How to Work Out With a Wig On: The Ultimate Guide

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Not so many active people know that they can wear a sports wig, and neither do they have an idea of the best way to do it.

The fear of the wig moving or slipping when you wear it to the gym can be overwhelming.

Especially when you have little faith in the method used to secure it. Or when you are wearing it for the first time to the gym.

In this article, you will learn how to work out with a wig on and wear it with confidence.

Now let’s get started!

Can You Work Out With a Wig On?

Yes! You can do pretty much anything in a wig, including wearing it to the gym.

However, you need to consider the nature of the workout. Doing so will ensure you are not feeling overheated or uncomfortable.

If you are concerned about it falling off, ensure you use a headband, wig glues, or wig clips. They will provide added protection to keep the wig secure and firm.

The wig could also wear out quickly. Therefore, consider synthetic wigs since they are more affordable. But you could also invest in a human hair sports wig due to its good breathability.

In my experience, it would be best to keep a separate workout wig for the gym if you work out regularly.

Work Out With a Wig On

8 Best Ways to Secure the Wig When Working Out

Wearing a wig to the gym may help you feel more confident. Especially when dealing with a hair loss condition like alopecia. Here are simple tips and tricks for securing a workout wig to make it feel more comfortable.

1. Choose a Wig Style

There are some features to consider when getting a gym wig. A good option would be a headband wig for exercise or sports.

Headband wigs have a fitted elastic material that wicks away moisture and provides a firm hold during workouts. 

You do not have to worry about them flying off while running or moving. They are easy to install, unlike the wigs that require glue which needs a lot of work.

On top of that, the headband at the front means that they require little to no customization. You can also wear them down for excellent comfort and breathability.

UNICE Straight Headband Wig

2. Check Your Wig

It is essential to keep the wig from sliding back and forth while exercising; otherwise, it will fly off.

Wigs usually come with combs or clip-in, hairbands, and adjustable parts on the wig. Put on the wig, and then use the headband and wig combs to keep it steady.

If the wig requires installation by hairpins, you can add more pins to keep it even firmer. 

Note: Don’t stick the pins too hard since it might cause tension in the hair and make you uncomfortable.

If the wig installation is via glue, such as a lace front wig, or full lace wig, it is best to add more adhesive. Ensure the glue is sweatproof, so it does not lose its stick when you sweat too much.

Also, waterproof adhesives would be suitable to keep the wig in place when swimming.

3. Do a Test

To avoid an embarrassing situation at the gym, you can first wear the wig to test at home. 

Wear the wig nicely on your hair, braid, ponytail, or however hairstyle you have underneath. Fix it using extra pins or a comb and make sure it holds well.

Then, run or try your preferred workout to see if the wig stays in place. If there is any slip or a feeling of discomfort, adjust it accordingly until it is firm enough.

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4. Do Box Braids

The box braids do not get messy quickly, even if they get wet. Apart from being a protective style, wearing them underneath can keep the wig firm. They even help in extending its lifespan. [1]

Note: Before putting on the wig, you can apply skin toner to the scalp to reduce perspiration.


5. Use a Wig Fix

Gluing the wig down frequently can take a toll on your edges. If necessary, only do it once in a while to protect the scalp.

You are better off working with glueless wigs or full wigs. They keep you from plucking the hair every time you take them off.

Additionally, hold the wig using a wig grip to keep it nice and secure. Wig grips come in different shades; therefore, you can choose one that matches your skin tone.

These grips are very stretchy and can fit any head size. To use them, put them on with the grips facing outwards, wear the wig, adjust then you are good to go!

Wig Fix

6. Tie a Wig Scarf

Put the hair in a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie or an elastic band. Then, using a scarf of your choice, roll it into a band and wrap it around the wig for a finishing look.

The scarf can also hide your hairline to make the wig look more natural. You can use a bandana or any other fabric that feels comfortable on your head. [2]

Wig with hairband

7. Consider Ventilation

Wear short wig styles to make you feel cooler and sweat less during exercise. They also keep the hair off your face and neck, making you more comfortable.

For long hair, you can pull them into a ponytail or bun to reduce heat build-up when working out.

Another way of ventilating would be wearing a wig cap. They act as a protective barrier between the hair and the wig. Besides gripping the wig, it is also an effective method to help reduce sweating.

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8. Don’t Care Too Much

People at the gym are usually busy working out and would not have enough time to be judging.

Someone swearing up at the gym shouldn’t stop you from getting your exercise. You can put on your headphones or ignore what they say. Besides, you aim to work out and not to socialize.

If you are not very confident, using a wig fix and scarfing that wig joint is the way to go!

Final Thoughts

So you already know how to work out with a wig on. You could follow the above guide closely to do it correctly and boost your confidence. Now, let’s choose a quality headband wig for your gym fitness routine.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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