Top 30 NBA Youngboys with Dreads

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NBA Youngboys with Dreads

Many people fell in love with the NBA league, and it ended up being their favorite form of entertainment. We absolutely enjoy the vigor and passion that basketball players bring to the game.

Of course, the hairstyles worn during the dribbles and dubs are equally noteworthy. 

And with that, this piece highlights NBA youngboys with dreads you can replicate. 

So, let’s dive into the world of discoveries. 

Anthony Davis

NBA Youngboys with Dreads

The legendary Laker basketball player is a formidable opponent. Besides his swagger on and off the basketball floor, his dreadlock-like loose twist braids are a sight to behold. The headband completes his fashionista look as the strands cascade to the sides. 

Derrick Rose


Rocking in Derrick Rose dreadlocks creates a fiery youthful transformation in no time. Known for his explosive rise in the NBA league and as the youngest MVP to this date, his contemporary hair evolution gave him greater popularity. He transitioned from afro hair to 2-strand twists and finally became a true locsman over a span of 5 years.

Ja Morant

ja morant

Ja Morant keeps people glued to his mind-blowing timeless dribbles up the court. Playing for Memphis Grizzles, he’s been a trendsetter for fancy dreadlock hairstyles. His luxuriously long dreadlocks tied back in a bobble intrigue a desire to emulate his rich hair culture. 

DeAndre Jordan

image 2

DeAndre Jordan is recognized as a great skilled rebounder and defender in the history of the NBA. But his impressive fashion taste from head to toe spikes up his personality and profile. The dreadlocks mane is more spectacular, augmenting his designer attire and swanky nature. 

Jrue Holiday

jrue holiday champions health on and off the court fi v34b476e0339a34e756b57cbfbc855e287d9da90d

Jrue Holiday is another strong defensive player and a two-time All-Star winner. Both his excellent performance and his matted hair are highly outstanding and picturesque. He likes a touch of headbands to push the dreadlocks back away from the face. 

Julius Randle

image 4

Julius Randle boasts awe-inspiring dread looks. The locs appear fuzzy-texture. But that’s part of his distinctive character when playing for New York Knicks. This loc type grows naturally without any techniques applied; quite easy to maintain.

Jerami Grant

Jerami Grant

Not forgetting this dapper basketeer on our list today. Jerami Grant is an ardent NBA youngboy dread wearer. The spontaneous brawn player enjoys his old tresses that keep his fans anticipating new hair on him. His hair tie-ups look neat, inspiring dreadlock enthusiasts. 

Myles Turner

image 6

Turner lets his hair fly on the pitch. The dreadlock motions over his head imbue a killer appeal. He likes to jazz them up with thick braids for a change of style. If it’s his stylish and lovely physique, he confidently flaunts it while launching the ball with a powerful aura.

Devin Vassell

image 1

If you’re keen on imitating Devin Vassell’s retro hairstyle, you should have at least three inches of hair. The well-known American basketball player has medium-length spiky dreadlocks on the sides and back. Some of the strands form a bang at the forehead, and all are thick to the extent the scalp is undetectable. 

Kira Lewis Jr.

image 15

The Black American hunk finds delight and morale in his striking string-like hairpieces. His locs are ever straight, well-defined, and long enough to style into ponies. In most public appearances, he prefers his dreads half tied at the crown and the other half running to the back as in the picture. 

Bol Bol

image 3

You get Rastafari vibes whenever you catch a glimpse of the South Sudanese forward for Orlando Magic. He has become enmeshed in the lifestyle, leaving his hair natural, uncombed, and uncut. It reflects his affection for the manageable hairdo. 

Josh Okogie

image 5

Josh Okojie is the epitome of the most unique NBA youngboy dread styles. The sides and back of the head are faded, with the thin locs emanating from the center. Making them look more vogue, he supplements the locs with a dense band wrapped, dispensing a breathtaking view. 

