10 Best Hair Oils for Locs On 2023

Best Oils for locs

This article is our review of the best oil for locs in 2023. We all love locs for how great they promote hair growth. Also, your hair is free from disturbance as you don’t have to manipulate locs often.  But to boost their unending service to you, oiling them is necessary with the right oil …

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How To Choose & Style Wigs for Wedding Day

wigs for wedding

A wedding is deemed to be the most special day of your life. As a bride, ensure your hair remains immaculate, especially during photo sessions. Fortunately, there are wigs for brides to make you look sophisticated and elegant. These wigs will even complement any wedding theme for an enjoyable experience. Today, we outlined a complete …

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How To Straighten Synthetic Hair Like a Pro

Straighten Synthetic Hair Like a Pro

You can straighten nearly any synthetic hair to give it a fresh look. As long as you only apply lower temperatures to avoid potential heat damage. Primarily, synthetic hair comprises plastic fibers and thus cannot tolerate high heat levels. They, therefore, require extra care during straightening.  Today, we created a simple guide to help you …

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How Long Does A Wig Last?

How Long Does A Wig Last

Wigs offer a great way of changing hairstyles, but people are often concerned with how long they can last. For starters, a wig’s lifespan will depend on the cap construction and the quality of the hair. Not only that, but how frequently you plan on wearing it and how you maintain or care for it …

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