Wearing Wigs in the Summer: 7 Easy Tips to Follow

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For most people, summer is the ideal time to enjoy the outside and the beauty of nature. As for wig wearers, these are days to adjust their wig routine to the new season of excruciating heat. 

Recently, I met outspoken women in Miami who were against wearing wigs for summer, citing discomfort.

In my experience, they barely know how to beat the heat while in wigs. 

For that reason, I’m going to elaborate on the best tips for keeping your head cooler in the wig.

So, stick around; there’s much to grasp. 

Wearing Wigs in the Summer? 7 Tips for Staying Cooler

Wigs are excellent beauty and confidence boosters. Instead of forgoing them over the summer, apply these helpful tips to slay in one unapologetically. 

1. Wear Short Wigs

Short wigs are just as effective as long wigs at enhancing your natural beauty while on holiday but are far more comfortable and cooler.

Any wig considered short is less than 12 inches when straight, less than 14 inches when wavy, and 16 inches curly. 

Here is a table for short-length wigs:

  Wig StyleShort Length (inches)
Straight8 -12 
Wavy8 -14 
Curly8 -16 

To be sure, choose wigs that lie way above the shoulders, such as chin-length bob wigs, textured pixie cuts, and sleek lobs. 

Loose long hair on your back makes your neck unbearably hot. Your skin definitely becomes oily and perspires in the heat, which shortens the time your wigs stay on. 

wigs for summer - short wig

However, we cannot deprive ladies, who rigidly love long hair, of their desires.

Rather than letting it stay loose, you can style the mid-length or long wig into a high ponytail or bun. Alternatively, tie it up using a jaw clip to allow your neck to breathe.

2. Choose Low-density Wigs

Working on your wig’s length but not its density does not fully address the heat issue.

As you choose short wigs, check that the wig’s density is low; any density value of 100% and below. Such wigs are very lightweight compared to high-density wigs, enabling air to reach your scalp for a cooling effect. 

But always keep in mind that the wig hair should look natural on you no matter how low the density is. The hair should not be abnormally light and sparse. When the wig hair covers your entire head beautifully, you’ll feel bold to walk around in it. 

3. Opt for Lighter Colors

Apart from selecting short and low-density wigs, you need to avoid dark-colored wigs at your stylist.

Let the summer days find you in wigs of lighter colors such as 613, pink, purple, and rainbow, upon which heat bounces away. If you have them on, you’ll feel cool and trendy since they are a fad.

wigs for summer - pink & 613 hair women

It can be hard shifting from dark colors, but melting under the fierce sun couldn’t be any better.

Dark colors like black and dark brown tend to absorb much heat, and for your head, it gets unendurable. It’s quite similar to how you feel in dark clothes in summer because you normally feel burning hot after a few minutes. [1]

4. Use a Wig Cap

Another hack to consider is the design of your wig cap and if you usually wear one beneath.

Every wig cap provides a protective barrier between your wig and your scalp. But some lack ventilation, especially traditional wig caps. That’s crucial to keep you cool and comfortable during your prolonged stay outside.

On your shopping spree, check that your pick is a mesh cap for it to be super breathable and let the heat escape.

But remember, the wig cap should give the appearance of your scalp for the most realistic look on your head.

Wig Cap

Otherwise, you can wear wig liners alone or beneath the wig caps for additional comfort. It’s a matter of preference, but greatly important for highly-perspiring ladies.

Wig liners transform your wigs into cooling wigs by absorbing sweat and wicking it away to the outer parts of the wig.

Your scalp stays fresh and free from sweating and irritation, and your beach vacation in San Diego turns out peaceful.

#TIP: Sprinkling baby powder lightly on your scalp before fixing the wig can be a suitable substitute for wig caps or liners. It will still suck up the sweat to give you the comfort and cool feeling you deserve.

5. Put on a Visor

Sometimes you wonder how comfortably you’ll parasail or kitesurf in a wig with the strong breeze or play beach golf or tennis.

That’s where visors come in handy. These are effective accessories for holding down the wig while soaking up the sweat at the hairline. 

When wearing your visor, ensure you pull apart the ends and slip them slowly to the back of the wig before allowing them to relax.

wigs for summer - visor

You should consider the same procedure when removing the visor. You do not want to feel embarrassed when the wig gets off in a public changing room after being sporty. 

#TIP: You can use cotton headbands instead of visors as they’ll meet the same purpose. They’ll absorb sweat and help secure the wig.

6. Have a Backup Wig

It’s high time you adapt to carrying an extra wig with you anywhere if you’re a physically-active person.

You cannot adjust the summer heat to be in your favor, but you can have a backup wig to favor yourself in the heat. With the backup option comes the freedom to switch up once discomfort starts setting in. 

Lace Front Wigs

The backup wig should be much cheaper than your main wig, probably a synthetic wig. Or it should be an old wig you recently revived back into good shape.

This wig fits as your “active wear” wig or rather your “gym” or “swimming” wig. When you do that, you’ll barely worry about your main wig since you’ll keep it intact and clean.

7. Try Hair Toppers

A full wig is not necessary for an individual with partial thinning hair during summer. A hairdo in toppers would suffice and lessen the hotness you would feel in a wig covering your whole head.    

Toppers cover the balding spots for a uniformly-distributed hair volume and thickness all-round. In essence, you will discover that they are much lighter and cooler when you have them added to your actual hair.

wigs topper for women

Moreover, hair toppers are much easier to apply and last as long as a wig. Thus, they are a worthy alternative for hot days. 

After getting yourself one, flip it onto your head and level it well to cover the regions of hair loss. When you’re sure you have positioned the topper properly, clip it into your actual hair. 

Once the topper gets clipped in, you can go in with your preferred hairstyle. Then you’ll be ready to leave the house.

Wrapping up

Every year, summer is the season to live your life most awesomely. So, it should not be the time to let your wig prevent you from having fun outdoors. 

We hope those tips will help you weaing wigs for summer. For quality wigs online, read up on the best wig websites we carefully collated for you. 

And if you have more tips with you, share them with us in the comments. Happy summer in a wig!

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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