11 Best Wig Companies in the UK

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Wig Companies in the UK

Times come when you search for the right wig with nearly no sign of coming across quality. 

It’s not that you do not know how to research. But chances are you’re searching in the wrong places. 

For UK residents looking for the best UK wig companies, your futile research ends at this point. My experience with wigs unfolds the best brands I’ve known over the years.

Upcoming is insightful information on our compilation of the best UK wig shops. Prepare yourself to discover something new of benefit in the near future.  

Simply Wigs

Simply Wigs is the UK’s top-wig retailer, run by a family with first-hand experience with hair loss. The ordeal led them to develop this company with high-end wigs in 2007. 

They’re dedicated to providing customers with integrity and credible services out of their passion for hair. 

Not forgetting, they take into account both genders. In other words, they cater to both men’s and women’s wig needs by providing wigs independently. Men have their own wigs, as well as women. 

Speaking of their wigs, they sell wigs from more than 20 leading hair manufacturing brands in the market. They deal with nothing average and below standards. Plus, they’re considerate of variety with all the wig types available. 

Talk of hand-tied, synthetic, human hair, monofilament, lace fronts, and wefted wigs; you’ll get them right here. All these wigs are easy to use, soft, and tangle-free. With one piece, you can have it for more than a year if cared for properly.

Contact Details:

  • The address: Spa Fields Industrial Estate, 2a-2e, New St, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield HD7 5BB, United Kingdom
  • Phone number: +44 1484 844557
  • Email: info@simplywigs.co.uk
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simply_wigs/
Simply Wigs

A-list Lace Hair

As the name suggests, A-list Lace Hair focuses on closures, full lace wigs, and lace front wigs. Their main concern is wigs with undetectable lace material, making them stand tall among other wig suppliers. 

Their wigs boast a wholesome assortment. You can source braided, T-part, yaki, and kinky wigs from them. They are straight, curly, or wavy for a change of style in ladies, and most are made from virgin human hair.

In consideration of the beauty of all ages, their wigs are for men, women, and children experiencing alopecia. It doesn’t matter whether it’s mild or severe; reversing the situation is of the greatest significance to them. 

You can do a walk-in at their London-based hair studio or purchase over their online site. Feel free to engage them even if you’re after a customized wig. If you want to spice up your appeal with color, get them busy, as best customer service means much to them. 

Contact Details:

  • The address: 203A North End Road, West Kensington, London W14 9NL, United Kingdom
  • Phone number: (+44) 0207 060 2275, (+44) 07944 020044
  • Email: info@a-listlacehair.com
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alistlacehair/
A-list Lace Hair


You can discreetly shop at Lullabellz, a notable wig retailer. They dedicate their energy and innovations towards unveiling the best wigs to wig lovers worldwide. They always ensure they’re also at par with the hair fashion trends. 

Being one of the UK retailers with wig afterpay payments, they care about your pocket. During checkouts, you can pay in 4 equal interest-free installments over 6 weeks via Klarna. That enables healthy financial planning if you want to get the most expensive yet high-quality wig.

They vend lace front wigs and fringe front wigs. Most of their wigs come with two caps and a satin storage bag. They’re concerned about comfortable wear and appropriate wig storage when you’re not wearing it.

If you’re a student, they subsidize prices for you. Check their mind-blowing discounts and take advantage of them. 

Contact details:



Choosing WIGgiT for your wig needs means guaranteed charming and magnificent looks. The wigs by them provide an instant makeover for a wonderful transformation. This triggers a revitalized spirit of confidence and good feelings about oneself.

If you’re smart-dressed, then the world fails not to recognize your presence. Keep heads turning by wearing their human hair or synthetic afro-hair wigs, lace fronts, and lace part wigs. The brand is about giving every individual excellent hair, regardless of race. 

They’re located in Cambridge, and you could visit their store if you’re in close proximity. Ladies who love laying down their baby hairs can take up their edge curl creams and other items for wig care. Make your orders as soon as you find them best for you as they deliver worldwide. 

Contact Details:


Lush Wigs

Lush Wigs brings forth a sense of fashion with their stylish wig products. When you land on their website, all you see are attractive wigs ready to rock you up with vibrancy. They’re ranked as one of the best wig sellers in the UK who offer incomparable hair pieces. 

The wigs come in unique colors and appear very natural. And they’re made from premium heat-resistant synthetic fibers. A free wig cap in the package accompanies every order on their platform. 

Moreover, the wigs could be pixies, long-haired with bangs, wavy, curly, or bob-like. They intrigue a new, gorgeous facelift on you with their wide selection. Good news is they also have a huge presence and following on Instagram because of their authentic wigs.

