60 Best Wig Websites: Shop Quality Wigs Online

Best Wig Websites

You may think that it is easy to buy wigs online. However, there are so many wig companies offering various wigs on their websites. And they all claimed like “best human hair wigs company“, “best place to buy wigs online”, or “best quality wigs store”, etc… But, what is the best online wig store? This …

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How to Sleep in Your Wig?


So you are wondering how to sleep in your wig? Alright, here are some of my personal tips to help you achieve that. Let’s check it. 6 Tips On Sleeping in Your Wig Here are 6 tips to ensure the longevity of your wigs, especially when you sleep in them most nights of the week: …

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The Truth About Howard Stern’s Wig


Does Howard Stern wear a wig? This skepticism has led to the emergence of Howard Stern wigs that impersonate his hairstyle. [1] In fact, he alreadly denies that he wears a wig or a rug. Rather, he reiterated that his hair, which is thick and black, is real human hair. Check the video below. Hence, many …

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21 Realistic Dreadlock Wigs For You


Dreadlocks, also known as dreads or locks, features rope like strands of hair, which are matted or braided. Likewise, some people wear dreadlock wigs for fashion or when going to a costume party. To give you an idea of the latest dreadlock wigs, I have listed the best ones found in today’s market. Let’s check …

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How to Seal Wefts on Weave Like a Pro

How to Seal Wefts on Weave

Are you tired of seeing clumps of hair in the shower right after every bath? Girl, I feel you. Because for wig wearers like us, this can be a serious hair situation, and yet we can’t call 911 for help! Good thing, there is this simple yet effective solution to finally stop hair shedding now. Wondering what …

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Wig Length: The Only Guide You Need


Planning to buy your first wig? But maybe you bother checking if you’ve got the correct wig length. In this article, you will discover why having the correct wig length is important, and learn how to choose the right wig length. What Does Wig Length Mean? Wig length is simply the measurement from the hair roots on …

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