Top 27 Microlocs Hairstyles for You to Try

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Let me guess. You click on this article because you want to switch up your look. Or, you just get your microlocs installed and are fantasizing about what your hair will look like.

No matter which one, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, you will have a comprehensive list of microlocs hairstyles that combine style and convenience.Read through and discover the style that will make you shine!

1. Bob

Microlocs Hairstyles: 1-Bob

If you are looking for a hairstyle to rock this summer, consider this hairstyle.

Compared to a long cascade, a bob is much lighter and airy. It works particularly well to prevent heat and humidity. The loose strands are voluminous and soft, exuding a carefree summer vibe. Wear this hair with casual outfits, and you will look effortless and chic.

2. Mohawk


If you like the mohawk hairstyle, there’s an extra benefit for you to grow microlocs.

As we know, exposing the scalp at either side of the head is the icon of a traditional mohawk hairstyle. That means you have to shave your hair around the temples. The hair-shaving part has discouraged many people from trying out this fantastic hairstyle.

With microlocs, you can achieve a similar look just by hair-braiding. Your scalp will show under the cornrows and look even more interesting by the pattern of the little grids.

3. Side Part


One of the appeals of microlocs lies in their delicacy. Unlike traditional locs, microlocs are thin and tiny and can even resemble natural hair from a distance. That means you can basically treat this hairstyle as a kind of coarse straight hair. Any hairstyle that fits the latter can be applied to microlocs.

Check out this side-part hairstyle. By wearing the hair down, the locs forms an elegant backdrop for the face. The texture of the hair can set off smooth skin beautifully.

Wear this hairstyle anytime when you want to look refined and radiant.

4. Fireworks


If you want to look attractive but don’t want to risk too much, this hairstyle is right up your alley!

Dye the ends of your hair with a bold color: ginger, bright pink, electric blue, or fiery red. Keep the remains of your hair in its natural shade.

As its name suggests, this beautiful hairstyle looks like a dazzling fireworks display against the night sky. While your original shade forms a beautiful backdrop for your face, the bright color spices up the look.

5. Side Part Body Wave


When you want to be creative with microlocs, think of them as coarse straight hairs. In fact, hairstyles that look ordinary on naturally straight hair can look extraordinary on microlocs.

For example, this side-part body wave is stunning, isn’t it?

The big waves are elegant and put-together. The tiny locs add texture and style. Pair this look with natural makeup, and it will make your hair the focus of attention. You can wear this look to formal or semi-formal occasions: celebrations, interviews, or galas.

6. Curled Tips


If you are looking for a hairstyle to do at home, give this one a try. With a curling wand and a little patience, you can achieve this fantastic style within minutes – no muss, no fuss.

Pin your hair around the temples and wear the rest of your hair down. The curled tips and the loose strands create just the right balance between mess and tidiness.

Relaxed and carefree, this style is perfect to wear on casual outings: family gatherings, vacations, or daily errands.

7. Fulani Braids


If you prefer a long and sleek look, consider Fulani braids. This hairstyle comprises many tiny braids that cascade elegantly down your shoulder. No unwanted strands will get onto your face; all neat and tidy.

Traditional Fulani braids generally add a string of beads at each end of the strand, making it more drapery. The sound of the beads clicking and clacking together is also pleasant to the ears.

Wear this hairstyle to parties, celebrations, or artistic events, and you will turn heads wherever you go.

8. Black Cascade with Headband


The quickest and easiest way to style voluminous locs is to wear a headband. You don’t have to worry about technique: brush your hair backward, put it on, and done.

You also don’t have to worry about looking bland: a headband is always a stylish focal point.

You don’t even have to worry about being bored with this hairstyle: headbands come in all colors and textures. You can always find the ones that suit your style. 

9. High Puff


Classy, sassy, and a bit smart-assy, this is what a high puff looks like. The puff is airy and fluffy, exuding an athletic and youthful vibe. Leaving a loose strand at both sides of the temple can immediately spice things up.

Watch this video to learn how to achieve this stunning hairstyle:

Colorful hair scarfs are instant beauty boosts to this hairstyle. They come in all patterns and textures, with satin and muted shades currently on trend. Choose a wide hair scarf to create a romantic vibe. If you prefer an elegant look, a narrower one will suit you well.

10. High Ponytail


If you don’t know how to style your hair, you can always wear it in a high ponytail. This hairstyle is easy and quick. Make a few combs through your hair and add a rubber band –  bang, you are good to go!

One small tip: give a little tug at the root of the ponytail, and it will look more voluminous.

11. Fulani High Ponytail


Fulani braid has a tribal origin but has long been embraced as a fashionable element.

It is a misunderstanding that you can’t braid microlocs into a Fulani style. Actually, you can. Watch this video to see how to achieve this style:

When tied back in a high ponytail, the whole look is just gorgeous. Leave a strand or two at the forehead to frame the face. Add colorful plastic beads rather than traditional ones for a modern or futuristic look. You can always use hair extensions to get extra length.

12. Double Ponytails


High double ponytails are not just for little girls. In fact, more and more ladies are adopting the style to get an energetic and confident vibe.

When microlocs are styled into this look, they form a voluminous backdrop for the face. The coarse texture of locs exudes attitude and swag. This hairstyle adds loads of body to both sides of the face, so it works particularly well for narrow faces to create balance.

