9 Best Headband Wigs for Your New Look

headband wigs

This is our review of the best headband wigs for women in 2022. You may be looking to kill the monotony of wearing a certain wig type. If that’s the case, I recommend trying out headband wigs. Personally, I wear wigs most of the time. And I like researching far and wide to fetch fine …

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7 Best Halo Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

halo hair extensions

This is our review of the best halo hair extensions for extension-loving ladies in 2022. As an extension fan, I firmly believe all women are worthy of immense beauty and deserve no bad hair days. Over the internet, extension lovers detested the extreme hair damage from mediocre hairpieces. That speculation drove me to reveal the …

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12 Best Human Hair Wigs for African Americans

Human Hair Wigs for African Americans

This is our review of the best human hair wigs for African Americans in 2022.  African American women look insanely beautiful and natural in human hair wigs.  Most black women have kinky hair that shrinks and shortens even with the slightest touch of sweat and water. So, this condition warrants them to put on wigs …

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30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces

Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces

Here is my list of 30+ male celebrities who wear hairpieces, or toupees secretly to conceal their partial baldness or thinning hair.  As a hair systems specialist, I can discern whether a famous person’s head is toupee-dressed.  Moreover, I am sure you always wonder why male stars look drop-dead gorgeous from head to toe.  They …

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9 Best Wig Glues for Your Hair

best wig glues wigsmaster

This is our review of the best wig glues for wig wearers in 2022. Wigs are a ladies’ favorite because of the ease of maintenance and styling compared to natural hair. Others love it as the method of concealing hair loss to restore beauty and confidence. Whichever the case, you can use wig glues to …

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11 Best Wigs Stores Using Afterpay

wigs afterpay websites

I spent a whole day to research the best wig stores using Afterpay. Then, I compiled them in this article to help you wear the wig you like without worrying about the costs. Sometimes, you might want to upgrade to wigs. But the brand you’re bent on purchasing seems quite unaffordable. Or the wig’s price …

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What Is Wig Density? and How Do I Choose?

Wig density

If you’ve heard the term “wig density” or “lace wig density,” you’re probably wondering what it means. So what exactly is wig density? In this article, we’ve put together the following guide to help you choose the right wig density for your next wig. Keep reading. What Does Wig Density Mean? A simple definition of …

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