18 Best Princess Wigs That Can Make Your Royal Dreams Come True

There are real-life royal princesses who are living in some parts of the world, and there are more princesses that have been immortalized in fairy tales and films. Every little girl has dreamt of becoming a princess one day, while grown-up ladies have secretly wished to live like one, even just for a day.

Your wish and your little girl’s dream can come to life! Take part in the next costume party or play in your school or community event by donning a knock-off wardrobe matched with the perfect princess wig. Feeling the excitement?

So, here are 18 magical princess wigs that can transform you and your little girl into instant royal princesses:

1. Rapunzel Wig

Rapunzel Wig

The heroine in the movie “Tangled” is the crown princess of Corona who is best known for her silky golden hair which is 70 feet long. Dress up like the spirited and energetic Rapunzel and make your long, braided golden blonde wig the centerpiece of your costume. Adorn your wig with colorful flowers for that additional feminine touch. Rapunzel wigs are neatly braided so you and your little Rapunzel need not worry about getting your long tresses trampled on as you enjoy the festivities.

2. Merida Wig

Merida Wig

What could grab an onlooker’s attention instantly than a long, voluminous, curly wig in fiery red-orange? Be as bold and brave as Princess Merida who astonished viewers with her archery skills in the movie “Brave.”  Add a pop of color with this “Merida wig” as you dress up in a dark blue dress in channeling the headstrong Scottish princess. Let the curls bounce and be wind-swept in any direction just like the adventurous spirit of Princess Merida.

3. Elsa Wig

Elsa Wig

How do you like the idea of you and your young daughter twinning as Elsa in a costume party? Your little gal can be Elsa the “Ice Princess” while you are the grown-up “Ice Queen” of Arendelle. It will be so much fun for the two of you shopping for identical dresses and wigs to look the part of Elsa. There’s no need to dye your hair in icy blonde. Free yourselves from the hassle of perfectly braiding your locks. Simply wear Elsa’s signature braided icy blonde wig with a snowflake accent, and you’re good to go while humming a few lines from “Let It Go!”

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4. Belle Wig

Belle Wig

Be the Belle of the ball and relive that magical moment in the film “Beauty and the Beast” when Belle finally shares her first dance with the Beast. You or your little angel will be a beautiful vision in an elegant gold ball gown matched with a hairpiece fit for a princess – a long brown wig with soft and flowing curls. The wig also features a bun tied in gold ribbon or secured with a tiara – perfect for the prettiest princess of them all!

5. Princess Jasmine Wig

Princess Jasmine wig

Enter a whole new world when you dress up and convey the character of Princess Jasmine from the movie “Aladdin.” As an Arabian woman (she is the daughter of a Sultan from a Middle Eastern kingdom), Princess Jasmine possesses a crowning glory admired by so many women. So, to get her enviable hairstyle, wear a long, lustrous black wig tied in a ponytail and held together by light blue ribbons. Top it off with a blue headband adorned with a sapphire stone at the center. Then you are ready to ride the magic carpet!

6. Anastasia Wig

Anastasia Wig

Of all the princesses included in this list, Anastasia is the only one who is based on a real-life Russian princess – the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova who died in 1918 when her family was executed. In the movie, Anastasia is portrayed as very kind and compassionate, yet spunky, stubborn and a very determined young girl who doesn’t behave like royalty. If this sounds interesting to you, then be a Russian princess in a costume party. Wear a long, auburn wig with natural-looking curls; let the side hair hang loose and wear a golden cap that symbolizes you like royalty.

7. Pocahontas Wig

Pocahontas Wig

If you or your little tot wants to be a princess in a costume party but doesn’t want to wear elaborate gowns and trimmings, then the Pocahontas character suits you. The simplicity of this free-spirited and animal-friendly Indian princess is evident in her attire and hairstyle. It is an easy task to look like her, but not every girl or lady is blessed with naturally long and black hair. For the short-haired Pocahontas-wannabes, don a long, straight, raven-black wig, preferably an Indian virgin Remy wig type. Everyone will definitely rave about your gorgeous hair, but no one will notice that it’s not your own natural hair.

8. Snow White Wig

snow White Wig

The first Disney princess to come alive on the silver screen is Snow White who is still a big attraction in Disneyland theme parks today. Her kindness and charm, aside from her beauty, make her a legendary princess. Be like her in a costume event by having lips as red as the rose, skin as white as snow, and hair as black as ebony. As for the hairstyle, wear a short, black wig with wavy bob cut style and tie a red bow on top of it. Be ready to be named “the fairest of them all!”

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9. Ariel Wig

Ariel Wig

It will be fun for you or your little girl to dress up like the “Little Mermaid” because it is uncommon to be a half-human, half-fish princess. Plus, it can be a bit daring to just wear a lavender seashell bra in a public event. But hey, what is the very long hair for? Be as authentic as Ariel and wear a waist-length, thick, red pink wig with waves of curls. Don’t forget that starfish hair clip, too. Not only will the red wig cover some skin; it will also be a defining feature of your look even “above the sea”!

