Cornrows vs Dreadlocks: Differences & Choices


Cornrows vs Dreadlocks? Regardless of gender, cornrows and dreadlocks are excellent hairstyles to refresh your look. One is a simple, traditional hairstyle that allows self-expression. The other is a semi-permanent trendy statement. But how else are these two styles different? Let’s examine what makes each of them unique, from their history to maintenance required. We …

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Butterfly Locs: How to Make & Maintain


Going full-blown from the ordinary you to a charming Goddess can be the work of butterfly locs. Most people consider conventional locs when new hair technologies seek to upgrade and modernize.  Locs don’t have to be the usual artificial if you wouldn’t like your natural hair permanently changed. Freely adopt the butterfly locs to unlock …

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Top 60+ Butterfly Locs Hairstyles for You

Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

In most people’s eyes,  butterfly locs are seen to be the most stylish. No lie, they are a sass.  And the best thing about them is their protective nature and low maintenance. In fact, they are healthier than the usual braid style.  But then, do you know how well you can make them look more …

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18 Quick & Easy 360 Lace Wig Hairstyles for You


360 lace wigs are popular for their circle of lace and the visually appealing natural hairline. Unlike the lace front wig, this wig has its lace going around the wig’s perimeter, granting greater versatility in styling. So, when you get the 360 lace wig instead of the lace frontal, you are at an advantage of …

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22 Best Bob Wig Styles for You to Try


Bob wigs are popular among modern women of today. Whether young or old, these wigs make your formal look appear casual. It totally takes you out of the corporate world and provides freedom of dressing.  Most wig companies have this wig type as one of their best-selling wigs. That’s partly due to the fact that …

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How to Find Hair Extensions Stores Near You


Want to find excellent hair extensions near you but don’t know how to do? Finding hair extension salons near you can be nerve-wracking if you’re new to hair extensions. The challenge escalates, especially when you don’t know anybody to guide you.  The upside is you’ll feel the hairdo is worthy the moment you discover an …

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