12 Best Websites to Buy Halo Hair Extensions

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Best Websites to Buy Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions offer a solution for those who want to add more volume and length to their hair. Unlike other extensions, you secure them to your head using an invisible wire. No glue, tapes, or clips are necessary!

However, the number of hair companies is increasing by the day due to the high demand for hair products. All are assuring their customers of high-quality and durable halo hair extensions. 

This can make finding the right halo hair extensions supplier challenging. More so for first-time buyers.

Today, we compiled a detailed guide to help you find places to buy halo hair extensions.

Let’s begin!

Goo Goo Hair

Goo Goo Hair

Goo Goo Hair has more than 20 years in the hair industry. They offer a 360-degree approach to turning thin hair into full natural hair in an instant.

The company is well known for its gorgeous 100% Remy human hair halo extensions. These extensions are lightweight, easy to apply, and blend naturally.

For returns, the company holds a 30-day return policy as long as the items are not worn, damaged, or dyed. The refunds may take 1-2 business days after the return.

Full Shine

Full Shine

Full Shine is a direct customer service factory with years of experience crafting quality human hair extensions.

They offer 100% Remy hair halo extensions that comply with quality, environment, and safety standards. The color of the hair extensions is very stable and has no smell.

Moreover, they promise informed expert opinions and satisfying online customer service. The staff is usually concerned with client purchases before and after sales.

Also, the return and refund policies last up to 30 days from the day of purchase or delivery. Your order has to be sealed and in its original state to get a refund.

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is one of the most highly-rated hair extension brands today. This hair company works to provide the best Remy human hair products and deliver an unbeatable customer experience to all its buyers.

Usually, Luxy hair delivers their packages with a tester on the top compartment. The tester can help you determine if the hair delivered matches your hair color. If not, you can request an exchange or refund. The company has a 60-day return policy from the day of the purchase.

Amazing Beauty Hair

Amazing Beauty Hair

Amazing Beauty Hair, founded in 2016, produces hair extensions and accessories. The company focuses majorly on Remy hair extensions with superior quality.

Also, the hair is hand selected and undergoes a rigorous process that make them seamlessly blend with natural hair.

Their halo hair extensions are effortless to apply and beginner-friendly. They are also washable, and you can color them any way you desire.

For purchases, there is an option to buy a hair sample of your preferred color to confirm if it’s the correct shade. The company also gives a 30-day free return or exchange policy for all delivered products.

Zala Hair

Zala Hair

Zala Hair is highly advanced and strives to produce easy to use hair products. It recently made the list of the top hair websites selling luxurious hair extensions.

They make halo extensions from 100% Remy human hair. The hair extensions come in more than 14 different shades and four different lengths. Moreover, they are soft, tangle free, and blend perfectly with natural hair.

You can return or exchange your order within 180 days of receiving it, as long as the seal is not broken.

Sassina Hair

Sassina Hair Extensions

Sassina Hair Extensions has been in the hair industry for over 10 years. It is a hair vendor dealing hair extensions, lace wigs, and hair bundles for black women.

The company’s flip-in hair extensions feature high-quality human hair and are very easy to use. After ordering, they deliver your item to your doorstep and loyal customers may qualify for free shipping.

Moreover, you can exchange your order for a different length or shade after delivery. The company accepts returns within 60 days of delivery and has low return rates. The refunds may take between 2 – 5 days.

Vario Hair

Vario Hair

Vario hair extension produces an assortment of custom products, giving women the simplest way to get longer and thicker hair.

Their products have 100% human hair with no added chemicals. They sell human hair halo extensions that can be washed, dyed, and easily styled using heat.

Also, Vario hair company has very professional suppliers handling online orders. After placing an order, you will get a confirmation email with a tracking code for your purchase. The orders may take between 1 – 2 business days to process.



The company was founded in 2006 and is now a top African American Remy human hair supplier. They recently added quality Virgin human hair products to their store.

LaaVoo produces many hair extensions, including micro loop, clip-ins, I tip, tape-ins, nano ring, and halo extensions. All their products are rigorously tested to provide the best wearing experience.

Typically, the item takes about 24 hours to ship once you have placed your order. The company also has a return and refund policy of 30 days, and they take 2 – 3 days to complete the refund process.

Hetto Hair

Hetto Hair

Hetto is a leading wholesale online hair extensions supplier with several years of experience in the hair industry.

It offers top-quality, 100% Remy and Virgin human hair extensions at low prices. You can buy quality human hair halo extensions and enjoy free shipping on all orders.

For orders, you can send a photo of your hair and the staff will assist you in finding the correct shade depending on your hair color. Customized orders are also available!

The company has a 30-day refund and return policy after order delivery.

Reecho Hair

Reecho Hair

Reecho Hair is an American hair product supplier that produces hair extensions from synthetic hair and sells them at affordable prices.

With its technology, Reecho Hair ensures its synthetic halo extensions have the most natural feel and look. They also offer the best customer service to give their customers an enjoyable shopping experience.

The company has a 14-day refund and exchange policy, but the item has to be in its original condition with no breakages.

Fshine Hair

Fshine Hair

Fshine hair is another leading online wholesale hair extension company. It is well known for its high-quality human hair extensions and affordable prices.

Over the years, Fshine has developed an effective and harmless method of dying hair extensions. The technique ensures the hair extensions’ color is stable and has no smell.

Moreover, customers can enjoy expert opinions and free shipping on all orders. Fshine Hair has a 30-day return policy, and the item has to be in its original condition when returned.

Hidden Crown Hair

Hidden Crown Hair

Hidden Crown Hair was established in 2013 to produce high-quality, affordable, and easy to use hair extensions being worn by celebrities such as Iggy Azalea, Hailey Baldwin, and Khloé Kardashian.

The company prides itself in producing halo couture extensions that come in 3 different designs and eight lengths. These extensions are designed with expertise to ensure daily use and comfort.

You can return or exchange your purchase within 30 days of receiving your order. However, the return has to be in the original condition with no broken seals.

Final Thoughts

Now you know where to buy halo hair extensions. Also, if you are looking to buy halo extensions, consider this list of the best halo hair extensions for thin hair.

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