How to Find Hair Extensions Stores Near You


Want to find excellent hair extensions near you but don’t know how to do? Finding hair extension salons near you can be nerve-wracking if you’re new to hair extensions. The challenge escalates, especially when you don’t know anybody to guide you.  The upside is you’ll feel the hairdo is worthy the moment you discover an …

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Thin Locs: Main Causes and Proven Tips


There are days you’ll notice your locs are not as thick as before. This is nothing good to anticipate or be comfortable with. The discovery should sound like a ticking alarm in your mind.  You certainly ought to step beyond your comfort zone and find out the root cause of the thinning before it’s too …

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Brotherlocks: Ways, Advantages, and Care Tips


While there are lots of fabulous hairstyles for women, it might be harder for men to pick up the suitable option. Guys, if you are looking for trendy dreadlocks, then don’t miss the brotherlocks! Brotherlocks are a symbolic popular hairstyle designed particularly for men. Brotherlocks with thin and smaller size locks can create a neat …

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15 White Celebrities with Dreads for You to Try


White Celebrities with Dreads? Nowadays, dreadlocks are every person’s business, whether Asian, white, or black. It’s interesting how other people, apart from blacks, are embracing the dreadlock culture.  Some, they love the style and how it looks on them. Others are deeply connected with the spiritual world of dreadlocks; it’s like a soul tie. As …

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Semi-Freeform Dreads: Ways, Pros & Cons


Do you know semi freeform dreads? Many people want to try out dreadlocks but don’t know which way is the right option for locking their hair. It might be exhausting to take lots of effort and still end up choosing the one not available for you. It is recommended to start with the easy and …

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Freeform Dreads: Benefits, Maintenance, Styles


When you consider locing your hair but don’t know which way to start with, then freeform locs are certainly a good choice. While there are many ways to lock your hair, freeform locs can show the authentic state of your natural hair. They allow people to fully embrace the beauty in their natural hair in …

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Tapered Hairlines: Benefits, Styles, and Tips


People with natural hair always have plenty of options when it trickles down to styling. One of them is the tapered hairlines that’s pretty classic and revolutionary at sight.  Tapered hairlines epitomize a magical transformation that profoundly impacts outward appearance.  You see your favorite celebrities looking ever sleek. The likes of Christiano Ronaldo, Drake, David …

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Hispanic Dreadlocks: Ways and Maintenance


Do you know hispanic dreadlocks? With the popularity of reggae, hip-hop music, and NBA, dreadlocks are gaining followers beyond the black community. For example, Hispanic men and women love it! On the Internet, you can see Hispanic-rooted people sharing their dreadlock journey and styling ideas. Even the “queen of Latin music,” Shakira, is no exception. …

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Starter Locs with Extensions: Ways and Tips


Want to try starter locs with extensions? Free-flow afro hair is cool, but delicate. From time to time, you might need to switch to protective hairstyles like locs to give it a rest. “Starter locs look funny to me.” You frowned. Don’t worry – We are not at the time when Princess Rapunzel grows her …

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