10 Most Popular Types of Wig Caps for Your Choice

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Wig Cap Constructions

The new wig cap technology is lighter, sturdy, and looks more natural. In fact, they can make it difficult to tell apart high-quality synthetic wigs and human hair wigs.

Therefore, choosing the right wig cap is vital since every cap style gives a different look. Also, each type has its benefits and drawbacks.

However, the topic of wig cap construction has conflicting opinions among wig wearers.

Today, we outlined detailed information to help you learn about wig cap types.

Let’s get to it!

10 Different Types of Wig Cap Construction

Understanding the different wig cap styles is important to help you pick the right wig. Here are the major wig cap types, including their functions and characteristics.

1. Basic Wig Cap

This wig cap is also known as a classic cap, standard cap, capless cap, open cap, or wefted cap. They are the most common design and the least expensive wig cap design.

It has wefts of hair that are machine made or hand-sewn on vertical lace strips onto the cap. These strips are then woven to make the hair appear to be growing in different directions.

Moreover, the basic wig cap is lightweight and breathable. The wefts are less dense and have open spaces to allow for more ventilation. Its cap also has a soft closed lace layer at the crown.

Unfortunately, they lack styling versatility. The hair is only parted on one side, and you can not re-part it in whichever direction.

2. Lace Front Wig Cap

Lace front wig caps usually range from 13×4 to 13×6 lace front wigs. The hair is hand-tied to a section of sheer lace at the front of the cap. They, therefore, create an illusion of natural hair growing out of your front hairline.

Additionally, they have lace in the front and traditional wefts in the back. Because they mimic a natural hairline, you can freely part your hair in the front lace area.

Lace front wigs have combs and clips pre-sewn into the cap and an adjustable strap that you can tighten by an inch. This make is an ideal glueless lace wig since you don’t have to secure it using wig adhesives.

Moreover, their front hairline can either extend from ear to ear or temple-to-temple. This construction makes it perfect for pulling the hair into half updos.

3. Full Lace Wig Cap

These are 100% hand-tied human hair wigs and thus the most secure cap type. The entire wig has a lace cap construction hand-knotted from the front, crown, back, and sides.

As a result, it imitates the movement of real hair and allows for free parting anywhere. And no matter how you style the wig, it will still look natural.

Moreover, they come with pre-sewn combs and clips with an adjustable strap that you can tighten by an inch. You, therefore, don’t have to secure it using glue. Instead, use the combs and clips, then adjust the strap to keep the wig firm and secure.

Full lace wig caps are also very breathable and comfortable to wear. This makes them ideal for those experiencing hair loss.

4. Mono Wig Cap

A mono wig cap has hand-tied hair strands that look like natural hair growth. The hair moves freely and offers the flexibility to part in different directions.

This wig’s cap construction makes it very durable. You do not have to worry about the hair strands coming out.

Moreover, it has a monofilament at the part, crown, or entire top of the wig. The wig cap also has a soft sheer fabric that allows for ventilation and breathability.

On top of that, the double mono top is preferably a medical-type cap and is good for sensitive scalps. It can also be comfortable for those with no hair or experiencing hair loss. [1]

5. Silk Top Wig Cap

Made of a triple silk layer material, silk top wigs are the most realistic and natural wig caps.

The hair is usually injected through the first silk layer. They are then concealed with another layer, making the knots 100% invisible.

Besides, these strands will appear to grow straight from your scalp. The silk top hides the knots of hair strands for a more natural-looking, skin-toned scalp.

Furthermore, the silk top wig cap tends to sit flatter on the head and offer ventilation for more comfort.

6. Lace Closure Wig Cap

Closure wig cap types usually have 4×4 to 6×6 lace closure patches. It has free hair movement and allows you to create a definite part at the front. The hair will appear natural as if growing from your scalp.

Furthermore, most lace closure wig caps have clips and combs. There is also an adjustable strap to keep them firm and secure. They are much easier to install, and you can apply them without using adhesives.

The closure wig cap types are less expensive and last longer with proper maintenance. They are good for beginners since it is simple to apply and maintain.


7. 360 Lace Wig Cap

360 lace wig caps have a lace going around the entire perimeter of the wig. The lace is around 4.5 inches thick to the front and 2 inches wide to the back.

