Are Instant Locs Bad?

Are Instant Locs Bad

Honestly, instant locs can be bad only if your approach to installation and care is poor. Relate it to what happens if you throw caution to the wind with your own real hair.  As a loc professional, I’ve seen people with loc’d hair thriving for years. Even for over a decade, they’ve maintained momentum in …

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11 Best Synthetic Wig Brands to Buy Good Wigs

Best Synthetic Wig Brands

We are going to see the best synthetic wig brands worldwide. Adding beautiful synthetic wigs to your hair improves your visual appearance.  They are more affordable choices for expensive human hair extensions. But to get a quality close to that of human hair extensions, you should know where to find them.  As a wig wearer, …

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12 Best Hair Extension Brands of 2023

Best Hair Extension Brands

Most hair extension brands in the market rarely come clean about the shortcomings of their extensions.  So, if you’re a novice buyer, you get predisposed to the confusing variety, especially online. It’s hard to settle on the right pick without prior guidance and exposure.  Eventually, you find yourself with a hair extension that loses beauty …

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Uncovering 6 Hidden Cost Factors of Instant Locs

How Much Do Instant Locs

Finding out the price of instant locs can be very helpful when planning to kick off your loc journey. It’s an important element to check before booking an appointment with your loctician. Moving straight to the core point, instant locs cost averagely between $250- $600. And the charges might rise to $1000 or more depending …

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8 Maintenance Tips to Ace Your Instant Locs

How to Maintain Instant Locs

While you’re eager to ace instant locs for a facelift, learning their maintenance is equally important.  Usually, there’s the misconception that instant locs maintenance is less demanding than with loose natural hair.  And some believe it’s the best idea to avoid regular care regimens compared to all hairstyles. This article disputes that by showing instant …

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Instant vs. Starter Locs: Which One is Better?

Instant Locs vs. Starter Locs

If you’ve opened this article, chances are you’re free-spirited and love the vibe locs bring along.  But then you cannot tell instant locs from starter locs. The two terms got you mixed up. Buddy, I’m here to make you decipher the exact differences as a seasoned loctician. I understand your loc journey can be easier only …

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Are Halo Extensions Worth It? The Pros & Cons

Are Halo HAIR Extensions Worth It

Halo extensions offer the quickest way of adding length and volume to your natural hair. They are perfect for everyday wear and simple enough for first-time users. Today, halos are becoming the most desired on the market after stock hair extensions. But some may wonder if these extensions are genuinely worth the investment. Well, halo …

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How Long Do Halo Hair Extensions Last?

How Long Do Halo Hair Extensions Last

Halo hair extensions have grown very popular over the past couple of years. But even with their popularity, the majority of wearers are pretty concerned about their durability. Usually, halo hair extensions can last between 6–24 months with proper maintenance. However, the lifespan may vary according to their quality and how often you wear them. …

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