Kevon Looney

image 7

Kevon Loney owns freestyle short dreadlocks, which are popular among NBA players, but he wears them in a classy way. He has a stylish demeanor of tailoring things to fit his shine. Despite the myth that short locs are difficult to maintain, he defies the odds to show the opposite.

Dennis Smith Jr.

image 17

Dennis Smith Jr. is the master of dramatic hair makeovers. From time to time, he’s been switching hairstyles to prove his craze and obsession with his hair. He’s tried cornrows, box haircuts, and dreadlocks couldn’t miss on his list. He twisted his mane at the top into short locs.

Troy Brown Jr.

Troy Brown Jr.

Behind the NBA Lakers youngster’s smooth and adorable face lies suave eye-popping short hair. You only see free twists flowing up and down as he races, jumps, and swishes the ball through the basketball hoop. His fanbase could go on that look to get the feel of this NBA star. 

Saben Lee

image 14

Shooting guard Saben Lee is the embodiment of tidily-styled crotchet dreadlocks. They beautifully entwine into a mesh towards the back in two partitions. He’s known to don this wonderful style that puts him abreast of other NBA dread wearers in terms of fashion sense. 

DaQuan Jeffries

DaQuan Jeffries

Daquan Jeffries rose the ranks in the competitive NBA space because of his hustling mind and tenacious self. The basketball wizard is also a wizard in his hairstyling ability. His dreads are short and ropy and lie flatter on the head. He adds a touch of colorful beads, which you may replicate on your dreadlocks. 

Robert Williams III

image 16

Robert Williams III is a charmer for his stiff deadlocks. The Celtics player nicknamed “Time Lord” constantly exhibits his black locs accented with red pigment at the front hair. The locs seem natural and nurtured over a period of time. 

Jaylin Williams

image 9

The competitive NBA player consistently carves out incredibly thick hair volume. Being of African American and Vietnamese descent, his puffy hair’s curling pattern and growth are extraordinary. The freeform locs come out as chunks of sightful dreadlocks. The massive mane makes the whole appeal jaw-dropping. 

Xavier Sneed

image 8

Being a great basketball player, Xavier Sneed also understands how to work around his hairstyle. He’s made his hair loc into huge sections of tufted hair and holds them down with a band. His headband style is strategic to keep his locs motionless. 

Ayo Dosunmu

Ayo Dosunmu

Dosunnu’s dreadlocks have been healthy and robust, demonstrating his tender care for his dreads. His hair grew beyond the shoulders and lay on the upper back. The locs are super thick, making the strands few. His hairdo is simply half held up and half loose.

Shaedon Sharpe

image 10

The exquisitely thin voluminous soft twists are common with Shaedon Sharpe. Regardless of their short nature, they appear neat and braided-like to levels that gazes are always his way. They grant him an identity rarely seen in other NBA game players. The “Shaedon Sharpe” style could be the perfect name for his dread forms.

Brandon Clarke

image 11

The Canadian-American notable Memphis Grizzlies forward hair thrills with stunning fineness. This cannot be understated because the locs complement his fine skin and facial shape. The hair is black at the roots and fades into a light brown hue. Tying them up keeps fans drooling over him, yet it’s a strategy to keep hair out of his face. 

Moses Brown

image 12

Moses Brown depicts voluminous black-textured natural hair. His real loc strands are rope-like and intertwined into thicker hairpieces. The dreads are long, going up to shoulder length, and formed at the center region from the front to the back as the sides are shaven—quite an overwhelmingly impressive hairstyle.

Dalen Terry

image 13

Dalen Terry got his entry into the Chicago Bulls team recently as their small forward. In his career growth, he stormed the NBA with his extraordinarily colorful brown twists. The dreads appear bleached and uplift his entire body magnificence. Although short and stringy, they give him a seriously lethal appearance.

Final Words

The players’ dreadlocks styles may be for comfort and simple hair care while they play. You could personify them in order to create your identity. Discover the most attractive dreadlock trends to experience the NBA feel off the court.

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