What Is A Monofilament Wig & Why It’s Popular?

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What Is A Monofilament Wig

In most cases, wig types are based on the type of hair material or the size or position of the lace. 

In fact, wigs are also of different cap construction. As a novice wig-wearer, you should know a wig can be either a capless wig or the monofilament kind. That’s very important to identify during your purchases. 

Our focus for today is the monofilament wig. This is the popular wig with its hair strands hand-knotted to the cap to dispense naturality. 

Continue reading to discover more about monofilament wigs. 

What Is A Monofilament Wig?

A monofilament wig acquires its meaning precisely from its name. That’s the fact that the wig features a thin mesh hand-tied at the entire top, part, or crown area.

The different positions of the mesh bring about pen names like monofilament crown or top wig. Sometimes, it’s referred to as a mono top wig or abbreviated as a mono wig

mono wig-1

Simply put, when you come across the term “monofilament”, it denotes the material of the wig’s cap. However, most manufacturers barely explain what that suggests. Understanding every word under the product description is key to knowing what you’re getting yourself. [1]

What is a Double Monofilament Wig?

From the word “double,” it’s easier to figure out what a double monofilament wig is by relating it to a monofilament wig. Basically, this wig gets defined by an extra layer of mesh. It shields your head against the hand knots in the monofilament layer beneath it. 

In other words, the double monofilament wig has two layers of sheer mesh compared to the normal mono wig. This characteristic means it bears twice more comfort and a softer touch on your scalp. 

Double Monofilament Wig

What are the Benefits of Monofilament Wigs? 

For a monofilament wig to be a worthy pick for a wig beginner, they ought to assess the benefits beforehand. The good part is monofilament wigs have several benefits disclosed below.


The mesh of monofilament wigs is transparent and thin to the extent your scalp will show through it. Plus, the hair strands are individually attached to the wig base. 

With the presence of these features, the wig mesh mimics your scalp. And its hair looks like it’s coming directly out of your scalp. 

Hence the wig appears to be real as if your biological hair when in actual sense, it’s not. But nobody can have the slightest instinct that it’s fake hair. Therefore, you can blossom all day in a monofilament wig confidently.

moni wig-5


One great thing about monofilament wigs is the lightweight and breathable mesh design. On top of that, the mesh is silky soft, and smooth on the scalp when the wig is in a worn state. These attributes make the wearer feel comfortable, and their head unstrained throughout wear. 

Being that the monofilament wig is breathable, the scalp receives ventilation. This wig provides an escape way for sweat, especially in summer hence a longer duration of the installation. Generally, its comfort poses it a great option for scalp-sensitive women. 


Most wigs offer general aspects for versatility, like color and hairstyle variety. For monofilament wigs, it’s more to that.

Also, it boasts the ability to part anywhere within the tuft of hair. This means this wig hair can flow in any direction and still not expose it’s not your real hair. So, if you want different styles, the monofilament wig gives you that flexibility. 

mono wig-4


Despite monofilament wigs being costly price-wise, their quality is never compromised. Conversely, some are affordable because manufacturers crafted cheaper options for monofilament wigs. 

Instead of wigs having 100% monofilament construction, there are partial monofilament wigs. These are the monofilament top, crown, or part wigs. Such mostly have monofilament construction that coexists with either lace or a wefted cap. This cut-price helps ladies to rack up all the perks of monofilament wigs. 

How to Change a Part on a Monofilament Wig

Most monofilament wigs come with already set parts, which could be a side part or a middle part. You may want to change the position of the part to another of your choice, and it’s possible. The question is: how do you do that? 

To have an easy time changing the part on your monofilament wig, you’ll have to do the following. This procedure will help avoid unnecessary hair damage on the wig. 

First, create a rough part using your fingers where you want your part to be. Pull the hairs gently to the sides of the part to smoothen up slightly. 

Then, wiggle one of your fingers along the part, maybe the thumb, index, or middle finger. As you wiggle, press down the finger to re-align the direction of the strands. Keep doing the waggling and pressing motions until the part is well-defined, and you’ll be done.

mono wig-3

FAQs about Monofilament Wigs

What is the difference between lace wigs and mono wigs?

The lace wig differs from the monofilament wig in the type of cap material forming the wig base. The mesh of a lace wig is much thinner and more delicate than a monofilament wig. 

Besides, a lace wig provides the chance for security and creates a seamless hairline around your hair perimeter. The monofilament wig needs no adhesive for security; hence good for glue-sensitive scalps.

How long do monofilament wigs last?

Even with daily wear, monofilament wigs last anywhere from 3 months to 6 months or more. The lifespan relates to proper handling and care from the first day of use. 

Always apply a special treatment regimen. And use professional care products such as shampoos, conditioners, and wig brushes

Can you pluck a monofilament wig?

In all honesty, you can if the wig cap combines a monofilament with a lace front. Most wigs come with a straight hairline across your forehead, which is not the real look of a person’s hairline. Plucking the wig helps you imitate your natural hairline for the entire wig hair to appear your own.

Final Words

A monofilament wig is an excellent choice for women needing the greatest comfort. This wig type is gentle and soft on the scalp, especially if your head is growing bald. 

Always consider the wig’s construction because it’s a crucial feature. A comfortable wig wear translates into a longer duration of use. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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