Petite Wigs: 6 Tips to Help You Find The Best One

Finding the perfect petite wig for yourself should not be stressful or overwhelming, and everyone from all walks of life must be able to experience the perks of wearing wigs.

Whether you lost your hair because of treatments, medical conditions, hair damage, aging, or you just want to have different hairstyles to match your outfits or mood – this guide will perfectly help you find the wig of your dreams.

Not only that, it is also a very time and cost-effective way of changing your look, especially for women on the go. More and more celebrities are choosing to wear wigs. You do not need to spend hours on styling your hair, and you do not have to worry about damage caused by styling.


The guide to finding the perfect petite wig for you

1. How I Find the Perfect Size

When I was looking for the perfect wig, my number one concern was that it should fit me properly. I do not want my wig to be too snug to the point that it stops my blood flow, thus making me uncomfortable, which will inevitably lead to a headache.

But, I also do not want it to be a tad bit loose, because it is not fun to constantly worry about my wig while I am dancing or just doing any mundane chore or work, just like any other adult would.


Most women usually wear petite wigs, although a small percentage only wears bigger sizes. Personally, my head circumference is 20.5”, and I was having trouble finding stores that sell half sizes, so I opted to buy two wigs that are of different styles and colors. I ended up buying a smaller size which can fit a 20-inch head circumference and a size which can fit a 21-inch head circumference.

To cut the story short, the bigger size fits my head better, which is why I strongly recommend you to choose a size larger if you measure in between sizes. It is best to ask your friend or family to help you measure and achieve the most accurate measurement.


2. Choose Your Hair Type

There are tons of hair types in wigs which anyone can choose from. I myself was a little bit overwhelmed by it at first for the beginner. This is one of the most crucial parts in choosing a wig since this will make or break a person’s look. These are the three most popular hair types which you can choose from:

  • Virgin Hair

Wigs that are made of virgin hair are the most expensive type of wig that you can find on the market. Technically, virgin hair means it has never been in any sort of treatment before; for instance, being colored or having any other hair treatments that alter the original hair follicles.

In my own experience, wigs that are made of real virgin human hair are the most versatile, long-lasting, natural looking, and healthy looking amongst any hair type. It is less brittle and it sure does not look dull.

remy-vs-virgin wig

  • Remy Hair

Remy hair petite wigs are made of 100% human hair, which is usually non-virgin hair. This means the hair has undergone treatments such as Brazilian Blowouts, coloring, and any other treatment.

This wig hair type is a little bit more budget-friendly, but the hairs are more prone to damage, dryness, and dullness.

  • Synthetic

Synthetic wigs are not made up of human hair; instead, they are made of synthetic hair fibers which mimic the overall aesthetic and feel of human hair. By far, this type of wig is the most inexpensive amongst the three choices.

However, it is not recommended to expose them to heat. The advantage of synthetic wigs is that they are so beneficial for people who are always on-the-go and do not have much time to fix their hairs or their wigs.

I highly recommend synthetic wigs to people who are interested in owning wigs and are not keen on styling them. This type of petite wig does not need to be styled as much while being able to retain its shape.


3. The Importance of Style

Being able to find the style of petite wig which you want to wear for a certain event or occasion or even through everyday life is very important. I am very particular when it comes to the quality and overall style, which is why I tend to reflect and search for stuff before purchasing them.

Whether you want your hair to be super curly, pin straight, or everything in between – the world is your oyster. But as a consumer, I think everyone must purchase at least two wigs to have a variation to their look.

For example, you can have straight hair/wavy hair for your everyday look, and you can have your luscious curls and waves for your events or night out with friends look. Either way, these wigs have saved my hair from damage while saving so much time in getting ready.

You should also keep in mind that the shorter hairstyles are a lot more manageable than their longer counterparts. They will also help if you know which works best for your face shape.


4.The Color

Choosing the perfect color that goes well with your skin tone will be super flattering; however, anyone can rock any hair color they want. I have researched and even looked for hair styling inspiration and tips on Pinterest.

However, more and more people opt for colors which are closest to their original hair color; it looks way more natural. But due to recent trends, which include the unicorn or mermaid trendy hairstyles or Kylie Jenner hairstyles, people are a lot choosy about the color of their petite wigs.

With that being said, there are hundreds of hair colors to choose from, including classic black to ombre unicorn hair.


 5. Choose Your Cap Type

There tons of cap types you can choose from and more and more individuals buy wigs in order to feel a lot more confident while looking stylish.


  • Traditional Wigs

These machine-made wigs have rows of hair which are meticulously sewn and wafted together. There are a lot of traditional wigs that don’t have caps. These “cap-less” wigs promote blood flow to your head and scalp which allows your scalp to breathe, thus giving it a more comfortable feeling.

Traditional wigs are less versatile than other types of wigs when it comes to styles/styling. However, traditional wigs are very affordable and they also provide natural-looking hair.


  • Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament is the most expensive type of wig because it makes the hair look real, healthy, and shiny.  Each hair is individually and meticulously placed on a mesh cap that is transparent, instead of the usual wafted rows like those on a traditional wig.

Being able to make the wig look like it is your real hair looks awesome. This particular type of wig is ideal for both men and women who are suffering from health conditions and are undergoing treatments, or for people who have lost their hair due to hair damage and old age.

A technique is used that makes a convincing replica of real human hair. The wig can be styled as per your liking which makes it the most versatile wig type.


  • Lace Front Wings

Lace front wigs are either made with monofilament transparent mesh caps or traditional wig caps.  They feature individually-tied hairs which are placed on a thin lace around your hairline. This allows users to pull their hair back while still looking natural.


   6. After Care

After I have bought the perfect wigs, I immediately read the guidelines in terms of washing or cleaning it. Wigs are fragile and I always handle them with care. In terms of washing it, it is very normal to wash your wig every two to three days. But personally, I usually wash my wigs after I have used them.

wigs care after

If it is natural human hair, it must be washed at least every other day since human hair can have some type of odor which can be very unpleasant. I usually wash it with baby shampoo and lukewarm water, then apply conditioner for bouncier, healthy looking, silky, smooth hair.

I blow dry and comb it in low to medium heat to lock in the moisture for a more polished look. And, whenever I want to style my wig, I usually style it before I prep it on my head so that I will only do a touch up after securing the wig on my head.



People from all walks of life must not be overwhelmed when purchasing their wigs. Wigs are such fun and they are as good as styling your hair without hair damage which is usually caused by styling tools and products. Most importantly it is time and cost efficient, and you will never have to worry about which type of hairstyle you want to do. Do you want a new look but do not want to splurge hundreds of dollars? Then get yourself the perfect petite wigs on the market just by following these simple steps.

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