Micro Ring Extensions: Pros & Cons, How To Install

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micro ring hair extensions

Lately, I’ve been asked questions online about micro ring extensions as an extensions hairstylist. And that made me realize most ladies are misinformed about it.

Micro-ring extensions are a type of extension completely not new. They’ve been around with us for more than a decade. 

The unique part about them is the ring-installation technique and I-tip of the extension, which sets it apart from other hair extensions.

Keep reading to learn more about micro ring extensions. You deserve insightful information that clears any delusional beliefs. 

What are Micro-ring Extensions?

Micro-ring extensions consist of hair strands bonded together on one end by a keratin polymer, forming I-tip or stick tip hair. These tips are strong and flexible such that they get back in shape after removal for re-use in the next installation. 

And during the application, these extensions clasp onto your hair with the help of the copper micro-rings.

quality Micro-Ring Extensions

Typically, they do not come attached to the micro-rings, as you may think based on the name. The extensions are separate from the micro-rings during installation.

It’s a favorite among many hairstylists and salons, basically for one main reason. It does not expose one to pain and high risks of hair breakage and chemical burns.

Pros of Micro-ring Extensions

This extension type is popular thanks to the several benefits of its application. 


The micro ring extensions are made in a way that they should blend with your hair right from the root to the ends.

It provides a seamless look so that it’s not obvious it’s not your real hair. The idea here is to create the illusion of all hair strands flowing out of your scalp.

The micro-rings fixed on the hair sections should have a color close to your hair color. So they appear as discreet as possible.

And since one inch of hair around the hairline is left out and not passed through the rings, these rings are hidden. The rings secure the hair extensions to the hair, and when combed back, it brings out a more natural appeal. 


The good news with the micro ring extension is that the installation keeps your hair healthy. It stays free from hair-damaging products and tools.

The installation is majorly by the micro rings and pliers, which are a few items for use. 

With tape-ins, micro bond, clip-in, and braid sew-ins, they’re likely to pull your hair. On the other hand, micro-ring extensions lack anything that may destroy your hair. No glue, keratin bond, braid, thread, tape, or clips are part of the installation process.

This is perfectly conducive for hair to grow fast in an unrestrained manner. 


It involves inserting a single I-tip strand in every micro ring; it’s easier to play with different shades. You can create a nice color fusion on your head. 

Depending on what color intensity you desire, you can switch between lowlights and bright highlights.

You do not have to enhance the brightness level of the hair strands with a lightener, bleach, or dye. As we both know, these are chemicals that may weaken and make your hair brittle and dry. 


The flexible I-tip of the micro ring extensions drifts back to its former shape during the removal of the extensions.

It returns to how it was when new making it possible for re-insertion into the copper rings a second or third time.

If initially cared for properly, the human hair strands retain the soft and non-tangly state. You can use the micro-ring extensions in another round of fresh installation on that account.

Cons of Micro-ring Extensions

It’s important to know the downsides and compare them with other extensions before using the micro ring extensions on your hair. Just don’t go for them blindly. 


If you do the installation by yourself, it may take at least 5 hours to get done. It’s hard and strenuous to section your hair bit by bit, insert the micro rings, and then squeeze them down. And you’re likely not to do it to perfection.

Remember, these are not tape-ins or clip-ins installed in minutes in your morning preparation. 

With the help of a professional hairapist, micro-ring extensions will take about 2 hours to install, nearly half the time of a DIY install.

But that’s still not fast enough compared to some types of extensions.

micro ring hair extension installation


In-salon micro-ring extensions’ installation needs you to be prepared to spend nothing less than $300. And it can go up further than $1000 for a full head.

The pricing equates to the time and effort to fix the micro-rings and the extensions strand by strand. Also, your place of residence may affect the cost. 

The micro-ring extensions are not cheap either. A hundred strands cost between $50 to $100 or more.

The price depends on the brand and quality of hair material. 

Non-reusable Rings

Once you remove the micro rings off the hair, you cannot return them to your hair for extended use. When you reach the full longevity of service of the previous installation, the micro rings will have gotten weak.

Hence unsuitable for re-use in the subsequent installation. You have to replace them with new ones. 

How to Install Micro-ring Extensions

Here is an installation guide to help you understand how to apply micro-ring extensions. But first, let’s get you to know what you need for the process.

Watch this video for perfect visual illustrations. 

Installation Tools Needed

  • A pair of extensions pliers
  • Micro rings
  • Hook needle
  • Tail comb
  • Clips

STEP 1: Shampoo your hair to make it clean and oil-free before the installation begins. If you apply your conditioner, ensure you apply from the middle to the ends of the hair strands to prevent slippage of the micro rings when installed. 

STEP 2: Straighten the hair. Leave the hair close to the scalp a little frizzy for the micro-rings to grip more tightly (optional).

STEP 3: Using the hair extension comb, section your hair, leaving about 1 inch of hair around the hairline. You want the extensions to be as discreet as possible.

STEP 4: Row out the hair from ear to ear, starting from the back. The hair between the lines should be thin-sized. 

STEP 5: Clip the hair at the top using as many clips as you like so that it does not interfere with the row of hair you’re working on. 

STEP 6: Cut out the hair along the row into small fine squares. Insert the micro-ring into the hook needle, passing the needle through the hole of the micro ring. The color of the micro-rings should be similar to the hair color at the root. 

