Cornrow Wigs 101: Everything You Need to Know


The cornrow wig style has been described as a new, epic level of braiding as of today. It is a type of braiding that you have probably never seen before. What is so special about this style of braiding with African roots? To give you an idea about this braiding style, you may read further the information below about this stunning cornrow …

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Balayage Hair: The Fullest Guide


Do you want to elevate your hairstyle to make you more appealing and beautiful? If your answer is “yes”, why not try this trendy called “balayage hair,” which is becoming popular nowadays. So, what exactly is “balayage?” and how is it different from other wigs? To give you an idea of what is balayage, take time …

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Yaki Wigs: A Beginner’s Guide


Some people who haven’t heard of a Yaki wig would normally wonder, “Is that a wig made in Japan?” or “Is a Yaki wig made from the hair of Japanese women?” The term “Yaki” may sound Japanese (think of yakisoba, yaki udon Issey MiYaki), but the truth is, it does not refer to the country …

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Why Indian Human Hair Wig is Popular?


One of the biggest sources of hair for wigs is India. In fact, in 2016 alone, the estimated worth of human hair it exported was $300 million.[1] As a result, there has been a surge of wigs made of human hair from India, so it is no wonder why Indian wigs are popular and in …

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The 14 Best Festivals for Wearing Wigs


Who’s excited to experience the fun and thrill of an international festival or event? What if the celebration calls for you to wear an awesome wig? It will surely double the excitement! Here is a list of 14 exciting festivals and events around the world that you can celebrate wearing your colorful and magnificent wigs. …

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9 Tips to Help You Swim with a Wig


Lots of peopel wonder this question: can I swim in my wig? If you are one of those who seek an answer to that question, find relief in this answer: YES! But there are a lot of things to consider. So the following are 9 important guidelines you need to know when you swim with …

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Why Lawyers Wear Wigs in Court?


Have you been in court? Did you see the juries and the judge wearing a wig? Did you ever wonder why? Well, let me tell you something about those wigs in court. Influence from the Past In the year 1625, there was a paper that wanted to change the dress of a high court official. …

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