Top 10 Classic Beverly Johnson Wigs For Women

Wigs have conquered the world of celebrities just like the supermodel and actress, Beverly Johnson. Besides being the first African-American to appear in Vogue magazine, she was also the first to introduce the lace front wig.

Moreover, she has launched hair care products including different styles of wigs, designing and supplying many styles of wigs both for black and white women. Her large collection of wigs is widely known in the United States and other places in the world. In line with our goal to provide you with the best wigs in town, we rounded up the best Beverly Johnson hair wigs on the market now below.

10 Best Beverly Johnson Wigs for Women in 2018

1. Beverly Johnson Sleek Lace Front Human Wig

Beverly Johnson Sleek Long Straight wig

Achieve that more sophisticated and appealing look with this best-seller: the Beverly Johnson sleek, long, straight lace front wig. This wig is made from 100% human Remy hair and can be freely styled. It is a multi-layered style that has a center parting line, making it look very natural. It is below the shoulder, about 16 inches long, and lightweight. It also has a lace front that has to be worn using hair combs. This is definitely an awesome wig for daily use or for attending special occasions.

2. Beverly Johnson Beauty Queen Curly Lace Wig


This Beverly Johnson curly lace front wig is surely a hairstyle that fits a beauty queen. It will catch the attention of many people and will make you stand out in any occasion such as gracing the red carpet. It is made from 100% human Remy hair and very soft to touch. This mid-length wig is about 16 inches in length and features glamorous, beautiful curls. This is surely a win-win wig for the beauty queen and for those who want to have a new exciting look.

3. Beverly Johnson Long, Wavy Lace Hair Wig

Beverly Johnson Long Wig

This wig is an elegant piece from Beverly Johnson that could best complement a sexy nightgown. It is full of volume and features a full-bodied wavy style that looks like a flower. To make it more amazing, you can style it based on your desires. It is also made from human Remy hair and just looks like natural hair.

4. Beverly Johnson Pearl Lace Front Wig

Beverly Johnson Pearl Lace Front Wig

The Beverly Johnson Pear Lace Front Wig is adorable to look at. It is a layered, wrap style that has hair angled on both sides of the face with wispy ends. Although it is made from synthetic hair, it looks like natural human hair. It is about 16 inches long and very comfortable on the scalp. It is ideal for daily use, parties, and even on dates.

5. Beverly Johnson Classic Long, Wavy Lace Front Wig

Beverly Johnson Classic Long Wavy Lace Front Wig

Do you want to have a new gorgeous look? Try this Beverly Johnson Classic Long, Wavy Hair Wig which has a long, layered, and wavy style. The soft layers and curls have a natural touch just like the human hair because it is made from 100% human Remy hair. About 18 inches long, this wig is ideal for everyday use, parties, or special gatherings.

6. Beverly Johnson Young and Modern Hair Wig

Beverly Johnson Young and Modern Hair Wig

This wig is a sweet and cute hairstyle suitable for young girls. It is mid-length in size and has a voluminous cut with front bangs that make you younger. In addition, it has a capless cap and has a 100% hand-tied glueless lace front that makes it look more natural. It is best for daily use whether you are going to school or to the office. You will certainly receive many compliments with this new look.

7. Beverly Johnson Boy-cut Hair Wig

Beverly Johnson Wig

This Beverly Johnson Boy-cut human hair wig will make you look handsome and cool, yet adorable. It features front bangs and a shorter length. If you want to be refreshed, this wig is a perfect choice, particularly for the summer. You could wear it casually or even in formal occasions, just pair it with big earrings and attractive accessories.

8. Beverly Johnson Bouncy, Deep Curl Human Hair Wig

Beverly Johnson Bouncy-Deep Curl Human Hair Wig

If you want to have that new and appealing look, why not grab this Beverly Johnson human hair wig that features full, bouncy, deep, small curls. It also comes with feathered ends for more volume, which makes the wig look more natural. You may choose any color that you like such as shades of natural black, dark brown, and ash to light blonde, other shades of blonde, and more. It will make you charm everyone wherever you go.

9. Beverly Johnson Mid-Length, Wavy Hair Wig

Beverly Johnson Mid-Length Wavy Hair Wig

Are you going to attend a formal party or occasion? This wig is an ideal choice that will make you classy and elegant. It is best paired with a beautiful gown or a pretty dress. It features a wavy and layered hairstyle with about 14 inches in length. The layers are contemporary in style and make you achieve a flattering look. It looks very natural and anybody will not notice that you are wearing this beautiful wig. Also, it comes in many various colors including red.

10. Beverly Johnson Classic Short-Cut Lace Front Hair Wig

Beverly Johnson Classic Short Cut Lace Front Hair Wig

Another gorgeous wig is this Beverly Johnson Classic Short-Cut Hair Wig, which features many soft layers all over. It also has wispy bangs that give accent to the hairstyle of the wig, making you look elegant and stylish too. It also comes with an invisible lace front that blends with your skin well. This is a perfect choice if you are attending a party or walking on the red carpet. It is very charming indeed!


Beverly Johnson Hair Wigs are full volume and can definitely make you achieve a comely look. They are of high quality and look very natural, just like human hair. This is certainly an ideal choice to give you that new, appealing look you desire.


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