Nano Ring Extensions: Pros & Cons, How To Install

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Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano ring extensions are an excellent way of owning slick luscious hair you’ve been yearning for. 

Nowadays, achieving fantastic hair is not a matter of waiting for it to grow gradually back to its former volume. You can have massive hair instantly and glam up in style. 

Neither is it a matter of having to wear wigs. Hair extensions are the in-thing too. 

This article quenches your thirst for wanting to understand what nano ring hair extensions are. 

I’m an extensions hairstylist, and you will benefit from the profound hair experience I possess. It might be your next installation by the time you finish reading. 

So, let’s get to the details.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

What are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

Nano ring extensions are the newer form of ring extensions, which generally improve micro ring extensions. They were innovated with a great focus on the size and a discreet design.

In terms of physical characteristics, nano ring extensions have a metal or plastic loop on one end pre-bonded to the hair strands by a strong keratin bond. The bonded end is known as the nano tip, and that’s what gets inserted in the nano rings.

Besides, the nano tip is held within the ring alongside tiny hair sections before clamping with the pliers.

The nano technology involves 90% smaller rings and wefts of hair than those for regular ring extensions.

Therefore, the extensions are lighter and highly undetectable than most types of extensions. This is why nano ring extensions are a popular craze nowadays.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions before and after
Nano Ring Hair Extensions before and after

Pros of Nano Ring Hair Extensions

If extension wearers extensively like nano rings, it’s because of their massive benefits. And as a beginner, you might be eager to know the secret why they are loved before trying them out. After all, it’s vital to examine if the nano ring extensions are suitable for you or not. 

Super Natural

As the bonds close to the roots are ultra-tiny and discreet, it’s hard for any person to tell some part of your hair is not natural. Definitely, you will want to give the impression that your whole hair is all-natural.

At the same time, it blends seamlessly with your hair, offering the most splendid appearance and feel.


This is another upside when you wear nano ring extensions. You’re sure your own hair has safe additions of hair strands that will not tamper with its health and normal growth.

Typically, their installation and the removal do not involve glue or heat application. It’s all about bonding and securing the strands using the nano rings against sliding out.

Perfect for Thin Hair 

The technique applied during installation takes up small chunks of hair. It’s easier to add several hair strands to thin-textured hair to bring out the bounce, volume, and length.

And most times, the bonding systems are susceptible to exposure in thin fine hair due to the scarcity of hair coming out of the scalp.

Good thing, nano rings are incredibly hidden since they’re tiny. 


Nano ring extensions come in an assortment of shades and lengths. This diversity of options grants you the ability to go with whichever you like most for your hair. You are not limited to one or two varieties.

Similarly, the rings are available in different colors. You can achieve a natural look easily by choosing a color that blends with the hair at the roots. 


The strands of nano ring extensions are reusable. You can use them repeatedly in several rounds of installations. 

During the maintenance appointments with your hairdresser, the strands are just moved up and continue serving the purpose they’re meant to.

If you follow the proper hair extension care routine, they can stay shiny and non-tangly for more than one year.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions Installment

Cons of Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Knowing the pros helps but knowing the cons helps more. You will weigh the nano ring extensions’ pros and cons to ascertain you’re choosing them over the other extensions types.


Since they’re advanced and time-consuming hair extensions, you must consult the help of a professional in installation and maintenance. 

Nano ring hair extensions cost a minimum of about $40, which can go up to more than $200 per pack. And remember, you’ll need 2-3 packs onwards to achieve the volume you want.

On top of purchasing the extensions, the installations will knock you back a bit. The charges start from around $300 and can be greatly more costly.

Regular Maintenance 

One of the nano ring extensions’ demands is that they need you to visit a hair professional every 1 ½ to 2 months. That is too soon compared to micro ring extensions that stay in your hair for 2 ½ to 3 months. The nano rings slip down faster since they’re tiny and grip a small amount of hair.

So you have to go for maintenance in good time, whereby the hairstylist slides the rings up. Or else, you might find your hair tangling around the rings into an undoable fuzzy mess. You will not evade hair loss if your hair gets to such a critical state.  

Unfriendly to Oily Hair

Sadly, nano rings do not fit naturally soft oily hair, even though it works in all hair textures. The natural oils soften the hair making it slippery. When the rings get slid in, they will come out prematurely early. [1]

Non-reusable Rings

The nano rings have to be pulled out in every maintenance appointment as they’ll have worn out completely.

Any time you move the extensions up, you must use a new set of nano rings, and that’s an additional expense. 

How to Install Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Before starting the installation process, confirm that you have the following:

  • Nano rings
  • Extensions pliers
  • Clips
  • Tail comb

Prefer video? Here you go:

STEP 1: Section your hair like you do when fitting micro ring extensions. Leave out 1 ½ to 2 inches of hair around the hairline so that the nano tips are invisible and sufficiently concealed. Plus, the hair at the hairline is fragile and can break if fitted with nano ring extensions. 

STEP 2: Create a row of hair, and cut thin square sections of hair along the row. Ensure the squares are nearly equal in size and width for safe distribution of the extensions’ weight on the natural hair. 

STEP 3: Insert the loop end of the needle through the holes of the nano rings. That’s to set the rings ready for insertion in your hair. Stack up several to save on time. 

STEP 4: Pull the thin hair sections through the loop needle and slide the nano rings onto the hair. Leave about an inch gap between the scalp and the nano ring. You do that to prevent tugging of the hair and tension at the hair root. 

STEP 5: Hold the ringed natural hair and insert the metal tip of the extension into the nano ring behind the hair. It sits within the ring. 

STEP 6: Squeeze the nano ring with extension pliers to secure the strand in place. 

STEP 7: Repeat the same procedure on additional rows of hair. The rows will be neat, and the extensions will be firmly bonded by the end of the installation. 

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

FAQs about Nano Ring Hair Extensions

How many nano ring strands will fall out?

It’s normal for 10-20 strands to fall out since the rings and hair inserted are tiny. However, the number of strands that will fall out depends on the intensity of slippage.

And that further depends on the material of the nano ring tip and the condition of your hair. 

Typically, plastic nano ring tips have less slippage than metal tips as they’re thin. Reasonably, they create more room for more hair within the ring. Hence there’s stronger support for the nano ring tip and stronger bonding.

And considering your type of hair, if it’s oily and very soft, the extensions are likely to slide out. 

How do you wash hair with nano ring extensions?

Drench your hair with water in the shower. Massage the shampoo down into the hair and the scalp, and scrub gently in horizontal motions along the hair partings. Rinse out the first round of shampoo foam. 

Then repeat the shampooing process a second time and thoroughly rinse.

Once the hair and scalp are clean and oil-free, condition the hair from mid-length to the ends, avoiding the bonds close to the roots. Let the conditioner sit in for at least ten minutes and rinse it out. Have hair products specifically made for extensions in all the washing you do. 

How many nano ring strands do I need for a full head?

A full head will consume anything between 100-200 nano ring strands. On the lower side, thin fine hair requires 100-120 strands to look fuller and longer. 

One strand of hair is 0.8-1g weight hair, and one packet contains 20 strands. Whichever amount you buy, keep your hair texture in mind so that you do not overburden your natural hair with excess weight from the strands. [2]

Are nano ring hair extensions hair damaging?

Nano ring extensions do not ruin your natural hair if you do not wear them for a long time beyond the expected duration. They can last for 6-8 weeks, after which they need maintenance. 

Moreover, the more professional your hairstylist is, the fewer possibility you will face hair problems.

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