STEP 7:  Pull the small hair portion through the micro-ring using the hook needle. Let the ring lie about ½ to ¾ inch from the scalp. If you fix the ring too close to the scalp, it’s likely to stick out through the hair. Keep the ring down so that it lies flat on the scalp.

STEP 8: Slip the pre-bonded I-tip hairpiece into the micro ring, and squeeze the ring flat using the pliers to secure the extensions to your hair. 

STEP 9: Repeat the same procedure in every additional row of hair. 

micro ring hair extensions before and after
micro ring hair extensions before and after

3 Best Micro Ring (Loop) Extensions Reviews

The hair industry displays tons of micro-ring extension brands, which should have you brainstorming on what’s best for you. Don’t just go buying before knowing the quality and suitability of your choices.

Ugeat Micro Ring Remy Hair Extensions

micro ring hair extensions for Ombre Hair
  • Key feature: Pure Remy human hair, 100 strands per pack
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair length:14-24 inches
  • Color: Balayage ombre; black to brown to caramel blonde
  • Best for: Ombre hair

The micro ring extensions have the balayage ombre shade that blends nicely with natural ombre hair. It’s a perfect idea for infusing a balayage effect without bleaching or dying your real hair. Thus, it’s a protective style. [1]

The strands of this hair extension are pure Remy hair material. That’s human hair free of synthetic hair or animal hair. Hence the hair quality is excellent.

The hair is soft, non-shedding, and non-tangly for easy combing and brushing. With proper care, you’re sure to have the extensions on for 3 to 6 months.

Some ladies despised the quality of the micro rings. The rings melted and produced a sticky feel at the top of the hair extensions where the rings were. 

Hesperis Kinky Straight Micro Ring Extensions

micro ring hair extensions for Kinky Straight
  • Key feature: 100% virgin human, 100 strands per pack
  • Hair type: Kinky, straight
  • Hair length: 10-24 inches
  • Color: Natural black
  • Best for: Kinky straight hair

Made of Brazilian virgin human hair, the hair strands are silky and smooth. It is comfortable and bounces with an incredible shine for a glamorous appearance. 

The hair itself is kinky and straight. Women with kinky hair, especially African women, can have this micro-ring extensions brand as a good option for use. You can transform the straight hair to curls or perms for a change of look.

The loops attached and the pre-bonded rings enable a faster installation process. It makes it possible for you to install them by yourself. 

Some claimed that the primary issue is the hair sheds a lot, and the fullness is not consistent from top to bottom. The hair is thick at the top to mid-shaft but thin at the ends. 

Niawigs Deep Curly Micro Ring Extensions

micro ring hair extensions for Deep Curly
  • Key feature:100% premium Remy hair, 100 strands per pack
  • Hair type: deep curly
  • Hair length: 8-26 inches
  • Color: Natural black
  • Best for: Deep curly hair

The Niawig micro ring extensions are finely deep curled if your straight hair bores you. It enables you to wear another hairstyle while achieving extra length and volume. 

The tiny black micro rings blend with the natural black color of the extensions’ strands. And that’s an upside for black-haired women, it being the most standard hair color. The rings blend nicely such that they’re invisible for a seamless, natural look.

The hair feels soft and silky. So it barely tangles, reducing the chances of the hair getting damage-prone. The lustrous appearance is a good sign of healthy hair flowing on your head. 

Unfortunately, some wearers reported the pre-attached micro rings are not flexible. They’re hard to press down with pliers and do not spring back in place for repositioning. Also, the hair is smelly, and if you’re allergic to odor, this is a no-no for you. 

FAQs about Micro-Ring Extensions

How long do micro ring extensions last?

Micro ring extensions go for 2 ½ to 3 months before necessitating a maintenance appointment. You’ll notice that the micro-rings move down further away from the scalp as the hair grows out over time. 

And if ignored, the rings will stick out, and the hair will look unnatural. The hairstylist uses the pliers to revert the rings to their original round shape during the maintenance appointment. And moves them up the hair strands. The rings get back in the proper position and are clamped flat.  

How many micro ring extensions are needed for a full head?

The number of micro-ring extensions enough for a full head depends on your hair length and volume, whether thin, thick, or medium. Your hairstylist should be able to give recommendations with the condition of your hair in mind. On average, a full head may take 100 – 130 extension strands for an ultimate seamless look. 

How do I remove the micro ring hair extensions?

Lift and clip up the hair above the micro ring hair extensions row. Hold each extension strand in your hand. And take pliers explicitly designed for hair extensions. 

Position the micro ring in the hole-like section of the pliers, and apply some pressure until the micro-ring is round again. Once the grip has been loosened, pull out the extension pieces and slide out the micro-ring. Eventually, you have the micro-ring extensions removed.

What’s the difference between micro and Nano-ring extensions?

The major difference lies in the type and size of the ring, though the installation technique is nearly the same. The nano ring is 90% smaller than the micro ring. Hence it’s more invisible. 

Also, the micro-ring extensions can be refitted to stay longer, unlike the nano-ring extensions. Nano rings need removal as you cannot reposition them. 

Are micro rings better than bond extensions?

Yes, in terms of longevity. Micro ring extensions tend to last longer, hence more cost-friendly. Micro-ring extensions require refitting back to the initial position. Conversely, bond extensions need another application once they wear out. 

All in all, these two types of extensions are permanent hairdos. They stay in your hair longer compared to other extension types.

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