10. Anna Wig

Anna Wig

Princess Anna is, of course, the other half of the pair of sisters in the film “Frozen.” Isn’t it a brilliant idea to go to a costume party with your older sister dressed as Elsa and you as Anna? It’s going to be twice the excitement and fun! So, as the extroverted Elsa, doll up in the traditional Norwegian winter outfit with a magenta cape. Then cap off your version of Elsa’s look with a long strawberry-blonde wig styled in two braided pigtails with cute bangs down the forehead. The wig also features a platinum streak on the right side, which is the result of Anna’s accident during childhood.

11. Fiona Wig

Fiona Wig

Fiona is not the typical attractive fairy tale princess because a curse turns her into an ogress at night. She later becomes a mother and an empowered warrior princess. As a human being during the daytime, Fiona looks like an ideal princess with light skin complexion and striking blue eyes in her green and gold dress. This is your peg in dressing up as the human Princess Fiona but don’t forget her signature hair. Wear a long, orange-red wig that is loosely braided and tied with green ribbons. Top it off with a gold tiara, and you’ll be Princess Fiona personified.

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12. Moana Wig

Moana Wig

Moana is the daughter of a Chief in a Polynesian island and can rightfully be considered a princess, too. A fearless, headstrong and strong-willed girl, she is chosen by the ocean to journey across the sea to save her endangered island. If your kid (or you yourself) want to give off a strong vibe of a sea lover princess, doll her up as Moana in colorful printed crop top and skirt. Cover her head with free-flowing long, black, wavy hair. It would be much better if the wig is made of 100% human hair, so it moves naturally like it has its own life.

13. Esmeralda Wig

Esmeralda Wig

Esmeralda is a Disney princess who is the leading lady in the movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” She is a Romani gypsy woman who makes a living as a street dancer in Paris, France, so her character is fearless yet has a heart of gold. Be an Esmeralda in a costume event that requires dancing. Dress up in her trademark white off-shoulder blouse and purple skirt, and complete your look with a long, wavy raven-black wig that bounces off every time you sway and gyrate. Don’t forget to secure your wig with Esmeralda’s signature pink head scarf.

14. Tiana Wig

Tiana Wig

Tiana holds the distinction of being the first African-American Disney princess. Her character becomes a restaurant owner as she is hard-working, resourceful and ambitious. In the end, a prince marries her, so Tiana becomes a true-blue Princess. Exude that strong Princess Tiana vibe wearing a light green lily pad gown and an espresso dark brown wig that is pinned up in a high bun with baby hair charmingly crawling out. Polish off your Tiana wig with a lily pad tiara, and you’ll be every inch a unique princess minus kissing a frog.

15. Mulan Wig

Mulan Wig

Mulan is a representation of the beauty and courage of Asia, particularly Chinese women. She succeeds in protecting her father during the war by taking his place and in gaining the people’s acceptance for who she really is. If you’re Asian and are inspired by Mulan, look and project like her in a costume-themed party. Wear a silk Chinese dress called a Hanfu, as well as a pitch-black wig styled in a loose bun tied with a bright red ribbon and festooned with special lotus flowers.

16. Thumbelina Wig

Thumbelina Wig

Dubbed as the “Princess of Fairies,” Thumbelina is named as such because she was born in a barleycorn plant as a full-grown girl but very, very small in size – no bigger than a thumb! Despite her small size, Thumbelina is adventurous, sweet, romantic, and has a big heart. If you or your young angel wants to be like her, all you need is a blue and white dress and a very long, wavy, strawberry-blonde wig. Don’t forget the bangs on the forehead, styled pointing downward.

17. Princess Aurora Wig

Princess Aurora Wig

Aurora, the “Sleeping Beauty,” is the archetypal Disney princess who embodies timeless beauty, grace and elegance. Most young girls consider her an epitome of a royal princess, so she is always a top choice in costume plays and parties. But even mature women can also be a Princess Aurora on a special night. A sophisticated pink gown and a waist-length, wavy, blonde wig with swirly bangs on the forehead are what it takes to create the magical look of Princess Aurora. Let your beauty mesmerize the people even in their sleep!

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18. Cinderella Wig

Cinderella Wig

One of the most beloved iconic Disney princesses is Cinderella, a kind yet strong-willed former housekeeper turned princess. Hers is a story of what dreams are made of and how having a good heart can change a person’s life in an amazing way. Be a Cinderella for a day (or night) and recreate one of her unforgettable looks during a ball. Match your silvery-blue gown with a blonde wig pulled up into a French twist hairdo with soft bangs. Then secure it with a sparkling blue headband that matches your gown.


The popularity of princess wigs is undoubtedly soaring, not only among young and teenage girls but also among older ladies, too. Even in this day and age of digital heroines and superheroes, the female population still adores the princesses tales which are as old as time. And their dreams of becoming a princess only happen in costume-themed parties and events where dressing up and “wigging up” is a source of great enjoyment. Keep dreaming, Princess!

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