13. Classic Half Up Half Down


A quick and easy way to look put-together and elegant is to have this classic half up half down hairstyle. Pick a few locs around the temples and pull them up to a half ponytail. Let the rest of the hair cascade on your shoulder. 

This look can be achieved within a minute, which is perfect for a busy morning.

14. Half Up Bun with Bang


This one is an interesting variation of a classic half-up.

A top knot makes your forehead the focus of attention, so it is ideal for round faces. A bang can frame your face and achieve a soft and playful vibe. If you don’t have a bang, clip-on bangs come in handy.

This hairstyle is suitable for casual or semi-casual occasions. Wear it to vacations or outings and have fun!

15. Half up Petal Bun


Are you looking for a hairstyle to get heads turned? Try this half-up petal bun. 

Intricate as it might seem, it is straightforward to install. Checkout this tutorial:

It may take some time to get this look, but the effort is worthwhile.

You can pull all the hair into a bun or leave half down – either one is stunning.

16. Half up Half down Bun


Top knots are bold and vibrant, but sometimes you just want to look chill. In this case, wear your half-up bun loose and low. You can even leave some free strands to add to the relaxing vibe.

This hairstyle goes well with casual outfits like T-shirts and denim. If you want a more interesting look, add earrings or hair clips as stylish focal points.

17. Fulani Braid


Fulani braids are so beautiful in this half-up hairstyle. Clean and sophisticated, this look exudes an air of princess-like elegance.

Installing this hairstyle takes time, but the bonus is that you can wear it all week round.

If you are planning your graduation trip or are going on a honeymoon, rock this hairstyle and get amazing selfies!

18. Double Buns


If you look at Instagram, you will know that half-up double buns are trending!

This playful hairstyle goes well with bold-colored clothing. You can wear it to art festivals, parties, or wherever you can make a bold statement. The hairstyle is also convenient. You can keep this hairstyle neat all day without worrying about it getting messy.

19. Crown Braid


If you are looking for a timeless hairstyle, check out this one.

Crown braid has been embraced by women since medieval times. Today, it is still a popular choice for celebrations, weddings, and galas.

The simplest form of crown braid is like this picture, with a braid wrapping around the head. You can achieve a more luxurious look with two or more braids. 

20. Rope Twist Half up


If you want to spice up traditional half-up hairstyles, add rope twists at both sides of your head. The girl in this picture looks gorgeous, isn’t she?

The twisted braids remind people of medieval times. Yet, the messy little ponytail at the back is edgy and vibrant. The interesting contrast between classical vibe and modernity makes this hairstyle unique.

The twists also add volume to your temples, making them appear fuller. If you have an oblong face, this hairstyle is your perfect fit.

21. Top Knot Bun


You don’t have to be a fan of Audrey Hepburn to know her famous top knot bun look. With middle-length microlocs, you can achieve a textured version of this hairstyle. Watch this tutorial, and you will find that it is easier than you think:

Couple this look with jewelry or crowns to get the Audrey Hepburn look. Isn’t it perfect for a birthday party?

22. Messy Bun


Shoulder-length hair is cute when styled into a pigtail. But sometimes, we want to look more sophisticated. In this case, tie your pigtails into a loose bun. Don’t hide the ends – spread it evenly on your head.

This hairstyle looks best on curly microlocs. The messy, relaxing, carefree tips create a vibrant and cheerful vibe.

Whether having dinner with friends or going to book clubs, you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.

23. Messy Bun with Side-swept Bang


The magic of a bang is that it can immediately freshen up your look. See how this side-swept bang adds a feminine touch to the top knot: The texture of the microlocs sets off smooth skin beautifully. The curly, wavy strands frame the face, creating a soft and romantic vibe. 

You can always wear hair scarves or earrings to further enhance the look.

24. Double Top Knots


If you are bored with single top knots, why not double it? Don’t laugh. Weird as it sounds, the result is amazing.

This hairstyle comes with a whole lot of attitudes. Wear it to artistic events or galas, and it will be an eye-catcher.

You can enlarge your knots by adding hair extensions. Use ombre or highlights to create contrast and make your knots more interesting.

25. Top Braids


Top braids are another way to bring your hairstyle to the next level.

Single braid or double braids, French braid or Dutch braid – you can be as creative as you want. The rope braids in this picture are easy and quick. Watch this tutorial if you are interested:

With top braids, you can wear the rest of the hair in a bun or simply wear them half down.

26. Bantu Knots


Bantu Knots, or Zulu knots, are one of those hairstyles that make you proud of your African origin.

Besides, it is also a hairstyle popular for its convenience and coolness. With Bantu knots, daily hair care and hairstyling routines become a breeze. The knots also keep you from summer heat and humidity.

You can achieve this hairstyle at home. But if you want the sleek and geometric look in the picture, I recommend you seek professional help.

27. Multiple Braids


Some people have microlocs but fall for traditional locs from time to time. If you are one of them, you can actually emulate the look to appease your impulse of rushing to the hairdresser’s.

Section your hair and braid them accordingly. If you want really thick braids, make big sections. If you want smaller ones, make the units smaller. You can create as many braids as you want – the choice is yours!

To Try Microlocs Hairstyles

Ponytails or buns, updos or half up, the possibilities of styling microlocs are limitless. 

Have you found your next hairstyle? Leave a comment to let me know.

What else do you want to know about microlocs: Maintenance? Pros and Cons? I am all ears:)

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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