. The hair beads add a twist of funkiness to the look. Doesn’t he look like a magician with a mysterious origin?

20. Jalen Brunson


If you want to add some uniqueness to your hairstyle but still want to keep a low profile, copy this Jalen Brunson look. The geometric patterns on the scalp bring twists from ordinary to extraordinary.

When Jalen Brunson plays, good stuff happens. This guy is clearly aware of his role as one of the best players in the league. It is unclear, however, whether he knows himself as a hot topic for fashion magazines and tabloids.

21. Paolo Banchero


This talented forward has made a solid impression in his rookie year, and many more surprises are still awaiting. Apart from his impressive performance, Paolo Banchero also gets highlighted for his taste in fashion.

His hairstyle is a textbook of pairing twists with a clean shave. Instead of opting for trendy microlocs, he wears traditional locks about the size of a sharpie marker. The result is a neat appearance. The rectangular patterns on the scalp also add elegance to the look.

22. Duane Washington Jr.


6-foot-2 Duane Washington Jr. may not be the tallest in the league. But who would say he is not the coolest?

The classic fade on both sides of the head merges seamlessly with his well-groomed beard. The triangular sections on the scalp signal the boldness of character, which is true, as this man is known for his fearless gameplay. The little pigtail, however, adds a playful twist to the sharp look, making it less intimidating.

This perfect hairstyle makes him a pleasure to the eyes on the court.

23. Jabari Walker


What do you say about this look? Bizarre, hilarious? I bet it makes you laugh at first glance. But this look is really interesting.

The two bulky twists at the front are like tentacles of some carnivorous insect. The high skin fade creates a clean backdrop for the fringe (if this can be called a fringe). The skinny pigtail at the back serves as another stylish focal point.

Jabari Walker has shown a comprehensive skillset on the court, including his ability to rock stylish haircuts. Copy his look, and you get turning heads wherever you go.

24. Cole Anthony


He is the fastest on the court and the most eye-catching one. He seldom comes to the court with a hairstyle belonging to the class of “plain” or “dull.” Some people like his fireworks highlights, while others like his high-fade ponytail. Personally, I say this top braid is his best.

The two big cornrows form a V shape on his crown, with the tip of the “V” at the center of his hairline. This creates a symmetric look that brings attention to the upper part of his face.

The top braids are also sports-appropriate. By holding the twists back, stray locks never get the chance to distract this tenacious guard from pursuing his goals.

25. O.G. Anunoby


This talented wing guard is a valuable asset for any team because he has impressive performance and the best braid hairstyle in the league.

Thin and short twists seem to offer less room for styling compared to voluminous long locks. But this cornrow look from O.G. Anunoby proves that the only limit to hairstyle is imagination.

The streamlined braids go well with his clean-shaven face. The little tips at the nape add catchy details that speak for this player’s confidence and poise.

To Try NBA Youngboy Twist Hairstyles

Twists are embraced by many professional NBA players to speak for their personalities. From basketball legends to budding talents, they simply love it.

Who do you think should be added to this amazing list? Leave a comment to let me know. 

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