Layered Halo Extensions: The Complete Guide

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Layered Halo Extensions

Halo hair extensions are one of the go-to hairpieces to add fullness and length to natural hair. Unlike other extensions, they do not bind to your hair using clips, glue, or tapes. Instead, they feature an invisible wire that makes them sit snug along the natural head shape.

The layered halo couture extension is the newest type of wired extension in the market today. Just like the original halo, it lets you add fullness and length to your natural hair with a beautiful blend.

Today, we outlined a simple guide to help you learn about a layered halo extension, including how to put it in.

Let’s begin!

What Are Layered Halo Extensions?

A layered halo extension is uniquely designed with 2-3 built-in gradual layers that are machine sewn together and stacked on top of each other.

The nature of its design ensures there is a natural barrier between the extension and your hair. This way, the extension blends seamlessly with your natural hair within an instant.

Typically, these extensions provide maximum volume for dense or thick hair, as they weigh 30% more grams than the original halo extension. However, if worn on very thin hair, they might lead to traction and hair breakage.

Furthermore, layered halo extensions come in lengths of 14”, 18”, and 22”. They can transform shorter hair into gorgeous long hairstyles without a hassle.

SARLA Wavy Curly Synthetic Halo Extensions

Layered Halo vs Original Halo Extension: How to Choose?

Both the original and layered halo have been specially designed to be virtually undetectable and fit comfortably when worn. When picking between the two, ensure they match your hair’s density to get a consistent blend. Here is how you can choose between an original and layered halo extension.


The original and layered halo are both single-drawn hair extensions. However, the original halo provides a more natural thickness for those with fine to medium hair density. It adds a considerable amount of hair and lays precisely flat on the head, and looks very realistic.

With the original halo, it most definitely mimics what your hair would look like if it were naturally fuller. This is because the hair gets flat through the middle part and thicker at the ends.

On the other hand, the layered halo extension has more built-in stack wefts to provide extra density. It is 30% thicker than the original halos and is ideal for those with average to thick hair density.

Since the layered halo is pre-layered, they get thicker in the middle and taper off towards the ends. Their structure creates beautifully flowing layers to make your hair blend seamlessly and look really natural.

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The original halo comes in 12”, 16”, 20”, and 24” and is good when adding a little length. 

In case you want to add a little length, it is best to pick a length that stays within 2 – 4 inches of your natural hair. This ensures the extension blends seamlessly, and no one will notice.

However, it is better to pick the layered halo if you want to double the length of your hair. It will give you not only the length but also the volume, so your hair doesn’t seem fake. You can pick from 14”, 18”, and 22” depending on the length difference you want to attain.

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How to Put In Layered Halo Extensions

How you put in your layered hair extension will determine how well it blends with your natural hair. Luckily, layered halo extensions are worn similarly to the original halo. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to do it.

Step 1: Preparation

Hold the extension at the top of the weft using one hand and brush gently to remove any tangles or knots. You should use a paddle brush or a wide-tooth comb to avoid causing breakage.

After that, brush your hair to release tangles and knots. Ensure you smoothen out your hair properly before wearing the extension.

Step 2: Apply the Extension

Section your hair at the crown, ensuring the sectioning is about 1 – 3 inches behind your hairline. The sectioning behind your head should lie below the occipital bone. Then, pull the sectioned hair up and clip it away using a hair clip or rubber band.

After that, place your thumbs on either side of the weft and use your index fingers to slide the invisible wire along the sectioned area at the front of your head. Then, align the wefts down along the occipital bone.

Note: The extension should feel snug. If it doesn’t, you can customize the invisible wire to make it fit well.

Step 3: Blend the Extension

Unclip the hair at the crown and let it fall freely over the extension. Take a rattail comb and use the pointed end to pull your natural hair along the weft and invisible wire. After that, comb through your hair to blend in the halo.

You can style using a curling iron to texturize and make it blend seamlessly. Ensure the heat is below 360˚ Fahrenheit to avoid heat damage.

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FAQs About Layered Halo Extension

How Many Grams Is a Layered Halo?

Each layered halo extension weighs up to 165 grams, equivalent to a full head of hair. The 14” set has 100 grams, the 18” has 145 grams, and the 22” has 165 grams.

Overall, the layered halo has 30% more grams than the original halo. You can easily achieve double or triple fullness that you would otherwise create using multiple extensions.

How Much Does the Layered Halo Cost?

The price of a layered halo extension ranges from $300 – $800. However, the price may vary depending on the extension’s length, color, and quality.

Usually, a human hair layered halo costs more than that made of synthetic hair. Also, Remy hair will be more expensive than non-Remy hair.

Where Can You Buy Layered Halo Extensions?

You can buy layered halo extensions from Halo hair vendors and online shops. A hair vendor that sells layered Halo is Halocouture, a revolutionized hair extension industry. It has the finest 100% Remy human hair halo extensions.

Another place to find a layered halo would be online shops such as and eBay. These are B2B companies with businesses selling the best quality halo extensions at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all about a layered halo extension, including how to wear one. As you can see, the layered halo is not ideal for very thin hair. Instead, consider getting the best halo hair extensions for thin hair.

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