Top 25 Trendy Toupee Haircut You Will Love

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Speaking of toupee haircut, what comes to your mind? I can tell because you are giggling.

Yes, a hairpiece can cover bald spots and save receding hairlines, a handy tool to boost confidence and help with first impressions. But it is more than that. Do you know that more and more men are adopting it as a stylish choice?

In this article, you will find 25 trendy toupee hairstyles. Read through to get your next toupee inspiration!

1. Induction Cut

Toupee Haircut: 1-induction-cut

If you are a “Prison Break” fan, consider getting this classic Michael Schofield look. The uniform length around the head creates a tough appearance. Recruits also get their hair shaved upon induction as a symbol of becoming part of the service. This is why the hairstyle has gained tremendous popularity among military enthusiasts.

This hairstyle is the shortest you can get with a clipper. Neat as it is, some people would worry that their head looks like a tennis ball. But don’t worry: you can balance this look with a weeks-old beard like this picture.

2. Burr Cut Low Skin Fade


If you like the clean appearance of the induction cut but want a softer look, burr cut is right up your alley. Slightly longer than the induction cut, this hairstyle also belongs to the classic buzz cut family.

It is loved by men from all walks of life for its low maintenance. As a hairpiece, it is breathable and lightweight.

3. High and Tight


Another variant of a buzz cut is high and tight. As its name suggests, this hairstyle features high skin fade at the sides and the back, with the top of the hair slightly longer.

This is a prevalent hairstyle in the U.S. armed force, and for good reasons. The high fade creates a sharp and vibrant look. The dense hair stubbles at the top indicate the toughness of character.

As a typical no-fuss-no-muss hairstyle, it is a go-to for men with no time to spare for hairstyling.

4. Crew Cut


This hairstyle is similar to high and tight but with more length on the top. It still gets the confident vibe from the high fade, but the longer hair at the crown gives a softer look.

Another benefit of a crew cut is that it can be styled. You can side-part the hair at the crown or brush it back. You can even apply pomade to create shape and texture. Remember to be gentle when combing the hairpiece.

5. Line Up


Traditionally, this is a hairstyle popular among black people. In recent years, it is gaining followers among people with paler skin.

The icon of this look is the clean, straight line at the forehead and the 90-degree angle at the temples. The lines highlight the natural angles of the face, so it goes well with square or diamond faces.

A fashionable way to elevate the look is to have your beard lined up, too. The geometric pattern will make your facial features more prominent.

6. Undercut


Undercut the most asked-for hairstyle at the barbers. Chic and confident, it is embraced by men of all ages.

This look is presentable on a wide range of occasions: office, club, date night, official event – you name it. It also flatters all face shapes: oval, square, round, diamond – you can hardly think of a face that can go wrong with it. The hairstyle goes well with a beard but also looks nice with a clean shave.

If you are looking for your first hair system, give this one a try.

7. Textured Undercut


If you want to make a statement with an undercut, take your toupee and go to the stylist for a textured crop. The layers add dimension and movement, giving you an edgy and vibrant appearance.

Match it with a taper fade if you are wearing it to work settings. For a more striking look, skin fade will suit your purpose. I recommend a mid-skin fade because it blends more smoothly into the crown than a high fade.

8. Bro Flow with Scissor Fade


Buzz cut is bold, and undercut cool, but sometimes you just want to look relaxed and easygoing. In this case, choose bro flow with scissor fade instead. The long strands look chic but still have an air of professionalism. A doctor with this hairstyle will look trustworthy. A businessman will appear sophisticated and confident.

Scissor fade can make a smooth transition from your nape to the crown, with little or no scalp visible. It is a beginner-friendly fade for toupee starters, as it will conceal the edge of the hairpiece very well.

9. Thick Comb Over


If you want to look masculine, this hairstyle is perfect for you. The sleek and thick hair on the crown goes well with a carefully trimmed weeks-old beard. Pair it with suits, and you signal a sense of authority and competence.

With a toupee, anyone can achieve this striking look at home. Run pomade through the hair and use a comb to part it to your chosen side. Brush the hair back to create volume on the top of the head. It may need some styling to look presentable, but the result is worthwhile.

10. Fringe up


If you have a heart-shaped or round face, you may want to keep the top of your hair close to the scalp. A good way to achieve this look is to trim your hairpiece shorter.

Brush your hair backward, use pomade to secure the shape, and you will look neat and shrewd. To add a playful twist, you can leave a loose strand of hair on the forehead, like in this picture.

11. Ivy League


If you’ve got a new job, congratulations! But before meeting your colleague, make sure your hairstyle creates a great first impression.

The classy and timeless Ivy League can hardly go wrong in this case. Its sleek appearance makes you look sophisticated and trustworthy. Ask the hairstylist to give you a high fade if you want a sharper look.

12. Disconnected Comb Over


If you are looking for a stylish haircut with a whole lot of attitude, check out this disconnected look.

The hairstyle gets its name from the stark transition from the long top hair to the shorter hair on the sides. The stark contrast between hair length can be further highlighted by deep side parting.

To achieve this hairstyle, you need a toupee with 3-4 inches of hair at the crown. Use pomade or hairspray to create volume.

