10 Best Wigs for White Women

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Best Wigs for White Women

This time, we bring you our review of the best wigs for white women in 2023.

As a wig expert, I realized that many wig brands online align themselves with black women. 

That alone struck my mind to look out for my white sisters through this post. 

In my two days of research, I discovered Nataghair Honey Blonde Wig with a Bang to be the best wig for white women. 

Since white women are all different, I also reviewed more wigs best in each category. 

Let’s check them out.

Our Top Picks at A Quick Glance

The 10 Best Wigs for White Women 

These are in-depth details on the best wigs for whites, highlighting features and their benefits. You will also see the shortcomings of the wigs reviewed below. 

Nataghair Honey Blonde Wig with Bang

71V4uciwXaL. SL1500
  • Key features: Curved ends, glueless, hand-tied lace part
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair material: Human hair
  • Best for: Human hair with a bang

The Nataghair honey blonde wig quenches the craving to be vibrant and spiced-up. Its unique honey-blonde hue appears extremely cute, with the power to transform you into a goddess of beauty. 

In addition, the bangs are expertly pre-trimmed, and the ends curl to the side, exhibiting magnificence. These bangs are long enough to give room for trimming to your desired length.

It’s beginner-friendly as it’s a breeze to install by just plugging in the combs and tightening the straps. There’s no lace customization or application of glue.

But the wig emits a strong irritating chemical smell that’s not good for allergic women. And shines abnormally, and a keen person can tell it’s a fake. 

Licoville Brown Lace Front Wig with Blonde

81nzPR P9FL. SL1500
  • Key features: 13×1 lace, glueless wig, pre-plucked hairline
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair material: Human hair
  • Cap size: 22.5 inches
  • Best for: Overall

A luxurious touch of luscious and mind-blowing hair is achievable with this lace front wig. In any case, you don’t have to worry about the long time to grow your hair to a long length as you can now own one instantly. It’s 16 inches long and the most suitable fit.

Not forgetting to mention, it’s the kind of wig that perfectly understands the real definition of naturality. The lace wig has a pre-plucked hairline so you can lay down its baby hairs, and the wig appears the most natural and undetectable.

On top of that, it aims to be safe and secure on your head. It’s a glueless wig that does not necessarily require glue to hold it down. But it still stays clamped with the help of the adjustable strap and combs in place. 

The awful bit about this wig is the cap inside is too huge and may not fit most head sizes. The unit cap does not measure the cap size advertised by the manufacturer.

Runature Platinum Blonde U-part Wig

71DiaAAD8CL. SL1500
  • Key feature: U-part, U-shaped wig, glueless
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair material: Human hair
  • Cap size: 10.5 inches width
  • Best for: U-part wig

This U-part wig is the solution if you want to go full blonde as a caucasian lady. It’s beautifully pigmented with a platinum blonde color that diverts all eyes in your direction. 

Moreover, it’s highly versatile because it boasts a U-part feature. You can create a U-shaped leave-out at the top center and later blend it after fixing the wig or, alternatively, attach a closure. Choosing to have a leave-out will mean your hair color should be platinum blonde or close to that.

And it possesses cute straight hair strands. Therefore, you can touch it up with curls, perms, or waves because it’s also heat-resistant.

Nonetheless, it’s way too thin. You may have to add more tracks of hair to make it fuller, but it will not last long as it will knot up quickly. 

Faelbaty Curly Wavy Blonde Cosplay Wig

81RY73FcyRL. SL1500
  • Key feature: Heat-resistant synthetic fiber
  • Hair type: Wavy, curly
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Cap size: 22.75 inches
  • Best for: Blonde Wig

Sometimes monotonous straight hair sucks, and you intend to keep your hair free from heat-styling. This curly, wavy wig is a great way to switch up your style. 

In fact, it spruces you up with additional bangs in its construction. And if long hair is not your thing anymore, you can have this shoulder-length short bob. It’s spotlessly spectacular and a charmer for the looks.

The color is plain blonde for a natural blonde vibrance. Despite being a normal wig, it can as well suffice as a costume wig for a cosplaying act.

The cap inside the wig is plastic-like. So, it repels customization of its color to fit your scalp tone. The foundation for tinting cannot stick whatsoever. 

