Men’s 80s Wigs: 22 Most Epic Celebrity Wigs From the 1980s

If you ask anyone who has lived through the colorful decade of the 1980s, most likely you will get an evocative answer of how the decade had enormous contributions to popular culture. It ushered in an era of MTV dominated by pop icons Michael Jackson, Madonna and Bon Jovi, innovative games such as Pac Man and Rubik’s Cube and exuberantly excessive and creative fashion sense for the gals and their dudes. Yes! Even the men of the 80s had an astute sense of fashion, especially in their choices of clothing, footwear, accessories and definitely, hairstyle. After all, any man swears by the power of the saying, “Hair is everything!”

So, when it came to hairstyling back in the 80s, the guys experimented on sporting various styles that made a distinctive mark, even at the turn of the millennium. It’s no wonder then that an 80s-themed party is a top-of-the-mind choice for alumni homecomings, Christmas and new year shindigs, costume plays and street revelries. So, if you or for that matter, your guy (for the ladies digging this piece) wants to relive the 80s era and exude the confidence and feel of a quintessential 80s dude, then wear that perfect 80s wig and be an instant spotlight-magnet celebrity!

22 Most Epic Celebrity Wigs From the 1980s

1. The Jheri Curl Wig

The Jheri Curl Wig

Do you fancy being the King of Pop even just for a night? Then wearing this wig will bring the legendary Michael Jackson who popularized this shoulder-length permed hairstyle back to life. Named after its inventor, Jheri Redding, the wig gives off a glossy and loosely curled look. So, imagine yourself wearing this wig while strutting your terpsichorean skill to the smash hit “Thriller” or “Beat It.” You will surely bring the house down!

2. Mullet Wig for Men

Mullet Wig for Men

Patterned after another popular hairstyle for men in the 80s, the mullet wig has a short top, front and side hair while the back part is long, even extending beyond the neck. Just imagine wearing a helmet with tails, and you can picture yourself nailing the look of popular rock stars like Rod Stewart and David Bowie, and famous TV character MacGyver. It hit a high popularity in the 1980s that even men in other professional fields wore this style in the 80s. You can opt for either a blonde, brown or black mullet wig, depending on the fashion style you want to achieve.

3. The 80s Blonde Highlight Wig

The 80s Blonde Highlight Wig

If your Christmas playlist includes “Last Christmas,” then you are most likely familiar with George Michael, the other half of the duo Wham! that brought us the classic tune. He was the inspiration of the blonde highlight wig; thus, it is also called “The George Michael Style Wig.” Medium length in style, wearing this wig gives you hair that is full-bodied because of the textured layers with blonde highlights. The 80s era was known for big hair, and this hairstyle was one of the more conservative types. With this wig, you can look preppy in casual wear or a little bit formal in a suit or jacket, making you every inch of a versatile gentleman of the 80s.

4. The 80s Tennis Player Wig with Headband

The 80s Tennis Player Wig with Headband

Don’t fret sporty dude…here’s a hair accessory made just right for you!  This wig features a full head of curly or wavy hair, 80s style, with an attached headband that prevents a “crowning glory malfunction” when you make that winning backspin, crosscourt shot or ace shot. Paired with a stylish yet functional tennis costume, the wig completes the look of a champion in the league of John Patrick McEnroe, one of the greatest tennis player in the history of the sport.

5. The 80s Punk Mohawk Wig

The 80s Punk Mohawk Wig

Unleash your wild side and disguise as a punk rocker! Prepare your faded jeans with faux leather studded vest, single studded glove, spiked choker necklace, black leather boots and the signature punk Mohawk wig that will amplify your punk rock attitude. The 80s punk Mohawk wig has shaved sides of the head with liberty spikes that run from the top of the head and reach the nape. The spikes are dyed in outrageous colors that will definitely add spice and angst to your punk rocker vibe.

6. The Jon Bon Jovi 80s Big Hair Wig

The Jon Bon Jovi 80s Big Hair Wig

One of the most celebrated artists of the 1980s was Jon Bon Jovi, the founder, and frontman of Bon Jovi, which was one of the highly successful American rock bands. The band’s soaring popularity catapulted Jon Bon Jovi to fame, and naturally, so was his signature big, long hair in the 80s. So, when you wear one, you will be able to relive one of the biggest hairstyles of the 80s. Its voluminous style is achieved by teasing the hair up and applying hair products so the hair will hold in place.

7. The 1980s Boy George Karma Chameleon Hat with Plaits

The 1980s Boy George Karma Chameleon Hat with Plaits

When you wear this eponymous hat with multi-colored plaits, make sure “Karma Chameleon” or “The War Song” is blasting off your music player in order to feel once again (or just imagine if you were born decades later) the 80s music scene. Boy George stood out among the pack because of his androgynous dressing style that was usually accentuated with his signature black hat, black sunglasses, and plaits, all of which inspired this unique hair accessory.

8. The Top Curl Wig

The Top Curl Wig

Who can forget the charm – and the hair – of Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks in such 1980s classic movies as “Splash,” “Big” and “The Money Pit”?  Women didn’t just fall for his winsome smile; they also adored his curly hair.  The top curl wig is for men who want that Mr. Hanks charming look – having curly hair on the top but the sides short and tapered. And don’t forget to flash that adorable smile!

9. The 80s New Wave Wig

The 80s New Wave Wig

The 1980s was witness to the rise of the new wave music genre made popular by Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order that inspired the new wave hairstyle. The 80s new wave wig has the asymmetrical design in which one side of the hair is noticeably longer than the other side. The hair on the side and back part can be short, but the flowing top hair cascades down covering one part of the face. A twist to this style is having the top part hair brushed straight up with some soft spikes.

