The Ultimate Guide to Dye Synthetic Hair

How To Style Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic hair is an ideal way to increase hair length and volume. They comprise fibers of different textures and colors. Do you know that you can dye synthetic hair? But, you should know that there are procedures for dying synthetic hair differently. This guide will give you insights on some tips to help you do …

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9 Best Brushes for Hair Extensions

Brushes for Hair Extensions

This is our review of the best brushes for hair extensions in 2022. Hair extensions define how splendid and timeless you appear if brushed and detangled regularly. So, you ought to not overlook the hairbrush you use as it’s a super-important accessory. So, I spent one day researching the extension brushes to help you out. …

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Instant Locs: Pros & Cons, How to Create

Instant Locs

Instant locs have recently gained popularity among dreadlocks fanatics. There are many approaches to starting instant locs today. From plaiting, comb coil, twisting or using the loc extensions. Due to its recent trends, people often wonder whether getting instant dreads is best. I, thus, teamed up with professional Locticians to help you learn about instant …

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How to Wash Hair Extensions? (Step-by-Step)

wash hair extensions

Enjoying the length and luxurious style brought to you by hair extensions is one thing. But how to wash hair extensions is another thing taken lightly yet equally important. Your hair extensions must always be kept clean and well-maintained at all costs. And this might not be clear, especially to ladies wearing extensions for the …

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Crochet Dreads: The Ultimate Guide

Crochet Dreads

Crocheting is a prominent way of starting new locs and maintaining existing dreads. The crochet dreads technique has been a growing topic in recent years. Many people who have locs or are yet to begin their dreadlocks journey often wonder if this is the best choice. I have been using this method on my clients …

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Interlock Dreads: Everything You Need To Know

Interlock Dreads

There are several available locs maintenance methods. Among them, the interlock dreads technique is the most popular. Thus, many people wonder whether the interlocking locs is the best option. As a locs specialist, I have gotten this question several times. I will be breaking down the method to help you learn about interlocking dreadlocks. So, …

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How to Store Hair Extensions?

How to store hair extensions

Most women think the correct care for hair extensions entails detangling, and cleaning from time to time.  You see, there’s more to that. Has it ever struck you that the washing or detangling you do is meaningless without suitable storage? In any case, the clip-in and halo extensions worn and removed every day are subject …

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Dread Detox: The Only Guide You Need

Dreads Detox

Are you frustrated with getting much conflicting information on the internet on dreads detoxing?  Worry no more! I have experienced the versatility and freedom of dreadlocks. I also did a detail about dread detox. So, if you want to learn about dread detox, keep reading to find out more. What is A Dread Detox? Loc …

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