Costume Party? Don’t Worry! 10 Coolest Elvis Wigs for Kids & Men

Costume parties and cosplay are fun and entertaining, and most of the guests wear their favorite characters’ costume paired with wigs. One of the favorites of most men, women, and children to impersonate is the legendary King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

One distinct feature of Elvis Presley was his hair and outfit, but of course, his hairstyle was designed way back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Currently, some wig manufacturers give life to the well-known rocker around the world by creating wigs that are patterned in his hairstyle. If you’d like to be the Elvis Presley of today, or rather sing like him at a party, here are some of the most popular Elvis wigs on the market today.

10 Best Elvis Wigs for Men & Adults in Party

1. Rubies Child Elvis Wig

Rubies Child Elvis Wig

A way to enjoy your kid’s costume party or Halloween party is to have him/her wear this Rubie Elvis Wig designed for children age 6 years old and above. Of course, you have to pair it with the signature outfit of the Rock and Roll King., This will certainly complete your kid’s costume party. Additionally, this wig is officially licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE).

2. Rasta Imposta Baby Elvis Wig

Rasta Imposta Baby Elvis Wig

Let your baby join the Halloween costume party by wearing this Rasta Imposta Baby Elvis wig. Cute, isn’t it? We’re certain that your baby will be the eye of the party. This wig is a black pompadour Elvis hairstyle and is quite large in size. What we like about this wig is that it could be styled using a blow dryer.

3. Rubies Adult Elvis Wig

Rubies Adult Elvis Wig

One of the best-selling Elvis wigs is this Rubies Adult Elvis Wig, which is perfect for those men out there who want to rock and roll like their idol. This 100% synthetic fiber wig is about 11 inches wide and 4 inches in height. This wig is ideal for role-playing, costume parties, fashion, or just for having fun.

4. Aussie Toy Co. Elvis Rocker Wig

Aussie Toy Co Elvis Rocker Wig

Calling all female singers who want to rock like Elvis Presley. This Aussie Toy Co. Elvis Rocker Wig is ideal to make you perform at your best. You can simply pair it with Elvis glasses and off you go to rock the stage!

5. Smiffy’s Men’s Elvis Wig

Smiffys Men Elvis Wig

Have the most sophisticated look at your next costume party with this Smiffy’s Men’s Elvis Wig. It is about 10 inches in height and 10 inches wide, making this wig much closer to the hairstyle of Elvis Presley. With this, people might view you as the King of Rock and Roll, all you need to do is sing your way out just like Elvis. Additionally, it is certified by the Elvis Wig Black.

6. Smiffy’s Elvis Deluxe Wig

Smiffy Elvis Deluxe Wig

If you want an Elvis wig with a high quiff and long sideburns, this Smiffy’s Elvis Deluxe is the right one for you. Pair this with an Elvis outfit and you will certainly be a stand out at any costume party. At about 10 inches high and 10 inches wide, it is an amazing wig, perfect for any Elvis Presley role.

7. Forum Novelties Rock ‘n Roll King Wig

Novelties Rock Roll King Wig

Become an instant Rock ‘n Roll King with this Forum Novelties Elvis Wig. This is best suitable for teens and adults. Enjoy your costume party with this awesome Elvis wig and pair it with a replica Elvis jumpsuit. People will definitely be charmed looking at your Elvis Presley wig and costume.

8. Bristol Novelty Black Elvis Wig

Bristol Novelty Black Elvis Wig

Are you looking for an Elvis wig with wide sideburns for a more convincing Elvis look? If so, this Bristol Novelty Black Elvis Wig is the one you are looking for. It has a black quiff and wide, curly sideburns. This Elvis wig is perfect for the 1950’s rock ‘n roll themed fancy dress parties.

9. California Costume Elvis Wig

California Costume Elvis Wig

Rock the party with this California Costume Elvis Wig which features a high and broad pompadour as well as wide sideburns. This hairstyle was patterned during the 1950’s and 1970’s, making it perfect for retro costume parties.

10. Characters Line Elvis Costume Wig

Characters Line Elvis Costume Wig

If you want to have a more contemporary Elvis wig, the Characters Line Elvis Costume Wig is perfect for you. It comes in blonde, has a large pompadour, and features Elvis’ signature large sideburns. This Elvis wig is made from heat-resistant synthetic fiber wig.


Elvis Presley’s rockabilly hairstyle is indeed famous. Today, it is fun wearing the Elvis wig with its signature pompadour and sideburns. You can bring to life or simply remember the King of Rock ‘n Roll by wearing these Elvis wigs at any costume or retro party. Have fun!

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