27 Best Short Wig Hairstyles on the List

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Summer is coming! For most people, this is a season for beach and ice-cooled watermelons. This is also the time for wig enthusiasts to get the most out of a short wig.

I’ve spent my weekend searching the Internet for short wig hairstyle inspirations. I want find some styles that will let me shine through the summer, and the following is what I found.

If you happen to be looking for short wig hairstyles too, read the list, and you may find the one you love.

1. Smooth Pixie Cut

Short Wig Hairstyles: Smooth-Pixie-Cut

Thinking of a short wig hairstyle, is this the first thing that pops up in your mind? Indeed, pixie cut is iconic. You can see celebrities and Instagram influencers embracing this boyish hairstyle.

A wig like this gives you a stylish look and makes your life easy. You don’t have to worry about messing up your hair. It takes just a few combs through the finger to get your hairstyle tidy.

2. Wavy Pixie


Straight pixie cut is cool, but it is not for everyone. If you have a round face, I suggest you try wavy pixie.

The waves go well with your face, and it creates a soft and vibrant look. The waves also create volume.

You can wear this hairstyle to all kinds of occasions: work settings, outdoor activities, or parties.

3. Short Chic with Side-swept Bang


If pixie is too short for you, check out this short chic hairstyle, and it will make you smile.

As the name suggests, this hairstyle creates an air of effortless chic. The relaxing vibe comes from the smooth texture and natural hair layering. The heavy side-swept bang makes a bold statement about your individuality.

You can wear this bang down to look alluring. The bang creates a sense of mystery by covering part of your face.

You can also pin the bang to the side with colorful hair clips, and you will be the sweetest girl in the room.

4. Sleek Bob with Bang


You may have seen this hairstyle on Asian school girls. But let me tell you, it also looks gorgeous on black beauties.

This sleek bob hairstyle works particularly well with heart-shaped or oval face. So if you’ve got one of these faces, congratulations! The natural inward curl at the tips can beautifully frame your face.

The bang adds a youthful touch. If you are new to wigs, the bang also rids you of the burden of concealing hairlines.

You can choose a wispy bang, as is shown in the picture, to achieve a soft and airy summer vibe. If you want to be bold, choose a blunt bang to suit your purpose.

5. Side Part Round Bod


There are many ways to add a feminine touch to your style, and side-parting is one.

The parting covers one side of your face, making this part soft and alluring. At the same time, the other part of the face becomes more prominent. Your jawline, lip gloss, and eyelashes will easily catch attention.

Wear this wig to the office to make an amiable impression. You can also wear it to a night out or a date.

6. Textured Short Chic


Many girls want to be cute. But some just want to be cool. If you are the unique one, you may like this hairstyle.

This short chic is longer than a pixie but shorter than a bob. The length of the hair and the textured cut make it look dense and wild. The coarse hair is carefully cut into layers, making the whole look more edgy rather than smooth.

Adding a fringe bang to this look, you immediately look like a rock star.

7. Sleek Lob


Which style best combines simplicity and elegance? I would say “sleek black lob.”

“Lob,” a shorthand for “long bob,” refers to a hair length of around 10ch to 12ch. It basically sits on your shoulder.

Longer than a bob, this hairstyle looks more mature and feminine. Yet shorter than middle-length hair, it is carefree and effortless.

The middle parting allows your facial feature to shine. You can also make it into side-parting to look sexier.

8. Sleek Lob with Bang


Add a bang to your sleek black bob, and you immediately exude a mysterious vibe.

To add to the mystery, you can use a hair straightener to create super straight hair (be careful of the heat, though). Then, draw black or bright blue eyeliners. Don’t you now look like an Egyptian queen?

Of course, not everyone wants to be queen. Then let this hairstyle cater to your daily needs. Wear it with any casual outfit, and the contrast between mystery and chic will make you attractive.

9. Ringlet Curls Chic


Try ringlet curls if you want to look bold and carefree with natural hair shade.

Long ringlet curls can be hot in summer. If you want to stay out of heat and humidity, try a shorter look.

This wild hairstyle goes well with bohemian clothing. With a drapery long dress and a pair of sandals, you will be able to get your perfect vacation photo.

10. Wet and Wavy Bob


If ringlet curls are too much for you, check out this hairstyle.

This wet and wavy bob still screams personality and can easily fit into bohemian clothing, yet it looks softer and more feminine.

The waves are just the right mix of mess and tidiness. The hairs are about the same length, creating a put-together look. The little curls add movement and texture, adding a relaxing touch.

Apart from looking carefree, this hairstyle can also be elegant. Use a little hairspray to keep the waves neat. Then, put on delicate makeup. The combination of sophistication and vibrancy will make you glamorous. 

11. Body Wave Lob


Which short hairstyle never goes wrong on formal occasions? I’ll say body wave lob.

The waves create volume and texture, and they form an elegant backdrop for your face. The hair sits right on your shoulder, so it looks lighter than traditional middle-length body waves.

If you use a curling iron, I recommend you style the hair strands on either side of your forehead with extra care. A big S with an inward curl at the tip will frame your face beautifully.

12. Kinky Curly Lob


If you want to look like a modern African queen, try a kinky curly lob like this.