Contact Details:

  • The address: Pembroke House, Llantarnam Park Way, Cwmbran, Torfaen, United Kingdom, NP44 3AU. 
  • Phone number: 020 8648 5541 
  • Email: shop@lushwigs.com
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lush_wigs/
Lush Wigs

Joseph’s Wigs

Here comes one of the longest-serving wig designers and sellers in the industry. The enterprise has been in existence for more than 50 years. Their customer base lies majorly in the UK, with their shops in Surrey and Swansea. 

They have a solid reputation for premium wig units and wig services. Their wigs are luxurious and outstanding so that you bear your own look. They are synthetic or human hair with monofilament, lace front, hand-tied, or machine-wefted caps. 

As for men, they have invisible toupees for concealing balds. They prioritize cancer or alopecia conditions with genuine regard for renewing their former hair look. And that’s why they allow in-person appointments in their wig fitting rooms to get the best wig for you.  

They have a sister company in Wales called Joseph’s Tiara Wigs. Wherever you go, you will receive great services out of their never-ending enthusiasm for hair.

Contact Details:

  • The address: Joseph’s Wigs, 24 Rosehill Court, Bishopsford Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 6JS
  • Phone number: (+44) 020 8648 5541 
  • Email: sales@josephs-wigs.com
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/josephswigs/
Joseph's Wigs

Annabelle’s Wigs

Anabelle’s Wigs is home to all vegans. Based in Brighton, UK, their interests align with synthetic wigs made of vegan fibers. Now, vegans within the UK and worldwide have wigs they can wear without controversies.

These wigs are superior in terms of ethical production and standards of quality. They have a rich collection of cosplays, lace front wigs, pastel wigs, and half wigs. These wigs are either short, medium length, long straight, curly/wavy, ombre, or colored in appearance. 

On top of that, the wigs are soft and silky. They provide you with a touch of comfort when you put them on. You will feel no irritations because of how plump and cozy they are. And the wig shop displays care guides and how-to-wear instructions for every wig product.

Contact Details:



MyFirstWig began in 2015. This wig website was established with amateur wig wearers in mind. They geared themselves towards enabling women to easily wear their wigs and own up to the new look. They wanted to see first-timers easily adapting to the wig lifestyle without facing tussles. 

They work with headband wigs and lace wigs. So, this is the go-to place if you’re looking for a UK platform with headband wigs. Their wigs are natural, attractive, and realistic because they are made from virgin hair. 

The wigs come in 6 colors and are Malaysian or Indian hair types. And the company provides video tutorials for beginners. They teach how to manage wigs and allow you to choose the cap size that fits snugly on you. 

Contact Details



This brand, on your first approach, frankly, tells you what to expect. Their spectacular hair warrants a chic hairdo for yourself. Stay hot, stay fancy with the help of their wig pieces. 

It was launched in 1988 when they began selling online and at their physical stores in London. For an in-store updo, you should make an appointment prior and in good time to fetch the best treatment and coordination. 

They create their own-label wigs and can be found in high-end street shops in the UK. And their wigs are designed to be luxurious, modish, and fit perfectly at your hairline. When worn, they’re unnoticeable as wigs, and people get the illusion it’s your hair. 

Contact Details


Valentine Wigs

Valentine Wigs is a family-owned web store and wig supplier founded in 2005. They’re devoted to offering wholesome wig services to their clients in the most professional way possible. 

Its two founders managed the venture until one passed away in 2014. From there, the remaining co-founder teamed up with his wife, daughters, and granddaughter to ensure the growth of the online shop. They’ve made thousands of sales through their wig merchandise. 

Of all the wig brands, they focus on wigs from Jon Renau, Belle Tress, Gabor, Noriko, and Raquel Welsh. The list goes beyond those already mentioned. The wigs have nice curl patterns and feel soft and full when worn. 

They also offer how-to guides. If you require guidance on how to work with your wig, they’re good at that. Just surf over their site, and you’ll have the necessary information. 

Contact Details

Valentine Wigs

Wig Is Fashion

Wig Is Fashion is solely an online wig store that aims to enrich the beauty of women. They started off in 2010. Basically, they have more than 10 years of experience in providing good hair products internationally. 

They stock up lace front wigs and full lace wigs. And they are a widely-known wig supplier to both wholesalers and retailers. Their factory is in China, where all their products are shipped from to your doorstep, though prominent in the UK.

Surprisingly, their wigs have more than 400 styles available. This is something great to leverage on as a wig wearer. You will definitely have the opportunity to explore them until you’re satisfied. 

Contact details:

Wig Is Fashion

Final Thoughts

Every UK-based wig company listed here is big on fashion, trends, and quality. So, it’s more than just online sellers. Hopefully, you will find your way around after completing this read. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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