Remy Forté Ombre Brown Mono Lace Wig

810avhYsUPL. SL1500
  • Key features: L-part mono lace, heat-resistant fibers
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Cap size: 21.5 – 22.5 inches
  • Best for: Ombre Wig

Mostly, whites get the recommendation to wear wig colors close to their skin tone. However, this ombre brown wig allows them to go slightly against the usual and, similarly, strike elegance and style.

It gives you optimal comfort while bearing a monochrome lace for sensitive skin. Thus, its cap is lightweight, breathable, and soft on the scalp all day. Sweating is no big deal with this hair since it evaporates the moisture away from the scalp.

The curved hairline of this wig makes it look more realistic as it mimics the real human hairline. As a matter of fact, the front hairline has baby hairs that keep naturality in check.

Some wearers claim the wig is too thin as the wig cap could be visible in some sections. Therefore, it looks physically fake, and someone can easily notice it’s a wig.

Fugady Copper Red Loose Wave Wig

  • Key features: Long bangs, simulated cap
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Cap size: 22.5 inches
  • Best for: Copper red wig

Coppery hair tones are very popular for their fiery warm nature and gratifying sparkle. Instead of dying your own hair to copper red, opt for this safer copper red wig. It will look pretty since it’s peculiar in its shade, that’s between ginger red and orange. 

The wig is densely thick and will fill your head with a great volume of hair. It’s appropriate for white women experiencing thinning of their hair due to cancer or other chronic ailments. Hence, it renews their confidence when walking outdoors. 

At the same time, its hair is silky smooth and feels like satin when fingered through. The fringe is smooth and flat, while the hair is loose waves, exuberating snappiness. 

However, the hair tangles up badly so fast, and it isn’t easy to have it long enough. Its durability is low as a result. 

Aisi Queens Long Wavy Middle-part Wig

61rFUyNBhPL. SL1000
  • Key features: Middle-part, hand-knitted hairline
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Cap size: 22.5 inches
  • Best for: Long wavy wig

This is the finest piece of a wig with sexy, bouncy waves heightened by the length of the wig. A white woman will appear more conspicuous and the center of focus in a crowd because the 24-inch length is astonishing.

It enables you to showcase your beauty and resemble a Victoria Secrets model, especially with its middle part. Also, the hand-knitted hairline gives it the look of your actual hair.

Because it is a manifestation of good taste, it’s ideal for flaunting yourself at events or invited occasions. For instance, you can wear it over a dinner date.

The wig may reach you in a matted state, looking like a disaster. Also, the wig is uncomfortable because it accumulates heat underneath it. 

Haircube Long Straight Auburn Wig

71GDyZyCOAL. SL1500
  • Key features: Neat bangs, stiff and heavy cap
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Cap size: 21 – 23 inches
  • Best for: Long straight wig

One’s preference may lie with long straight wigs, and the Haircube auburn wig meets that. The wig is straight from the roots to somewhere close to the ends, while the ends are curved. 

These strands have a natural curvature that brings out the curvature of real hair. The curves fall against the bust area if styled to lie at the front, and if it’s at the back, they fall mid-back.

Apart from that, the wig has a straight front bang that falls slightly above the eyes. The bangs are finely-cut with great precision for an ornate image of you.

Unfortunately, some buyers realized the wig features are not as exact in the manufacturer’s photos. The photos show the wig has a dark shade only at the roots, but in reality, it’s halfway dark. 

Nnzes Short Wavy Party Wig 

716vh1 cImL. SL1500
  • Key features: Top to black hair and brown tails, natural bangs 
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Cap size: 21 – 22.5 inches
  • Best for: Daily party use

A party animal finally has something to rock herself in. The Nnzes short wavy wig is a high-quality synthetic wig that can be worn regularly to parties by whites.

It’s naturally wavy, and every strand is soft and smooth for a blossoming luster. The breathable rose net is immensely comfortable and smoother than the hair strands on the scalp. 

The gradual color transition from black to brown makes you smart and more confident than ever. It’s a sure bet to emerge swanky before people at a party with its 5-inch bang.

The bangs, sadly, are not in the advertised length as they will require trimming to get the look in the picture. And the wig looks very doll-like as it finishes in a circle at its crown, and it’s too shiny. 