Let the voluminous waves create a little jungle around your face. The glitter on these gorgeous curls will set off the smoothness of your skin.

You can achieve a solemn look with this wig. The middle parting brings the forehead to the focus of attention.

You can also look sexy with this style. Use a comb to side-part the hair. Let the strands drop naturally.  

13. Sleek Blonde Bob


What is the most trendy color right now? Definitely blonde. Take a look at Instagram, and you will find that this is the shade getting the most likes among others in 2023.

If you have a problem choosing your first short blonde wig, I suggest you consider a blonde straight bob. Straight hair is sleek and polished. When paired with a vibrant color like blonde, the overall effect is elegance and chic.

Bob is neither too long nor too short, so it can be worn on many occasions, from regular outings to the craziest parties.

14. Sleek Blonde Bob with Bang


If you want to refresh your look but do not want to risk too much, just add a bang.

A blunt bang is suitable for an oval face shape. It covers your forehead and thus sets off your eyes.

For round or diamond faces, try a wispy bang or a curtain bang. These bangs allow your forehead to show a little, creating a better balance.

15. Blonde Body Wave


Classic, creative, elegant, sassy – blonde can be anything but dull.

While a straight blonde bob looks polished, a blonde wavy bob is more romantic. The big waves are soft and voluminous, adding a classic feminine touch.

To look even more alluring, side-part your hair. Let half of your face shine with the other half shrouded in mystery.

If you are going on a vacation or a night out, rock this style and get heads turned!

16. Middle Part Dark Roots


You might have to get your eyebrows dyed to match all-over blonde. If you don’t want to bother, choose a wig with dark roots similar to your natural hair shade.

The dark roots also adds depth and texture to your look, so you don’t have to worry that the blonde will wash your complexion out.

17. Light Brown Round Bob


Even if you work in a corporate with a strict dress code, you don’t have to rule out the possibility of being stylish.

A round bob like this combines professionalism and chic, which will never go wrong in work settings.

The big S-shaped side part adds a polished touch and frames your face beautifully.

18. Afro


Check out this hairstyle to get a natural and wild look. Once a form of political expression, Afro is now making a comeback as a fashionable choice.

Indeed, Afro is not the most convenient hairstyle. It requires significant investment to grow this hairstyle. But with a wig, you can simply enjoy this stunning look without having to bother with maintenance.

19. Afro Pixie Cut


If classic Afro is too bulky for you, consider an Afro pixie cut.

This hairstyle is neater, lighter, and suitable for a wider range of occasions.

A popular way to make this look more interesting is to add highlights or dark roots. The contrast between shades creates depth and nuance.

20. Sleek Middle-brown Bob


Middle brown is a shade that goes well with almost all skin tones. The red hue can highlight your complexion, creating a soft and radiant look.

If you want to be elegant without appearing aloof, try this sleek middle-brown bob. The smooth texture of the hair exudes a demure vibe, yet the warmth of its shade is welcoming.

No matter formal or casual occasions, you can’t go wrong with this wig.

21. Side Part Dark Roots


It is a fashionable choice to add dark roots to colored hair. The darker shade prevents your complexion from being washed out while adding depth to your look.

For fans of effortless chic, I recommend you choose dark roots that match your natural hair color. By resembling natural hair growth, the dark roots make you look confident and relaxed.

22. Wavy Textured Pixie Cut


If you want to look sassy with wavy pixies, try a textured cut. The layering of the hair is edgy and daring.

The big S waves create volume and texture without appearing messy.

You can always use a hair spray to enhance the look.

23. Honey Blonde Ringlet Curls


If you want to look polished yet are bored with sleek hair and body wave, why not consider ringlet curls? These little curls are similar in shape and size, creating a put-together look.

A bob like this is elegant, youthful, and with a touch of playfulness. Elevate this style with jewelry, and you will look stunning on formal occasions.

24. Balayage Bob 


Highlights like balayage can add dimension without creating harsh contrast. Compared to all-over brown, balayage that combines two or three brown-toned shades is more vibrant.

Balayage is also a good choice to experiment with new and bold shades. Choose a base color that matches your natural hair and use the bolder color as highlights. In this way, you will see how the new color goes with your skin tone.

25. Sleek Black Lob with Money Piece


Check out this unique hairstyle.

The black lob forms a sophisticated backdrop for the face. The money piece draws attention to facial features and frames the face well.

This hairstyle has been embraced by celebrities and influencers for years, and for good reasons.

The look combines elegance and boldness. Wherever it goes, it is eye-catching as well as memorable.

26. Piano Highlight Side Part 


If you have a square-shaped face, you may have already been side-parting your hair to soften the angles on your face. But do you know how to add interest to this look?

The easiest way is to highlight your side part. Let the lighter strands create texture and movement.

If you are unsure about this change, try it first on a wig.

27. Ombre Waves


Ombre beachy waves are also a popular log hairstyle.

While the natural curls create a relaxing summer vibe, ombre can brighten up your complexion immediately.

This wig hairstyle can handle all occasions. From casual family gatherings to formal celebrations, this hairstyle will make you shine.

To Try Short Wig Hairstyles

Hooray! You finally reach the end of this article.

Any idea for your next short wig hairstyle? Pixie, bob, or lob? Black, blonde, or brown?

Feel free to rock the style that you love.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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