6 Best Hair Websites to Buy Clip-in Extensions

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Websites to Buy Clip-in Extensions

Your search for the right place to buy salon-quality clip-in extensions ends today.

This article collates the most prominent websites for clip-ins. As an expert stylist, I arrived at the list after extensive research and examination. 

I realized that several newer brands come to light as days go by. The brands flooding the hair industry make it hard for consumers to find authentic sellers. 

Solving the challenge, we’ll show you the right trajectory for your money’s worth. 

Stay tuned to discover where to buy clip-ins for your next special event. 

Clip Hair

Of all online hair stores over the internet, ClipHair is notable and widely known for 100% Remy hair. Clip-in extensions are their leading merchandise and their best-selling products. Their dominance in the industry sprouted from top hair quality and reasonable prices.

They got established in 2007 in Sutton, London. At the heart of the UK’s capital, they’re the fastest-growing hair company taking over Europe. And despite Europe being their major market, they deliver to all places in the world. 

To be sure of what to expect from them, they produce various full-head clip-in extensions. Some are solely for volume, and others for both volume and length, depending on your desires. The clip-ins are seamless, double-weft, ultra-volume, and classic straight and curly.

For the thickest hair, ultra-volume clip-in extensions are the most suitable. If you want to avoid full-head installations, they provide one-piece quad-weft clip-in extensions. All their varieties are available in vast color and length options. 

Moreover, their hair experts provide competent information to guide your care regimen. You can approach them for more information because they are customer-focused. 

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Clip Hair

Bellami Hair

In every hair forum, it’s rare not to come across the mention of this popular US hair brand. Bellami is a reputable site recognized for its ethically-sourced Remy hair. Everything about them is at the highest level of professionalism. 

As a matter of fact, their stunning unique shades of hair will blow your mind. Their specialization is clip-in extensions in lace-weft or silk seam invisi-weft types. Both exist in natural shades, ombre, and five spectacular balayage shades. 

In total, they have 40+ shades to choose from. Their color-matching services help you to select the ideal shade for you. Your satisfaction is their topmost priority as they take pride in raising women’s confidence. 

The lengths of the clip-in extensions range from 16”- 24”. To them, long, luscious hair uplifts your hair freedom in ways that augment your physique. You’re free to play around with it and create unique hairstyles to kill the monotony of look. 

Bellami Hair

Hidden Crown Hair

Hidden Crown Hair pursues women’s empowerment with its founder Shelley Goodstein. Their production of hair extensions seeks to transform women in all ways possible. They want to see ladies wearing their crowns high as they’re magnificent beauties.

In support of that, they make superior quality clip-in extensions in the US. These clip-ins are the classic quad-wefted, the seamless silicone-wefted, and the flip-ups. They’re soft, comfortable, undetectable Remy hair products.

The flip-up clip-in extensions are their most unique set. These extensions are fixed upside down, which is great for hair updos like ponytails. All the clip-in extensions come in various luxurious lengths and colors.

Their aid in color selection is more diverse and technological. You can order their color swatch box, get it for free but pay for shipment. Alternatively, you engage their hair professionals or use their virtual biometric approach.

Once you know the best color fit, you can buy their clip-in extensions. If a one-time payment is difficult, they offer hair afterpay payment in 4 equal installments via ShopPay. 

They ease the accessibility of their items for you to enjoy the benefits. 

Hidden Crown Hair

Zala Hair

Zala Hair began in 2013, purposely to power women with 100% human hair. They discovered the hair industry is unregulated. It’s easy to stumble upon sly brands that mix synthetic hair with human hair and regard it as purely human. 

This transparency deficit steamed their entry into the market to meet quality standards. They source their human hair from Eastern Europe and Asia. They buy themselves and take the hair to their factories for refinement into more shades.

From their store, you can shop the original quad-weft clip-ins, seamless clip-ins, or one-piece volumizers. You can also get Remy hair or keratin clip-in ponytail extensions in 12”. 16”, 22”, and 26”.

As for the clip-in extension wefts, they are in 7 lengths: 12”, 14”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 26”, and 30”. Each length is available in 5 or 9-piece sets, depending on the volume you’re after. The hair strands are double-drawn with thick and healthy ends.

They offer payment using Afterpay. Feel free to split your payments according to their 4-installment plan. The first installment gets paid when checking out for delivery arrangements to begin. 

Zala Hair

Glam Seamless

Glam Seamless is all about invoking your hair with a stylish demeanor. They glam you up with professionally-made seamless hair extensions. They ensure that the hair you see celebrities putting on on the red carpet is easily reachable by you. 

Their hair manufacture undergoes strict inspections to match appropriate technology. They’re credible in their services by generating non-shedding and naturally thick hair lasting up to a year. You’ll notice that their clip-in extensions take long before they wear out. 

Before launching their products, they’re salon and client-tested to verify the quality level. The company takes quality adherence with the seriousness it deserves. They dedicate their work to giving customers value for their investment.

The assortment of clip-ins includes the invisi clip-ins, single, and beach wave clip-ins. They also produce PV luxe clip-ins, which are very discreet and offer more volume per pack. The clip-in hair is thick from top to bottom, with an incredible glow that easily blends with your real hair.

Glam Seamless

Irresistible Me

This time, you may try clip-in extensions from Irresistible Me. The New York brand got into the hair space in 2012. As their name says, they aim to provide irresistible hair, hair that takes you by storm at first glance. 

In their manufacture, they strive to provide hair that works for you in every aspect. The hair meets your expectations because of the multiple colors, lengths, and textures. Their clip-in extensions are pure human hair material for durability and invisibility. 

Selection-wise, they boast 4 main types of clip-in extensions. They have the classic, invisible, curly & kinky, and volumizer weft clip-ins. The classic type is their best-selling category, while the volumizer wefts are for intense volume. 

The curly and kinky clip-in extensions are pre-texturized in 3A, 3C, and 4C curl patterns. Those looking to spice their look with curls or kinks could use this brand to their satisfaction. The invisible clip-ins are great for achieving long-lasting comfortable wear. 

Irresistible Me

In a Nutshell

No matter the brand and type of clip-in, be vigilant on quality, prices, color, and texture. And where you buy your clip-ins should meet your desires for clip-in extensions. Happy shopping ahead!

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Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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