Vckovcko Purple-pink Short Bob Wig

71oZl7D gTL. SL1500
  • Key features: Pastel pigmentation, high-temperature fiber
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Best for: Affordable wig

This cute Vckovcko wig finetunes you into a gleaming woman with its unwavering glow. Its purple-pink shade is extraordinarily colorful and easily noticeable from a distance. The manufacturer actually blends dark purple fibers with pink fibers to suppress the brightness of pink a little. 

Based on the material, the fibers are pure Kanekalon which is highly resistant to extreme temperatures. Hence you can heat-style the wig to finer curls or straighten it up. The hair itself is in the structure of adorable loose curls.

It’s a short bob whose length falls at shoulder level. It’s befitting to white ladies who want neither long hair nor overly-short hair.

Women who bought it found it stiff and could easily come off when brushing it. Plus, it’s heavy and uncomfortable on the head. And it comes with a funny smell that could affect sensitive people. 

women with lace frontal wigs

How to Choose the Best Wigs for White Women

Every white woman needs to check certain considerations when buying a wig. Meticulous scrutiny of the following wig factors will enable you to bag the best wig.

Hair Fiber

Hair fiber tops our list of factors because it determines the wig quality and pricing. Wigs for white women are not any different, as whatever wig you get will be either human hair or synthetic

Human hair wig fibers are real human hair sourced from hair donors. And therefore, they’re soft, silkier, and would behave like your hair. They’re worth a spend if you’re looking to have premium quality and long-lasting hair without minding costs. 

Best Wigs for White Women-4

On the other hand, synthetic wig fibers imitate human hair. Their construction is polymerized materials, but it still feels and acts like human hair. This option helps one to get the look of a human hair wig at a price they can easily meet if human hair is way above their pockets. 

Hair Color 

The color of a wig is very crucial. You do not want to find yourself with a high-end wig, but the color is off. 

With hair color, your white skin tone is highly-regarded. The two must complement each other for you to fetch the most beauty out of your wig. Mostly, light shades blend with Caucasian complexions, like blonde, light brown, and highlights.

Also, your destination, such as a workplace or any event, influences the kind of color you can wear. You cannot wear, let’s say, a scarlet red wig to your workplace, but it’s perfectly fine with a Halloween party. 

Best Wigs for White Women-3

Wig Cap

Whites have light skins that are extremely sensitive to heat. Because of that, white women need to enforce a protective measure, particularly a wig cap. The wig cap of choice should be breathable enough to allow maximum ventilation. 

Therefore the heat posing discomfort in the form of sweat beneath the wig will be wicked away. When that occurs, the scalp regains comfort, and the duration of wear can be as long as one desires. 

mono wig-1

Lace Color

With lace wigs, matching the lace color to the scalp tone is inevitable to achieve the most natural wig look. In the real world, wig lace is available in transparent, HD lace, tinted brown, light brown, medium brown, or dark brown.

For white women, it’s either you go for transparent or HD laces, which are the lightest lace colors. These, specifically, will barely pose a challenge melding with your white scalp.

Best Wigs for White Women-1


Concerning hairstyles, wigs are never of the same hairstyle. You’ll come across wavy, curly, straight, or straight wigs but with curly ends. That variety allows you to choose what you like for yourself. 

However, take your time to identify hairstyles that complement your facial shape and features, such as cheekbones. You can do this at your trusted hairdresser with an assortment of wigs on display.

Or, rather, shop physically at a wig store so that you can fit in the wigs available and ascertain which hairstyle works for you.

Lace Frontals

FAQs about Wigs for White Women

Can white women get wigs?

Yes, and they can also wear them with much confidence. From observation, wigs are indeed more common in blacks than whites.

However, there’s no restriction as to who should have one on. Any race can put on a wig and still look magnificent as long as it tones with their skin color. In fact, several manufacturers have stepped up their manufacture of wigs for white women. 

How long can a white girl wear a lace front wig?

A white girl can wear a lace front wig for at most 6 weeks before they’ll have to take it out. The duration of wear remains the same regardless of race.

And how long it’s going to last is determined by how well they care for it, the expertise in installation, and the wig quality.

Final Say

White women have solid space and recognition in the wig industry, just like black women. With the best wigs for white women listed and described, you’ll easily settle on the right pick. 
If selection is a persisting problem, I found out Nataghair Honey Blonde Wig with a Bang is the best wig for white women. The most paramount goal is always to look as fly as you should.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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