The Pros and Cons of Tape-in Extension

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The Pros and Cons of Tape-in Extension

All along, you’ve heard about how to apply tape-in extensions and the right care regimen for them. The streets support your quest to wear them, emphasizing how they’re the least damaging.

No matter how much people advocate for their use, the truth remains they might damage hair or the scalp. That paints a picture of tape-ins having their downsides despite being very beneficial.

Does that validate tape-in extensions as good or bad hair? Well, nothing in this world is completely flawless.

This time, we’ll give you a thorough breakdown of the pros and cons of tape-in extensions.

Pros of Tape-in Extensions

With the pros that follow up next, it doesn’t mean these advantages work for everybody. They may be fulfilled in one and in another wearer, the flip side of them shows up. All in all, apply tape-in extensions only if you’re comfortable putting them on.

Tape-in Extensions Are Natural-looking

Considering outlook, tape-in extensions can look incredibly natural and gorgeous. This depends on how proficient the stylist is in blending the color, thickness, and length of the extensions with your own hair. And more to that, installation will determine the extent of undetectability of the tape-ins.

If everything is perfect and to standards, you’ll be engulfed by the new level of beauty you radiate. When you fix them yourself, ensure the tapes lie flatter on the head, so they do not poke out and ruin your hair look. One more secret for you; choose transparent tapes over the rest because of their invisible nature.

1-GOO GOO Seamless Straight Tape-in Extensions

Versatility of Color, Length, and Thickness

Tape-in extensions have been in great demand in recent years. So you find that manufacturing companies are fighting to stay abreast of women’s hair needs. It’s a competitive arena where technology and innovation inspire the production of tape-in extensions.

As a result, sellers vend tape-in extensions in various colors, lengths, and hair thicknesses. New varieties of tape-in extensions keep coming up. You’ll also come across different types of tapes, such as transparent tapes.

Choose Hair Extension Colors

Therefore, unlock your power of exploration. If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair, alternatively add tape-ins of the dye color you wanted to add. That way, you will not have to dye or color your hair. Similarly, choose the length of hair and thickness to achieve the hair volume you like.

By augmenting length and volume, you also predispose yourself to more hairstyle options for your hair. For once, you can try out ponytails, plaits, and buns with your creativity involved. The diverse versatility is significant to breathe life into your hair consistently.

Tape-in Extensions Hairstyles

Very Reusable

Factoring in the economical aspect of tape-in extensions, you can use tape-in extensions 2-3 more times. Usually, this works mostly with human hair tape-in extensions, especially the virgin human hair type. Reasons being they generally last longer because of how soft and tangle-free they are.

Also, for you to re-use them, remove them once their 6-8 week lifespan lapses. Wash and cleanse the same tape-ins you’ve removed and add new tape tabs onto them. At that instant, they’ll be ready and refreshed for a second or third round of installation.

How Long Do Tape-in Extensions Last-3

Affordable Hair Extensions

The tape-in extensions are the least expensive of all the semi-permanent methods available in the market. Even the high-end tape-in extensions are within the pocket limits of a novice wearer. With proper financial planning, you can easily get them for yourself, whether you need two or three packs.

And if, at all, the prices are overboard, several vendors provide afterpay services on their websites. Or save up slowly for them because they’re worth the idea.

They last in your hair for 6-8 weeks compared to temporary hair extensions. And even after removing them, you can refit them, making them cost-effective in the long run.

4-Curly Tape in Hair Extensions

Good and Comfortable in Thin Hair

Thin hair is not damaged hair; your natural hair could be thin yet healthy. However, the thin strands call for care when choosing the most suitable extension type. They’re not naturally fragile, but they’ll definitely become fragile with heavier extensions attached to them.

Comfort is key. Hence tape-in extensions stand tall amongst other hair extensions for thin hair. They barely impose tension and strain on thin hair. The hair is lightweight, and the tapes adhere to the hair in a manner that minimal irritations come about if applied properly.

Safe Heat-free Installation

Installation of tape-in extensions is the safest method for your scalp and real hair. The technique is simple and unique in that there’s zero braiding, sewing, and heat application. You will not use heating tools like heat pliers to bond the tape-ins to the hair.

As such, it’s rare to experience painful tension from tugging when the stylist fixes them on your hair. As long as the steps are professionally followed, you will go home feeling comfortable and stunning. The scalp will not get strained as the tapes should be applied ¼ to ½ inches away from the scalp.

tape in extension

Cons of Tape-in Extensions

Before booking an appointment with your stylist, weigh these cons against the above pros.

Damage May Occur

When you engage a quack to install them, there will be a potential risk for damage. Likewise, applying the tape-ins yourself without prior training puts your hair in the way of destruction. It doesn’t matter whether the tape-in extensions were of good quality.

Even the removal process requires a professional stylist to do it. Every first-timer shouldn’t lose their guard and carry out the procedures themselves, or else they’ll put themselves in hot soup. The removal agents demand care and skill to use them accordingly.

How to Pluck a Wig-Baby Hair

Difficult to Wash

Forget about the notion that out here that hair extensions are easy to wash. Adding tape-in extensions makes it more work for you. You will do it slower than you would with your own hair.

And being fake, you will have to wash them with much vigilance. Sadly, the clarification will consume more of your time. If you’re haphazard, you will likely not shampoo the tape-ins properly.

This is not your real hair, which you’ll massage whichever way you want. You have to look for the scalp partings along which the tape-ins were installed. Apply shampoo and gently massage the scalp along the parting, one parting after the other.

If the tape-in installations are close to the scalp, you may not manage to shampoo the root and scalp well. Over time, the oily gunk left behind accumulates, and scalp irritations increase.

wash synthetic wigs

Uncomfortable to Sleep in Them

Tape-in extensions can be uncomfortable to sleep in them. If the placement is not 100% great, they’ll definitely pose a huge discomfort. But again, if placed properly and seem comfortable, they will still not be as comfortable as sleeping in your own hair.

Additionally, they put you in a position whereby you cannot sleep with your hair bare. You have to wrap a satin bonnet or a hair scarf over your hair. If you dare not, the tape-ins roll into messy hair you can barely recover from.

Sleep with Hair Extensions

May Trigger Allergic Reactions

You may develop allergic reactions to tape-in extensions if your skin is sensitive. The double-sided tape strips of the extensions may contain an adhesive unsuitable for your scalp and hair. If your new tape-ins are itchy in less than two days from the time of installation, that could be inflammation from the allergic reactions.

Or you may be allergic to the adhesive remover. The solution used to dissolve the adhesive could lead to skin irritations. So, check the ingredients to know what remover is comfortable for your scalp and hair.

Limitation on Hair Products to Use on Them

With tape-in extensions in your hair, the kind of hair products to use are limited. You cannot apply any hair maintenance formulas however you wish because they might take out your tape-ins.

First, you cannot use conditioner on them from the roots to the ends. You must avoid the attachment area by all means. And prior installation, it’s advisable not to condition your hair when cleansing it for the installation as the tape adhesive will not grip well.

Plus, you cannot use alcohol-infused hair care products. Alcohol melts down the tape, prematurely removing the tape-in extensions.

The Bottomline

Taking into account the pros and cons listed, together with your needs, you’ll be able to buy the best tape-ins. If you decide to wear tape-in extensions, find ways to alleviate the disadvantages to gain the most out of them. One way is to go through our tape-in extension care guide. Meanwhile, keep in touch with us about your tape-ins discoveries through comments below.

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