How To Determine Your Loc Sizes?

Dreadlock Size

Choosing the right locs size chart can be tedious for many loc enthusiasts. Many people already have a perfect picture of what their locs should look like. However, it is essential to know that hair texture and density differ. So, whatever works for another person might not work for you. As a certified Loctician, I …

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The Guide to Permanent Loc Extensions

Permanent hair extension

Are you looking to grow Locs but are concerned about the locs phase, which takes years? Well, there is a way that you can bypass that locking phase – permanent loc extensions. Being a professional locs stylist and enthusiast, I did extensive research on permanent loc extensions. So, today, I will walk you through detailed …

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Your Guide to the 5 Stages of Locs

Locs Stage By Month

Sculpting your hair into locs is a time-consuming process yet a worthwhile decision. For a successful loc journey, knowing the different loc stages by month is necessary.  The locs undergo five different stages. It begins from the starter stage, through the budding stage, teen stage, maturity stage, and finally, the rooted stage. These phases take …

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Are Dreads Dirty? and How to Keep it Clean

Are Dreads Dirty

Are Dreads Dirty? For the short answer, it is NO! With proper care, dreads are not dirty. I have had clients ask me this very question. For years, dreads have been regarded as dirty and dreadful. But they aren’t. Dreads are gorgeous. They are tightly knotted hair that is low-key, a cool investment. They are …

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How To Choose Your Hair Extension Color?

Choose Hair Extension Colors

If you’re like most women, you have a few hair extensions in your drawer that you rarely use. Maybe the style doesn’t quite match your hair, or the color doesn’t suit you. Today, I will teach you how to choose the color of your hair extensions to make sure they look natural and enhance your …

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How To Sleep with Hair Extensions?

Sleep with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions invigorate your day with a random feeling of elegance and self-confidence. But how do you maintain these aspects for the next day when night falls. One thing, your hair has to be safe and free from damage till morning. And when it comes to you- how do you sleep comfortably with hair extensions?  …

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Sew-in Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions have been the advancing rage in youth and adults since the 90s. It’s with no doubt that your mother and grandmother might have worn them before.  They are crazily popular because of their ability to tuck away one’s natural hair. In addition, the lifespan of the sew-in weave surpasses that of most …

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The Complete Guide to Permanent Hair Extensions

permanent hair extensions

One contentious term has been sparking controversies among women recently. And that’s none other than permanent hair extensions. Is it a new type of extensions storming the market? Well, it’s nothing out of the ordinary but a way of categorizing long-lasting hair extensions. As an extensions specialist, I’m here to talk about permanent extensions. You’re …

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