13. Classic Pomp


Pompadour is among the best options for weddings, ceremonies, and galas. A hairstyle made famous by Elvis Presley in the 20th century, it is now making a comeback.

To achieve this look, make sure your hairpiece has enough length and volume at the front. Use pomade or other hair products to create the iconic bulky shape. This hairstyle does need frequent upkeep, but the effort is worth the while.

If you have high fade, go to the barber’s twice a week to keep the look neat and clean.

14. Short Pomp


If you like the posh of a pompadour but want a lower profile, consider this short pomp. A modern alternative to classic pomp, this hairstyle can handle occasions from work to date night. It goes well with almost any outfit: T-shirts, suits, sweaters, and more.

You still need to leave enough time for styling, but with shorter hair, your rate of success is higher. Brush your hair backward to build the pomp, then apply hair product to secure the look. If you are interested, watch this video for more details:

Always remember to be gentle with your hairpiece.

15. Slick Back


If your hairpiece has soft and fine hair, it may take some effort to style it into pomp. But don’t get frustrated. Slick back is a highly refined alternative that may suit your preference.

You can couple this look with a low or middle fade. The smooth transition allows the toupee to merge seamlessly with your natural hair.

Use a comb to create a sleek appearance on the top. You can also use your fingers, and the result will be a more casual and textured look.

16. French Crop


If you want your hair to be airy and light but do not want to go all the way to buzz cut, try French crop. This hairstyle features a thin and textured fringe, with the tips forming a horizontal line to the brow.

The haircut is loved by many for its little-to-none maintenance. A few combs through the fringe is enough to finish the styling routine. No blow dryer or hair products are needed to keep it in good shape.

17. Side Fringe


Side fringe is a fashionable choice for men in their 20s. The soft fringe creates a tender look that is both youthful and attractive. If you want to impress someone at a club or are going to have your first date, this hairstyle will be an instant beauty boost.

Side fringe is also good at balancing long face shapes, so people with oblong or oval faces may find it particularly flattering. 

18. Angular Fringe


Pompadour and undercut have been the most sought-after haircut in the past few years. But if you have been keeping a keen eye on hairstyle trends, you will notice that angular fringe is on the rise.

This hairstyle is long at the front and short at the back, drawing attention to your facial features. The long and sharp-looking fringe creates a rebellious touch, so it is no wonder that this hairstyle is embraced by artists and rock stars.

If you want to make a bold statement for your personality, try out this fringe.

19. Classic Taper for Middle-aged Men


This hairstyle is common among men in their 50s. The classic taper is both relaxed and clean. A frontal part of the hair at the crown is combed forward to create a natural-looking fringe.

Even if you are using a toupee, you don’t necessarily have to mimic the volume and the hairline of a 20-year-old fellow. Choose a hairpiece with relatively sparse hair and let the hairline recede a little. It may surprise you how natural it looks.

Confidence and poise that come with age are exactly the message this haircut conveys.

20. Quiff with Middle Fade


If your hairpiece has dense hair, consider getting one of these classy quiff hairstyles. A quiff combines the elegance of a pompadour and the youthful vibe of a flat top. It will make you an eye-catcher at the club or on a night out.

A stylish way to bring this haircut to the next level is to pair it with razor fade and a heavy beard. The beard can create balance with the volume at the top. The fade adds a buoyant twist to the look.

21. Crew Cut with a Quiff


If you are looking for a vibrant hairstyle for everyday wear, check out this one.

Compared with a classic crew cut, this hairstyle has less emphasis on masculinity. Instead, it indicates worldly knowledge and a good taste for life.

A man with this hairstyle looks like a trustworthy friend, a loving father, and a competent colleague.

22. Textured Brush-Up


You may have seen this haircut in comics, but trust me, it looks cool in real life, too.

The hair at the front of the head is styled with fingers to create a messy and upward look. Hairspray and other products are handy in holding the hair in place.

Coarse hair generally has better performance on this haircut, so pay attention to hair texture when choosing a toupee for this look.

23. Spikes


How would you describe this hairstyle? Bold, creative, or rebellious? No matter which one, a spiky look is going to turn heads wherever you go.

The benefit of a toupee is that you don’t need much commitment, so you can experiment with unique hairstyles. If you are going to a music festival, rock this hairstyle and get the perfect selfie!

24. Lob


Toupees can be a lifesaver for hair loss, but that is far from all the benefits hair systems can provide. An often-neglected fact is that a toupee allows you to get long hairstyles without waiting for hair growth.

Check out this lob. Isn’t it stunning on the model?

25. Top Knot


Even if you have a buzz cut, you can still get this wild and sexy look with a toupee. Also known as “men bun,” top knots are now trendy among guys in their 20s. It is also one of the hairstyles that girls find most attractive.

Choose a voluminous hair piece if you want a thick and messy bun. If you are new to long hairstyles, watch this tutorial:

To Try Toupee Hairstyles

From buzz to top knot, the only limitation of toupee hairstyles is imagination. Have you found the one that may look flattering on you? Leave a comment to let me know.

Be creative and have fun!

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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