5 Easy Tips to Make Instant Locs Less Stiff

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How to Make Instant Locs Less Stiff

The path of starting out loc-wearing with instant locs faces slight hurdles. That’s when the question of whether instant locs will remain stiff throughout wear pops up. 

Well, the positive thing is instant locs naturally soften out with time. And if you feel you want to make instant locs less stiff faster, you can. 

Usually, instant locs turn out stiff when still new and in the starter phase because of the crocheting technique. And if they’re stiff, they stick out like electrocuted hair.

So, why not swing along with us in this post? 

Get to familiarize yourself with ways to make them lie flatter on the scalp. 

5 Ways to Make Instant Locs Less Stiff

It’s time to get to the hacks of lessening stiffness. We’ll go into detail on the ways of making the instant locs soft. 

1. Apply Moisture-rich Natural Oils

Your instant locs will always thirst for moisture and appropriate TLC. Their exposure to the environment tends to strip them of their moisture, aggravating dryness and stiffness. That’s why moisture should be replenished from time to time to keep the locs healthy. 

In that regard, locs oils like jojoba oil, castor oil, and argan oil suffice. We recommend opting for cold-pressed plant-derived oils with surety of their purity and lack of toxicity. 

As much as they revitalize the hair’s shine, they indirectly enrich it with moisture. In real sense, it’s not the oil application moisturizing the hair, but these oils helping seal moisture in the locs. 

So, immediately after washing your hair, ensure you dispense the lightweight oils onto them before they dry out. This is specifically after wringing out the excess water with your soft cotton towel and remaining with damp hair. 

The oils keep the hair hydrated by locking the moisture in instant locs. And when moisture stays within the loc matrix and the oil penetrates, the loc thrives and smooths out.

1Best Oil for Human Hair Wigs

2. Style from Time to Time

Try to explore different loc styling ideas when you feel you want to look more glamorous. Do not let them stay in the loose condition always after the first-time installation. 

In the process of styling them into ponytails or pigtails, if they’re long enough, the locs become more flexible. You could also tie long locs at the back with a bobble or hairband to re-align them.

The action of moving them up and down and to the sides changes the direction of the locs. The more you do it, they stop spiking out from the scalp and relax against the scalp. However, if the instant locs are new, avoid re-twisting them frequently at the root region, as they’ll weaken and break.

instant locs (8)

3. Wash them at Least Weekly

Even though instant locs require cleansing when need arises, washing them more often helps reduce stiffness. Work with shampooing them weekly instead waiting for two weeks or three weeks before the next wash.

While washing them, you allow the locs to ease up because they’re receiving hydration. You’ll also be detoxing your locs by eliminating dirt buildup, which contributes to stiffness. 

Furthermore, lightly palm-roll the strands as you wash them to make them softer and looser. And ensure you rinse out all the suds not to leave product residue. 

Dreadlock Shampoo-1

4. Avoid Products with Toxic Ingredients

Check the label lingo if you’re buying products meant for your instant locs. Whether oils, conditioner, or shampoo, refrain from mineral oil, sulfates, alcohols, and silicones. Such ingredients deprive hair of the moisture it needs for survival. 

Sulfates, parabens, and alcohols drain away moisture excessively, and your hair becomes dry and brittle. Over time, your hair ends up weak and more prone to damage. 

On the other hand, silicones coat the hair strand blocking moisture from penetrating the hair. They form a greasy residue around the roots, and within the locs, weighing the locs down. Getting rid of them could be a struggle if you do not change to using the right product. 

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5. Let Nature Take its Course

Regardless of the hair manipulations suggested above, stiffness fades away by itself. Time takes matters into its own hands. As days go by, the stiffness lessens as the locs shift from one phase to the next. 

That you cannot control since it naturally occurs while your hair grows. You only require patience to allow the instant locs to breathe without interference. A day will come when you’ll notice the locs no longer feel stiff but hold down by themselves. 

Take note of the fact that healthy instant locs are all about time and patience. 

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FAQs about Instant Locs

Do instant locs get thicker over time?

Despite what some might think, they don’t automatically get thicker over time. Though in most cases, they do get thicker with time. Even if they do not thicken, they’ll still experience change as they’ll not look the same way you installed them. 

You may find that the locs grow longer but not progressively thicker. The instant locs may be thick in some sections and thick in others. And in every phase of the loc journey, the transformations are different. 

Can instant locs be combed out?

Honestly speaking, you can comb out young instant locs only. When they age, they gain permanency, and combing out becomes harder and more damaging. The hair within the loc matrix will have knotted and intertwined to the extent that untangling is unachievable. 

Can you wash instant locs right away?

Darling, never do that with fresh recently-installed instant locs. Let them stay untouched for at least four weeks before the first wash. Or else you will increase their chances of undoing themselves, and hair will stick out of the locs. 

How do you moisturize instant locs?

Applying organic oils, shampooing, and deep conditioning are the best ways to moisturize your instant locs. Oils to use are Jamaican black castor oil, essential oils, and jojoba oil. 

When you use essential oils, dilute them with carrier oils for the best hydration effect. And apply them after washing your hair to lock the moisture in the locs. 

In A Nutshell

You can easily make your instant lose stiffness with the right approach. However, you don’t have to hurry the process as they naturally soften over time. If you’ve got more ideas, hit us in the comments below.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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