Besides, they have fuller hair at the crown, and you can install them with glue or without glue. The middle part is machine-made and sewn onto a breathable cap.

With a 360 lace wig cap, you can easily create updo styles. The perimeter looks like the scalp, so you don’t have to worry about the wefts or edges showing. Moreover, you can make it more natural by creating baby hairs around the wig. 

360 wigs

8. Headband Wig Cap

These are wigs attached to a headband. They are elastic and meant to fit around the perimeter of the head. Besides, the material is stretchy, durable, and soft for comfortable wearing.

Headband wigs do not have any lace and therefore need no glue to keep them secure. This only means that you can easily wear them and take them off.

This wig cap construction can keep the wig from sliding while protecting the edges. Moreover, some headband caps come with combs and clips for additional security.

These wig caps are good for those who dislike using gels or adhesives. Also, beginners can use them since they are easy to install and maintain.

UNICE Straight Headband Wig

9. T Part Wig Cap

The lace part of this wig cap has a T shape. A typical T-part lace wig has a 13×6×1 T shape parting space. Also known as the side part wig cap, these wigs have lace across the front of the wig from ear to ear (13 inches wide) and in the parting area (6 inches long).

The lace is relatively less than other lace wigs but is long enough for the parting area. It has a full front hairline that looks like the hair is growing from the scalp. Besides, you can purchase a T part wig with the parting area on either the right, middle, or left portion of the cap.

Moreover, the rest of the wig cap is machine-made making it way more affordable. They also come ready to use with one on the nape and combs on the sides. Still, an adjustable strap is at the back to keep it more stable.

13x6x1 inches T Part Wigs

10. U Part Wig Cap

U part wigs have a U-shaped section cut into the front part of the wig. The U shape is small and can be located at the cap’s middle, center, or side to achieve different styles.

The opening at the front of the cap allows you to leave a small section of your hair out. Doing so can blend your hair to make it appear to be growing out of the scalp. You can also attach a closure to give a better natural-looking hairline.

They are also very easy and quick to install. Moreover, U part wig caps are more breathable and can be comfortable for those taking a break from wearing wigs.

U Part Wigs

How To Choose the Right Wig Cap

The best wig cap type is critical to protect your hair and keep you comfortable. But picking the right wig cap can be difficult given the varieties on the market. Here are some simple tips to help you choose the right one.

Natural Look

You’ll want to consider full lace, lace front, and 360 lace wig caps for a seamless and natural look. All of these give the illusion of a naturally growing hairline and hair growing from the scalp. You can easily lay down the fine baby hairs to make your wig look more realistic.

women with wigs-2

Comfortable Feel

Consider purchasing a wig cap that is lightweight, soft, and breathable. These would be comfortable to wear for any occasion.

I recommend using mono wig caps for cancer patients suffering hair loss. Also, headband wigs are great for working out.

Note: Pay attention to the wig cap size. Go for a wig cap with a snug fit to the scalp so it wouldn’t slide or fall off.

Versatility In Styling

The wig cap type should allow you to create different hairstyles. This is achievable with the cap construction that imitates the movement of real hair.

Wig caps that can offer flexibility in styling would be full lace and 360 lace wigs. These will be easy to part, and they will still look natural however you style them.

women with wigs-3

Installation Difficulty

It is essential to look into the installation difficulty for wig beginners. This is because some wigs need installation skills and can even rip off if not handled with care.

A wig cap that could be easy to install and remove by newbies would be the basic, T-Part, or U-Part, and closure wigs.

Quick Tip: The more lace a wig has, the more installation skills it requires.



The better the wig’s quality, the more you will have to spend. For instance, full lace is the most expensive, and the weft wigs are very cheap. Also, the pricing depends on the craftsmanship and quality of the hair.

For instance, human hair will cost more than synthetic wigs. Also, a wig with Remy hair will be pricier than those with non-Remy hair.

Still, consider buying a wig that is within your budget. Remember that a good quality wig will last longer and look more natural.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the different wig cap types. As you can see, every wig cap construction gives a completely different look and feel. You can follow this guide to make an informed choice.

Which wig cap is your favorite? Let us know your comments below!

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Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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