10. The Adam Ant Wig

The Adam Ant Wig

Adam Ant was one of Britain’s widely known singers in the 1980s and a member, too, of the new wave band, Adam and the Ants.  Aside from his 16th-century pirate-inspired get up and weird make-up, his over-all look was highlighted by his hairstyle which was dark, thick and naturally curly. But the Adam Ant wig doesn’t end there – tiny plaits made with gold, red and green ribbons would hang on the forehead and a few others on both sides of the face.

11. The Scouser Perm Wig and Moustache Set

The Scouser Perm Wig and Moustache Set

If you’re heading to a carnival for some enjoyable time or bringing a dose of the funny scare in a Halloween masquerade party, this wig and moustache set is what you need to complete your look that spells spooky fun. The Afro look, the wig which originated from Liverpool, England can come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Legend has it that the wig is known to possess the person who wears it and makes him speak in a fake scouse accent with timed hand movements. So, will you still dare to wear this wig and moustache set?

12. The Nikki Sixx Wig

The Nikki Sixx Wig

A style icon in his own right, Nikki Sixx was a trendsetter during the ‘hair metal’ movement with his band Motley Crue. He was followed, not only for his songs but also for his style, particularly in the mane department. The Nikki Sixx wig features the “Motley” hairstyle that is characterized by the teased long hair to achieve volume, perhaps similar to the Jon Bon Jovi wig. But what sets apart the Nikki Sixx style is the red streak on one side of the hair, with a heavy top followed by layered traces that reach the collars.

13. The Punk Liberty Spikes Wig

The Punk Liberty Spikes Wig

Another style of the punk wig is one that draws inspiration from the Statue of Liberty in the USA, particularly from the crown she wears. It is then easy to visualize what you’d look like having this wig covering your head. The wig stands out through the long and thick liberty spikes all around. But unlike the Statue of Liberty’s crown that has seven rays only, the wig can have spikes double the number of the rays.

14. The 80s Street Punk Mohawk Wig

The 80s Street Punk Mohawk Wig

A close kin of the punk Mohawk wig mentioned above, this multi-colored Mohawk wig gives off that street dance Mardi Gras vibe. This time, the sides of the hair aren’t shaved but painted in bright, happy hues of yellow, orange and blue while the liberty spikes from the top of the head down to the nape are in fiery red. Wearing this wig is definitely a must when going to happy celebrations.

15. The Rockabilly Wig

The Rockabilly Wig

The style of this wig is a combination of the quiff and pompadour hairstyles which have longer hair on top while being shorter on the sides and back. Both styles are voluminous that sweep the hair back in a sleek and neat fashion. Wearing this wig will give you a suave and dapper countenance like a leading man ready to sweep your leading lady off her feet.

16. The Men’s Rocker 80s Mega Mullet Wig

The Mens Rocker 80s Mega Mullet Wig

A variant of the 80s popular mullet wig, this type of hair accessory caters to those who aim for the 80s rocker look. While the typical mullet wig’s back part extends beyond the nape, the rocker mega mullet wig has a more lengthy back part that can even reach the chest part. You can opt for the layered cut or the curly one in blonde or platinum color with streaks of brown or black.

17. The 80s Spiky Punk Mullet Wig

The 80s Spiky Punk Mullet Wig

The mullet hairstyle was hugely popular in the 80s, and a modification was created for a more punkish effect. Unlike the classic mullet wig with the short top, the spiky punk mullet wig has a very spiky and perky top and shoulder-length layered side hair. This wig usually comes in black, perhaps to match the all-black ensemble of a true punk rocker wild child of the 80s.

18. The Slash Heavy Metal Rocker Hat with Wig

The Slash Heavy Metal Rocker Hat with Wig

If you dig the signature look of the lead guitarist of the late 80s American heavy metal rock band Guns N’ Roses, then you can be a Slash wannabe with this wig. It features curly black hair attached to a black hat and comes with a pair of black sunglasses and a cross necklace that completes the package. Put on that torn pair of jeans, and your heavy metal rocker look is going to be a killer!

19. The Dreadlocks Wig

The Dreadlocks Wig

Although this hairdo dates back centuries ago, the dreadlocks spiked a renewed interest in the 80s when famed pubic figures Lenny Kravitz, Lauryn Hill and especially Whoopi Goldberg sported this ‘do. The wig has sections of hair uncombed and knotted to achieve the dreadlocks. This is the wig for you if you want to nail the pirate or Rastafari look.

20. The Mohawk Cockscomb Hair Wig

The Mohawk Cockscomb Hair Wig

Looking at this wig will remind you of the headdress of the ancient Greek Trojan Spartan gladiator helmets with the steely red strip adorning the top part. But this wig’s modern take has a very colorful, featherlike Mohawk-style strip and short spiky layers on the top and side. So, in your next Halloween or Christmas revelry outing, make this wig a vital part of your costume.

21. The Sportive Mullet Wig

The Sportive Mullet Wig

The mullet hairstyle doesn’t seem to run out of versions that cater to a specific market, just like this sportive mullet wig. Obviously, this fits a character that projects an active and sporty lifestyle. The noticeable variation of this wig from the usual mullet wig is that the medium length of the hair at the back is just enough to cover the nape while maintaining a short top and side hair.

22. The Swooshed Side Bangs Wig

The Swooshed Side Bangs Wig

If you want to sport a shorter style of wig, then go for this one. The wig’s side and back part have short hair, but the bangs are left longer to give the entire look an edge. The flipped bangs on one side are added volume which achieves a prominent swoosh.


Most of these 1980s hairstyles may not make a comeback soon (or never at all!), but you can still achieve that 80s vibe with a variety of wigs to choose from. So, the next time you get invited to an event with the 1980s theme, always remember that the wig you wear makes a big difference!

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