Top 10 Tape-in Extensions Hairstyles

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Tape-in Extensions Hairstyles

Some people think getting hair extensions limits you from exploring hairstyles. They do not know that the more the hair length and volume, the greater the freedom of adventure. 

With short hair, there are styles you cannot enjoy. When you augment the length with tape-ins, you find that you can wear those hairstyles. 

Therefore, look forward to wearing tape-ins. The world of hair is yours to explore and have immense fun.

So, take your brush and styling tools and mellow into my compilation of hairstyles. They’re healthy and non-damaging to tape-in extensions.

Basic Plaits

Plaits are one of the most conventional hairstyles yet cute and largely embraced in the modern world. The style gives a sense of simplicity when you do not want your hair flying all over. 

To style your hair with simple plaits, you’ll need a bobble band. First, brush your hair to the back to make it smooth, tangle-free, and ready for the plait. Split the hair into three equal sections at the back. One section should be on the right, another in the middle, and the last section on the right. 

While holding the three sections, cross the right section over the middle one. The right section shifts to the middle, and the middle shifts to the right. Then move the left section to the middle, whereby the middle moves to the left, and the left occupies the middle.

Repeat the switches until you reach a point where the hair is too short to continue the plait. Tie with a bobble or hair band and loosen the braid to thicken out. 

Side Braids

If you desire to thrill yourself with an exotic braid style, side braids are an excellent choice. They bring out your creative nature as it’s out of the ordinary. It’s the basic braid, not centered but positioned on the sides. 

You may make it single-stranded or two side braids, one on the left, the other on the right. For the single strand of braid, the procedure is the same as in plaits. The difference is the positioning, either placed on the right or left side. 

As for the double strand, you’ll need to divide the hair into two parts at the back. Each part will have its own braid. Plait them down in three alternating splits and tie them. Here, you require two bobbles for both side braids. 

Instead of three-strand plaits, you may opt for two strands, twisting one against the other. It looks contemporary and stylish too. 


Ponytails are super easy to create in your hair with tape-in extensions. Since tape-ins are placed some inches from the hairline, they’ll not show up easily. It’s a fancy hairstyle that mimics the appearance of the horse’s tail. 

It goes with any hair texture. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight; it will come out beautiful. And the hair should be at least 6 inches long to make a decent pony. 

Mostly, they are low or high ponytails, raised high and located at the back, respectively. However, you can tie it wherever it feels the most comfortable for you. Take your brush and brush the hair towards the back to remove any parts as you hold all the hair in one hand. 

While holding it slightly tight, smooth out the front hair with a fine-tooth comb for a sleek appearance. And secure your hair with a hair band into a ponytail of choice.

Messy Bun 

This hairstyle fits an informal occasion like a girl’s night out, a pool party, or a romantic dinner date. When you embrace it, it accentuates the youthful look in you. It’s so effortless that it’s craft-able in less than 5 minutes. 

Like it sounds, it’s messy, not as neat, and tightly held as combed-out hair. And that beats the essence of being laid-back and casual. It inspires you to be free-spirited and let your true personality come out. 

Simply, gather your hair into one piece and tie it to the very bottom. Split the pony into two sections. For each section, roll it towards the back and pinch the hair out of the roll to loosen and wrap around and pin down the ends. 

Once the bun is formed, take out some hair at the front as flyaways; you’ll have a messy look. Or you can tie the hair with a thick scrunchie, spread the pony over it, and tie it with a hair tie to form a bun. Hold the hanging ends of the hair, twist them away from the front, wrap them around the bun, and bobby pin them down.

Half Up, Half Down

You may want to jazz up your look by not tying up your entire hair. Then the half-up tied hair and half-down loose will suit you perfectly well. It’s important to keep your hair away from the face so that it doesn’t fall over to the front when you bend.

Using the ends of the eyebrows, slide your fingers on either side into the hair from the forehead. On reaching the middle of the head, hold up the separated middle hair and tie it at the back. 

You can let the tied half be a bun or a ponytail, depending on your preference. The other half-back should lie loosely.

Alternatively, you can secure the entire crown area of the hair at the back. Then free up hair at the back of the head. Whichever way you go with, the hair should be half up, half down.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid bears this name because it looks like a fish skeleton. The hair is directed to the back and split into two pieces at the lower back. This is the first step towards creating the braid type. 

Then get out a thin outer section of the right hairpiece. Make it cross over the right piece and join it to the left piece. Pick out a thin strand from the outside of the left piece, cross it over, and add it to the right piece. 

Keep repeating the process until you reach the end of the hair. When you reach the end of the hair, tie the ends with an elastic band. Loosen the braid for added volume. 

It’s as easy as that, and you may rock it because it’s a celebrity hairstyle.

Braided Up-do

With tape-in extensions installed, braided up-dos may augment their magnificence. It’s a ladies’ favorite and could work for any occasion or office set-up. Some people have it on for their weddings.

It’s chic and rarely unrolls itself, giving the most comfortable wear. The style helps prevent long hair from touching your shoulders by ending at the back neck. At the same time, your hair does not touch your face. 

Tie your hair into a low ponytail. Divide into three strands and braid loosely. After braiding, roll and twist the braid round and secure it in place with bobby pins. 

French Braid

If you know how to do the regular braid, you’re one step ahead in knowing how to do french braids. They adorn you with a touch of extra sass and elegance. 

Despite being a three-strand plait, the technique of braiding is unique. There are key things that differentiate them from the normal plait. The manner in which the three separate sections criss-cross each other differentiates it from other braid styles.

When you’re set for the activity, brush your hair to the back. Take a small portion of hair at the center of the front hairline. Cut it out into a triangle and divide the portion into three smaller pieces. 

Start criss-crossing them like you would with a basic plait. As you move downwards, keep working in more hair until you tuck all the hair in the braid. This is from the front to the nape of your neck. 

And the plaits should be loosened out slightly. Then finish with the normal plait and tie with a hair band to prevent the french braid from undoing itself. 

Half-up Bun

The half bun is a trendy hairstyle nowadays. You can transition from doing the regular buns with all the hair tied into a bun to this pretty style. It’s getting popular because of how easy it is and how it helps keep hair off your face.

It’s a street fashion style that looks the most fantastic on straight hair. If you choose this as your type of glamour, split your hair into two halves from ear to ear. Then tightly hold up the front half into a ponytail.

The style does not end at that step. Roll the hair round and pin the ends down to re-shape the hair into a bun. The other half should lie loose and free at the back. 

Double Tuck Sleek Straight

Flaunt this as your new hairstyle if you do not want to tie or braid your hair with tape-in extensions. It’s a protective hairstyle because no hair gets pulled. But still manages to look neat and flawless on you.

The style is ideal for sleek straight hair or straight hair with curled ends. If your hair is not straight, you must straighten it after applying a heat protectant. Thereafter, the hair will be appropriate for the hairstyle. 

After straightening, create a middle part at the center of the front hairline. The hair falls on either side of the middle part. And straighten it further to slick it down to the sides. Ensure the top of your hair is straight and flat on your head.

Then part the hair to the ears from the middle part. That’s about 1 ½ inches from the front hairline. Do this on both sides of the middle part, and these are the sections of the hair that will be tucked behind the ears. 

After tucking, let the other hair on the sides of the part fall over the tucked-in hair. The rest of the hair will fall towards the back. 

In A Nutshell

So, these are a couple of tape-in extensions hairstyles. Pick out one and start making your hair more gorgeous. Beautiful looks melt your heart and raise your confidence. 

For the best hairstyling, please read our guide on how to care for tape-in extensions. Also, let us know in the comments below about other hairstyles that have worked for you.

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Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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